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  1. I wish I could say I am suprised that many comments here are all about her motivation and the speculating on why she is doing what she is doing. I am waiting for commentary on how many boyfriends she has had and what she was wearing that night.
  2. Interested to see who did in 2010. There is no way People Dept handles it now with all of the scrutiny. Cam was EVP Ops in 2010. I would be shocked and personally disappointed if he knew about this. He is a solid guy and would have done the right thing. I think some people lost their way on this and focused on protecting WS instead of doing what is right. There is more ugliness to come and not just from Flight Ops.
  3. I'm sure the release was run thru and tweaked by Legal and PR but yes I bet those are Gregg's words. Gregg had outsize confidence in his marketing ability and that's what this release was. Keep in mind that Gregg was at Alaska for the jack screw incident so he has been thru PR disasters before. How much are you asking for the bridge, sounds intriguing.
  4. Will also be interesting to see who did the investigation. If it was Flight Ops that would be a huge conflict of interest. The People dept (HR) don't really have the skill. Rumor is that Corporate Security was never brought in. I thought Gregg parsed his words pretty carefully in the release regarding reviewing the investigation.
  5. Saretsky has fired back and said the matter was investigated and closed. Also said the people named have been taken off active flying. I will be interested to see how this plays out.
  6. WS encourages a 1 crew concept. You generally don't see the pilots or FA leave the aircraft without each other. Generally move as a team rather than a bunch of individuals. No formal guideline on socializing on layovers and especially no promotion of alcohol. With the RES flying if you were to have a line of non compatible employees then you would have more people asking why. Severely doubt that there was any comment so she may have just been taken off Reserve by someone higher up the food chain.
  7. This is an ugly incident that will get uglier if it turns out WS did anything to mitigate the incident. I don't see how the response should have been other than anything to call the police. Knowing some of the people who may have been involved they would have been way in over their heads dealing with an incident like this. In her claim she says she reported it to FAAB. The head of FAAB at that time currently sits on the WS Board of Directors. Heads are going to (and probably should) roll.
  8. @Boestar The Centre for Disease Control says you are wrong in your assertion, not the media.
  9. I guess the plane could not do the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.
  10. No, not all are. You may be better off making your points in your native tongue because I think something is being lost in translation.
  11. @Seeker, fair enough, legitimate difference of opinion. No reason people can't disagree without being disagreeable.
  12. There will never be an agreement on the usefulness of the data and what affect it had. YYZ expansion plans were well on the way before but again, I think the poor horse is dead and yet here I am beating it with a stick.
  13. I don't think you are very well informed on this. Resigning and remaining silent on the details is falling on your sword. Just spit balling here but I think I have some insight. I would bet that being an executive at an airline you helped create and have a personal attachment to, an attachment to the point that it rubs people the wrong way on a message board about your enthusiasm for that airline, is more appealing than being a consultant. That person will forever be attached to the lawsuit, that is what will come up first in a Google search, not being the founder of a hugely successful airline. Not sure I see the end result as fantastically generous.
  14. Couple things. For the most part whenever anyway posts about the lawsuit in a debate on here it is usually a ham fisted attempt at an insult not some way to make a point about debating the facts on hand. I know by what I am saying I am opening up the whole lawsuit debate but here goes. The idea about "who benefited greatly" from the data from the lawsuit is laughable. WS would have had the same success regardless. As for the Barry Bonds asterisk comment it is apples and semi trucks. Do a news search on WS and see how often the lawsuit is mentioned in the past 10 years, especially after the settlement. Meanwhile you cant have a discussion about Bonds without noting his use of PED. Also worth noting, not that it really matters, is that Bonds was a Hall of Fame player well before he dabbled with "the cream and the clear". He was alos probably using HGH not steroids.
  15. I don't think that what happened in the circumstance was unreasonable, someone had to fall on their sword. However it does not mean that it was still not a raw deal, the two are not mutually exclusive. There was also some internal vilification that was not the right thing to do. I know the lawsuit was beat to death on here and other places 10 years ago. It was the right business decision to settle as it took the distraction away from the business and allowed all to move on.
  16. I do not understand your post. I never said anyone was blameless. I said that 1 person got a raw deal. I am unsure what your life experience is but may lawsuits are settled in the interest of moving on, something that obviously some folks on here can't do as the lawsuit gets brought up on a semi-regular basis as an attempt to insult someone.
  17. I know the thread has run its course but I will throw this out there anyway. There are many (a great many) who think Bean got a raw deal. I know a lot of people who were happy to have him on the WestJet side.
  18. Let me preface what I am about to post by saying that I loved my dog who was a member of our family. Got him when he was a pup and he was awesome in the calmness and joy he exhibited as 2 toddlers pulled his ears, grabbed his tail, rolled over him, dressed him up and generally heaped indignities on him as they played and grew together. That being said dog people like the ones in the UA story need a big glass of STFU. Calling United evil? Another Twitter outrage started by a bunch of half wits who did not know the full story. In the past I have dealt with people like these who at various points said they were going to the CEO, going to the media, posting of Facebook, etc. over some perceived slight to an animal. Almost every rampie I ever worked with treated dogs very well, myself included. The only intentionally distressing thing I have ever heard of done to an animal on the ramp was a story that someone here posted. More hashtag activism at its worst by this pack losers.
  19. It is really time for the CTA to be disbanded. Serves no use to the travelling public.
  20. Not surprised that a blowhard like O'Leary would sound off in an ignorant manner. He has gotten to where he is by being a self promoter, not my cup of tea but you can't argue with success. Also not surprised that a certain poster would try to make this into an AC vs WS thing.
  21. I am not positive but I don't think YXX has Customs agents staffed there full time. If there were no charters scheduled for the day of the diversion they may not have been able to deplane anyone because there was nobody to clear them. I also cant see basically going through all of the pits to find the specific bags of the people who wanted to get off.
  22. I love the US and have tried to find work there. The only thing I have any reservations about is the gun culture. The casualness of carrying a loaded firearm is something I just don't get.
  23. But the fee model comes with systematic costs that are not immediately obvious. Here’s the thing: in order for fees to work, there needs be something worth paying to avoid. That necessitates, at some level, a strategy that can be described as “calculated misery.” Basic service, without fees, must be sufficiently degraded in order to make people want to pay to escape it. And that’s where the suffering begins. http://www.newyorker.com/business/currency/airlines-want-you-to-suffer
  24. I realized I kicked it off with my snarky remark about the EVP but I am going to refrain from further comment. More of a conversation over beers.
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