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  1. I am surprised sleepy Fred woke up long enough to offer comment.
  2. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20141218-why-do-we-fart-more-on-planes
  3. I would take Americans over a lot of other folks as a group any day of the week. Generally friendlier and more easy going without the smugness of looking down their nose at everyone. I know, very broad brush here but here is my list of ignoramuses that I could do without ever crossing again. Pierre from Jonqiure, PQ. Busts out his speedo for the week, lousy tipper, big drinker. Has saved the entire year for the absolute cheapest vacation he can get for him and his wife. Feels entire resort staff should bend over backwards for him. Blas from Baden-Baden, Germany. Will cut in front of you (and your kids) in any line. Air of self righteousness mixed with no sense of humor makes for a sterling dinner companion when he plunks himself at your table due to it having an open seat. Mick and his mates from Edinburgh, Scotland. Will be the ones who try (and succeed) in starting a fight at the resort bar. Thinks it is hilarious after a day oif drinking all day to still be chanting "Hola, Hola, Hola" at 0200. Manages to set some sort of unofficial record for using the words "c@#t, and f*&k" in a 2 minute conversation. John from Port Alberni, BC. 65 year old retired fisherman/logger/laborer who goes to Cuba to a few times a year to visit his Cuban wife 35 years his junior. Likes knowing he can keep her and their kids on the island and show up a few times a year and act like Santa Clause, usually has a significant weight advantage on Santa though. Other assorted riff raff: The too serious Canadian/Euro who will spend the entire week in Santa Clara at the Che memorial and will tell you all about it. Thinks the struggle of the every day Cuban is "noble". Wants to show you their photo essay of the same boring pictures on the bus ride to Havana.The Chinese tourist groups with no concept of personal space or moving in a coherent manner.The French or Italian sex tourist. Socially inept in their own country and could not get laid in a whore house with a fist full of fifties but gets to Cuba and is a regular Don Juan because they have some money to spread around. Loves regaling other single men with stories of conquests whether asked or not.Other assorted Canadians who think they are doing the country a great service by loading up on crap from Dollarama and acting like the are doing the locals a great service when they leave all of these "supplies" behindCuba would be better off with more Larry from Arkansas. Probably not the most worldly guy in the world but tips well and him and his overweight wife would be the funnest and friendliest to talk to.
  4. I get what you are saying here and agree somewhat. I have done a fair amount of work in Cuba from Santiago to Havana and while I agree that some of the charm will be lost, I think this is a win for its people. Overwhelmingly the middle class (by Cuban standards) people I talked to wanted the same thing, opportunities for their kids, a house, a car, things that were not much different than the average 1st world middle class person. The system that is in place simply is not sustainable, without Russia or Venezuela to pump money into the island the collapse was inevitable. Talk to some Cubans about the the collapse of the USSR and see how bad it became in terms of rationing and food shortage when the money dried up, was not a great way to live. There is something inherently wrong with a system where a doctor would rather work as a bartender on a resort because it paid more. I knew electrical engineers working as airport reps because of the opportunity to travel and make a few extra bucks. I do not look forward to seeing the golden arches of McDonalds on the Malecon and Taco Bell signs everywhere. The lack of advertising adds to the island's charm. However I think the improving of relations and hopefully the loosening of more restrictions on the people is going to have a huge benefit for most on the island.
  5. WS has a b it of a connection to the DR. There is an internal program partnered with Live Different that allows employees to go down and build houses is impoverished areas. IIRC they usually build 4 at a time over a week. Employees have to do some fund raising and the company gives breaks on flights, flexibility with work schedule. Its a good program even if it is a bit too self congratulatory at times. Most who have done it come back changed if they have not done that type of thing before.
  6. Cool video by AC, really nicely done. The only negative reaction I would have expected on this forum would have been from Kip as the pilots say home for the "holidays" rather than home for "Christmas" This would have been a fun giveaway for any crew to be able to do.
