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  1. 3 times today, from 3 different phone numbers I have received this thing that starts out "As you are a loyal WestJet customer you have qualified for a free gift from Westjet". The first time I just hung up but the last two I hit the good old number 1 to accept the offer. Of course there is the qualifications that you must be over 21 and (big surprise here) a credit card holder. After I let them go through their opening schpeel and I then challenge them on who they are and that all of my numbers are on the do not call list they get a little flustered. The first caller simply hung up on me w
  2. Perhaps its the class of people that WS serves that makes 250.00 ok.
  3. Greg is a very smart airline man. I always liked working with him. No one knows how they will make out in the top job but he is certainly more than qualified. There are always those that say, "well it should have been this person or that person". I am sure that there may be people disappointed but, imo, you won't find a fairer person that Greg.
  4. Apr 13, 2007 04:30 AM Chris Sorensen Business Reporter Michael O'Leary, the brash chief executive of European discount airline Ryanair, has put full-service airlines like Air Canada, British Airways and American Airlines on notice by bringing his unique brand of no-frills flying to the busy transatlantic. In a move that could cause air fares to plummet between Europe and the United States – and possibly Canada – O'Leary said yesterday he's planning to start a new no-frills carrier that would offer tickets for as little as $12 (U.S.) one-way between Europe and North America. TheStar Artic
  5. Deceased upgraded I can't imagine this happening inflight. Does AC or WS have policies for this?
  6. Couldn't see where this had been posted before. At the very least and interesting read. Gilmore vs Gonzales
  7. I can remember when Montie came into one of our marketing town hall meetings and explained to us how we were going this simplified fare structure and that the future was the internet. While he didn't say it directly, you could tell that he wanted to get to the consumer directly thereby avoiding the additional costs of any third parties in the transaction. I'm not sure that Travelocity is the best example to use here but it does illustrate how one vendor can affect your bookings. I think that you have raised another interesting concept in that the current management at AC is on the verge o
  8. This is clearly a sign that the Conservatives are not much better than any other political stripe. Promises mean little, if anything. We've seen them back peddle on a few smaller things but this is huge and will have a significant impact on my family. Surely they were not as naive to realize this during their campaign. If this takes away from their revenue base "to spend on priorities for Canadians", cut expenses in other ways. I have yet to see them make the government significantly smaller and more efficient like they said they would.
  9. I ran across this little site: It doesn't list anything in Canada but if you are interested in an overview of a number of other cities it gives you some of the hotspots, history, population, airport info, etc. for the destination that you select. I thought that in being that it was free I was going to get inundated with junk mail after entering my email address. I've ran at least a dozen different requests over the past few days and not one message from them. My apologies if this has been posted before.
  10. Looks like the UK is starting to relax the rules that were brought in during the last debacle they had there. BAA DFT
  11. A little bit of both but it was mostly due to loads
  12. I've done my fair share of commuting to work. Granted, I wasn't in the type of job that a flight could potentially not go if I didn't make it there. Still, you were expected to be at work on time. I don't think that anyone taking a job in the airline industry is so ill-informed that they can realistically think that they might have to move a few times throughout their career. If you choose to commute that is your choice. Why should the rest of us that are want to just travel on a C2 have to buy a C1 because the employee that has been there 20 years less than us decided to buy one. Se
  13. Thanks for the info. They finally called me back so I am good to go now.
  14. Were those hot water bottles for the fuel
  15. I have seen this information get intercepted midstream just like you explained it here. Oh Montie doesn't need to know this, I'll deal with it, our director (or directors god forbid....we seem to be getting so many) or vp would say. I do believe (as someone else said) that Montie is a well-intentioned person but he can only deal with information that he is given. Of course cost savings always play into things but I can tell you that when the costing of putting a blanket and pillow on each flight was done and approved, it is the intention of the company to fulfill that. Somewhere along th