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  1. Bow Wow. http://connecticut.cbslocal.com/2014/10/27/naked-man-accused-of-raping-pit-bull-in-neighbors-yard-says-isis-sent-him/#.VE7V0va01Lc.twitter
  2. @Specs. Thanks for the thoughtful response. With respect to the mentally ill question I do not think that this guy was mentally ill. He was probably disenfranchised and from reports was a drug addict but radical Islam gave him something to latch on to. Had he latched on to being a born again Christian, Buddhist Monk or an adherent to the Flying Spaghetti Monster then I do not think he goes and attacks a symbol of Canada. Plus he was not going to Syria in search of a better Donair, pretty sure he was going to fight. I am not for a second saying that he was given orders by ISIL to do this but he was imo he was influenced by the groups teachings. I think that is an unfair criticism of Harper on his speech that day. Whether he took too long is debatable but please give the guy a tiny bit of credit in that he was probably as stunned and shell shocked as everyone else. It can be argued that his calmness and detachment the day of the shooting offered its own kind of reassurance as most saw the same Harper as always. I saw the speeches in HOC, well done by all the leaders. I personally think there probably is some room to strengthen some of our national security laws. Society and threats to it evolve and the laws should evolve with it. I have not yet seen any details and am by no means a security expert but I would like to think that the job of govt is to respond to threats, preferably in the framework of robust legislation. @ CanadaEh. Your argument is off base. The Mounties were killed as part of an ongoing dispute by a career criminal in the actions of a criminal enterprise. Had he gone after the Mounties as a result of some misguided ISIL teachings then yes, would definitely call him a terrorist. The "white guy from Alberta" is a thinly veiled comment that implies that there is some sort of racism involved here and you could not be more wrong. Lots of white guys from all over the place have gone to fight with ISIL and previously the Taliban. The dogma is the issue, not the skin color.
  3. @Specs. The reason I am calling him a terrorist is that his action seem to be driven by what ISIL is advocating, as was the killing of the soldier in PQ. We also have radicalized Canadians who have travelled to fight with ISIL. This isn't the govt saying so, it is the fighters on Youtube and Twitter claiming their actions. The apparent commitment to the ideology is why I call them terrorists. I, like you, could be wrong about this, just going from what I see and read. There is a group calling for death to non believers, these guys apparently were followers of that group. I do not know the specifics of the legislation that was already being put forward however I have yet to see a call for a draconian response by the government. I ask sincerely, what have you seen or read about new proposals that limit our freedom? @CanadaEh, not sure if you are being sarcastic with your "big bad ISIS" comment but yes they are big and bad. It is estimated that they are getting $1M per day from selling oil on the black market, additionally they are well funded by others in the middle east. I think a healthy skepticism is good however I also think it is naïve to underestimate the passion from some of those who want to do us harm.
  4. @Defcon. I do not think there is a mechanism to take away their passport/citizenship once they have left Canada. I agree with the RCMP, take away their passports so they can not travel somewhere to become battle trained/hardened and return to Canada with more lethal skills.
  5. @Specs Disagree with your characterization of the 2 as "mental health cases that were provoked by the RCMP." Honestly, to try to give these 2 losers and type of credit of provocation or justification is something I find saddening. Your rush to judgment to minimize these guys is the equivalent of the war hawks on the other side of the spectrum. I watched most of the coverage yesterday and was on Twitter and the overwhelming majority of what I saw and heard were calls for restraint and calls that we don't let this incident change us. These guys are terrorists. Their aim is to instill terror. ISIL calls for violence against non believers everywhere (along with taking a video) This killing is no different than the beheading of the soldier in the UK. These 2 losers and others who have gone to Syria to fight are being radicalized in Canada, surely it is not your assertion that they are all mentally ill? There is an issue with Islam, not sure why this is so hard to accept. I am by no means saying that all Muslims are terrorists, far from it, but let's not bury our heads in the sand and pretend that there is an equivalency in other religions that call for Jihad.
  6. Ha! , most days I agree but given my height I have had some seriously tight flights. The new WS config is brutal and I thought I was going to get DVT on an AT flight in Coach (front of the cabin was awesome though!) I have found the AC and Jetblue Airbuses the most comfortable. If I never had occasion to fly an RJ in my life I would be a happy man.
