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  1. Critter

    Pilot Shortage Is Here

    None of this will matter in Canada if we can’t find a solution to the instructor problem. I’m talking to more potential pilots who are on a waiting list for instructors only to have those instructors move on basically forcing them to backtrack a bit with a new one. Industry will need to become part of the solution. Line pilots who want to teach should be allowed to do so within their flying block (for example 10 days line flying and 6 days ab initio at an airline’s partner school). It’s a hit to the bottom line but I would imagine less so than parking multi million dollar assets. Line pilots would get their stick and rudder skills back and students would get the added benefit if experienced tutelage. Just thinking out loud.
  2. Well I guess the emojis didn’t convey the intent of the post. And mostly I was referring to its interference in the private sector. That being said, I don’t think government regulation makes for a healthy industry and the aforementioned taxes, fees and even legislation to “improve” the industry does more harm than good. I would prefer the feds get out of the way and let market forces decide and stop trying to buy votes by forcing lower prices on an industry already working on such slim margins. as for healthcare, there are pros and cons to socialized healthcare that probably better debated in the political forums.
  3. But it’s never the governments fault. It’s those greedy airlines overcharging for flights (even with single digit margins) Repeat after me....government is a force for good....government is a force for good. CBC says so.
  4. Why is CUPE objecting to a pay method that is pretty much industry standard (ie, not length of shift)? Isn’t it similar at other carrier CUPE represents? Seems like they’re trying to sell the FA group on something an arbitrator would never agree to based on industry standard.
  5. Critter

    Before the derailment......

    I’ll bet he gets his plane proving PT Barnum’s theory.
  6. Critter

    First WJ plane in new livery

    Is Blues Deville trying to self diagnose using his own Rorschach test? What would the “Angry Muppet” mean? In all fairness, there are only a few ways to brand an aircraft without making it look to busy. I thinks airplanes give graphic design artists nightmares.
  7. Critter

    Cdn Duty Day Regs

    The lost art of personal responsibility.
  8. Critter

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    The way I read that seems to lend to spreadsheets argument. Especially when you read the whole statement in context.
  9. Critter

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Hence the reason I diversify.... Properties and equities so far have done well for me and all my eggs are definitely not in one basket. But pensions that will be taxed at the highest tax rate versus equity thanks.
  10. Critter

    WestJet's new look and 787 preview

    Rudder. While you might want to get off the ESOP bandwagon, many of us prefer to be in charge of our own future. Building wealth the same way those rich folk do and having that wealth in my own hands should the company not end well. Buying stock and diversifying your wealth is still effective with just a bit of effort.
  11. Critter

    Westjet pilots strike vote

    Whether or not there are examples, the rule exists and therefore a real possibility.
  12. Critter

    Wind at CYYZ yesterday...yikes !

    I swear I saw a 67 knot gust at one point in yyz .
  13. Small correction. While there was an umbrella employee group, each sub group ran its own show. The pilots negotiated for pilots and no one else.
  14. The WestJet FAs used socialized bidding like the pilots and at Rouge. It has its pluses and minuses but most of the WestJet FAs are able to use Flica to trade themselves into a better schedule. I am getting a little tired of the “if you see us in the terminal, we’re not getting paid” song and dance. And if they think they’re still going to get their current hourly rate per duty hour then they’re dreaming. If CUPE is promising this then it’s very much misrepresenting it’s own airline experience.
  15. Is it possible that Transport Canada has pushed SMS to absolve itself of responsibility in any accident? I mean, if the industry is self regulated then accidents are solely the fault of the airline. just spifbawlin’