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  1. Swoop??

    To the best of my knowledge, the same will apply to bags. Swoop is going to be very bare bones but they're being up front about that fact. Industries across the board allow the customer to pick a level of service and pay accordingly. Airlines used to do that within the same aircraft (economy vs business) and seem to be moving to a model of offering entire flights under a lower price point, but with lower associated service levels. It's hard to offer a prediction as to how successful Swoop will be. But if Canadians don't like it, then I don't think it will last long.
  2. Swoop??

    My understanding is the swoop customer will have to book a separate flight on their own or pay a fee to have the connection set up for them.
  3. RIP Gord Downie

    Says it all....brilliant lyricist and a great entertainer.
  4. Coalition of Canadian Airlines

    Both groups drew their lines in the sand with regards seniority. Both, in my opinion were unrealistic (pure DOH vs BOTL). An arbitrator decided an in between solution that one group vehemently disagreed with and walked away from the arbitrated settlement (I don't think this is revisionist). I think if these groups gave ground on their claims, maybe the industry would've been a more harmonious place. Instead we have infighting and a culture of trying to do everything to advance one's own group, sometime to the detriment of the other group. Companies saw an opportunity to use this division to their advantage and used it. So while I agree with Rudder in that a unified group would be to our benefit, I am skeptical about the ability to achieve this given history and selfish human nature.
  5. Coalition of Canadian Airlines

    Sorry to be a Debbie downer but with history having it's habit of repeating and all I see is another collapse happening in the future. Likely with equally devastating consequences for the entire profession (can you say "lawsuits", "stifled career progression" and unmitigated hatred between pilot groups). Pilots are still pilots gushing with self interest. I find the flight deck lacking with the knowledge of what happened when ACPA was formed in 1996. Pilots should at a minimum educate themselves if this CALPA V2 has a hope in hell of succeeding. For example, if a pilot group is unwilling to give some ground in seniority for the greater good, then nails will be driven into a brand new coffin. Until that happens, this theory of one big happy pilot group is just a fantasy. Hoping to be proven wrong.
  6. Actually, I have no horse in this race. Just a comment from the cheap seats. It shouldn't surprise anymore that people surmise something must be wrong when the democratic process doesn't work in their favour.
  7. I would argue that the results speak for itself. The agreement was voted in and therefore supported by the majority. Just because you disagree with the democratic result would hardly make it a debacle...
  8. Can someone explain to me how the GTAA can report a net income as a supposedly non profit entity? Fast forward to page F2 (40ish pages in). Is it too much to ask to reinvest into some infrastructure? Waiting for gates has seemingly become more frequent lately...
  9. National Disgrace

    We should take it a step further and depoliticize military acquisitions. I believe the Aussies do that as well.
  10. Took the words out of my mouth...
  11. CAE's pilot demand forecast.
  12. Airline Complaints Rocket!!!!!!!

    The outrage culture is alive and well...and they film everything now to show how evil airline employees are (after some creative editing of course. Kind of like saying "Don't believe me? Look it up in Wikipedia, just give me five minutes").
  13. New Brass at WestJet

    Let's hope they give Rosen the room he needs to enact change.
  15. Maybe WJ and AC should just try to "out nice" each other. At least that would be a positive and productive competition with no real losers.