  7. Good post Dagger. Doctors Without Borders has been a charity that I have consistently donated to. At our family Xmas gift exchange I asked for donations from my in-laws rather than gifts.
  8. @ cp fa, I did not assume anything except what her tweets showed when I initially looked at them, not sure why you are cruising for an argument on this.
  9. @cp fa I did not see those tweets until I hit the tweets and replies tab. I stand corrected, agree that she went overboard but do not think it was worth denying boarding.
  10. @Seeker You don't have to be on Twitter to see her tweets. Google search @drinkwaterevent twitter and it will take you to her twitter feed.
  11. Look at the tweets. She was not sending out to multiple media. Also did not criticize Jet Blue. I am wondering if the Jet Blue social media people were inexperienced. Jet Blue appears to have screwed the pooch on this one.
  12. @cp fa I don't see anything on her timeline like that. She hashtags one of her tweets to ether a TV or radio station but other than that no media is mentioned or tagged. The only media mentions are after the incident has taken place. Couple things jump out at me here. How would the captain even know about the tweets? If that is all it takes for him to get distracted then I hope I am never on a jet Blue flight he is flying.
  13. I went and looked at her tweets, nothing worth booting her, even says "false accusations against the pilot".
  14. Seems like the pilot was awfully thin skinned about this. Not sure if there is more to the story but sounds like he got his shorts in a knot and took it out on someone.
  15. Interesting article and echoes of what some on this board have noted with respect to automation. I found the info on the evolution of CRM pretty enlightening. http://www.vanityfair.com/business/2014/10/air-france-flight-447-crash
  16. Sorry, bad link. Was joking that the retirees do not get the offer that has since been posted in the other thread.
  17. @Mitch. IMO there is no comparison between the amount of work required to become a Mtce engineer vs a professional engineer. There is a lot more school and studying on the professional side. I say this not to denigrate any Mtce folks who I have always referred to as engineers, just no comparison in what it takes to do the schooling.
  18. It was released on a Friday morning, still makes the news cycle, also does not gets more focus than being paired with Summer sched announcement.
  19. Lots of pictures as well. http://dereklow.co/what-its-like-to-fly-the-23000-singapore-airlines-suites-class/
  20. @Defcon The bikini calendar can reinforce the idea that the place it is being displayed is not a place for women. It is more subtle then just simply being offended by one bikini shot. The wife shot in the bikini there's probably not a problem with but an anonymous pinup there probably is. What is your take on this situation? There is a group of anti-abortion activists leaving very graphic material on doorsteps in YYC. Would it be okay to leave this material in the workplace? It is not offensive to some people, offensive to others. Is it okay to leave that in the workplace? I don't think most people have issue with being offended by the female form or a topless pic, it is the appropriateness of this material in a shared workspace that is the issue.
  21. TAC - turn around crew. At the time YYC went self handle it was WS biggest base by far. WS had goner through contracted handlers and just finally decided they could do it themselves. See above for why they do not self handle in other bases along with the fact that in a mid size base, like YWG or YUL for example, there is not a compelling enough reason to self handle. The operation is not so big that handlers can't do a decent job. ETS - YMM is self handle as the economy there is so hot that handling companies can't keep staff. Most of the TAC guys have other jobs and work at WS for flight bennies.
  22. The contracted ground handlers at the bigger WS bases are unionized - YYZ, YVR. YEG was unionized back in the late 90s but I think the strike was broken. I do not know if there was ever an actual resolution to the strike. Logically I want to think there must have been but I know most of the strikers gave up. At the time Canadian was till around and the majority/loudest picketers were CAW or IMAW (can't remember which) guys trying to keep everyone unionized on the ramp in YEG. A huge reason that WS won't self handle in YYZ is they do not want to give the unions a wedge into the company.
  23. @Seeker I think the actual TAC guys in YYC and YMM top out at less than 20/hour. With ESP and profit share there is the opportunity to create a bit more wealth. It varies across the country from there. The unionized ground handlers are not matching AC handler wages at the top end.
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