  7. WS contracts their de-icing to Aeromag in YYC. At least you got to mention it though.
  8. Echo what was said about Paul. Truly a quality person and pilot.
  9. Who does this guy think he is to wear these wings he did not earn.
  10. Looks pretty dramatic, story may not be that far off. http://imgur.com/a/T8MZK
  11. Facebook already is being abandoned by the younger generation, don't think it will take 100 years.
  12. Interesting discussion. Not sure I would tell Mitch he needs to get out more though. It could be that like most Buddhists, he believes that all life is equal. Certainly not a view I share but I respect the conviction to believe it. I tend to define heroism along the same lines as the famous pornography quote, to the effect that "I know it when I see it."
  13. I tend to agree with your sentiment Kip. I think the Cirillo coverage struck a chord with people because of where it happened but I am not sure how to reconcile the outsize attention his death received. Its sort of odd to because my friends in Regular Forces always sort of looked down on Reservists, something my Reservist friends, including one who served in Afghanistan acknowledged. I am reminded a tiny bit of Nichola Goddard. Quite a few tributes named after her including a middle school in YYC as well as Coast Guard ship. Is there anything for the other female soldiers killed in Afghanistan? I mean no disrespect to either of them nor do I want to trivialize their sacrifice. Probably a bit of a case study to be had why some deaths warrant so much more attention than others. In the end though is anything that brings more attention to the sacrifices of our military a bad thing? Also want to agree with what Mo32A said about heroes. Word gets used far too often so it dilutes the true heroes. Drives me bonkers to hear pro athletes referred to as heroes.
  14. @Defcon I guess Misogynist it is. Your blathering about societal woes and your self victimization to be the one "holding a view that goes against the mainstream" is a foolish argument. Maybe your views are the ones that go against the mainstream because the "mainstream" recognizes that one group acted like a bunch of turds here and one group did something stupid. You keep trying to make some equivocation or find some inconsistency in the story when it really boils down to a bunch of boys acting in a criminal way and taking advantage of dumb actions by some younger girls. Your posting of the supposedly unfounded rape story to try and add to the discussion does you no favors. I won't change your mind so I guess I am done on this discussion.
  15. I had a long post typed out but I decided just to scrap it and post what I think. Defcon I think you are being willfully obtuse or you are an out of touch misogynist,. I hope it is the former.
  16. @Seeker I had actually only asked once before but whatever. I am just surprised how easily a co-workers concern is easily dismissed.
  17. "I really think the solution lies in all of the good, professional, talented men at Air Canada and their leadership. That they want to show that their workplace is open to anybody. It's kind of like the bully in school. If the cool kid in school stands up against the bullying, then the bullying stops." Seems pretty level headed and obvious to me. Still have yet to see a justification of why that material should be in the workplace.
  18. @Mav. I was basically in the same boat where it got to the point that my wife and one of the kids were the only ones who ever really flew stand-by (and that was to visit family. I think that seniority based systems go against by egalitarian ideas on meritocracy. I know there are times that it may be the only system that makes sense but I just don't see it here. Most of the examples seem to come down to "why should a newb get on before me with my XX years of service?" and I get that. However a 10 year business analyst vs an 11 year supply chain buyer? Really, that 1 year should give them priority? I think too that using seniority to make the decisions all the time results in an entrenched mentality that breeds complacency.
  19. I said I have no problems with the executive perk, other than that all employees equal, not sure how some pilots making out on the stocks is relevant to conversation.
  20. Again, differing perspectives. I think the WS system is better but your mileage may vary. I think tying pass benefits to seniority is not the best system. As for the question of tying WS flying benefits to seniority there would probably be some upset but some would like it. Again, from my perspective I think WS has done a lot of good things in not tying things to seniority, scheduling for example. I have always heard that one of the things that crews like is the opportunity to not wait 10 years to have Christmas off to spend with their family. I don't get bent out of shape about executives having the guaranteed space and other perks. It comes with success even if sometimes it is not deserved.
  21. @Seeker Differing views I guess. I understand that the senior guys may be po'd if the system changed now but by that reasoning there is never a reason to change anything.
  22. I know the employee group is smaller but it works at WS. Different priority for pass holders, parents etc but all employees the same. I am not super familiar with AC passes but from my understanding you can be bumped at the last second with someone with more seniority? Wouldn't first come, first on list solve this?
  23. Just curious why you guys wouldn't want priority by first to check in is the first on priority list for all employees? It seems fair to me but I may be missing something.
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