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  1. To be fair, the reasons for these failed acquisitions were out of ONEX’s control (Quebec courts for example). AND....I don’t think ONEX shed many tears after they made a killing on the increase in share price. Just another money making day in the equity fund world. Yes, this could go many different ways. But some of those ways spell a success story for WestJet and it’s employees.
  2. How do you get a guitarist to play quieter?....put sheet music in front of them! Why do guitarists prefer playing guitar to cycling?Because with a bike you only get two pedals.
  3. Not sure if this has been posted...apologies if it has. https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/398764-vaughn-cordle-cfa/5290930-boeing-737-max-8-crashes-case-pilot-error
  4. This WILL increase the cost of travel...this will NOT be a free bill unless the bill prohibits the airlines from increasing ticket prices. Passengers rights advocates and passengers ignore this at their own pocketbooks peril. Just Sayin...
  5. How can any sane investor put money in an airline that doesn’t fly? Quite frankly it’s starting to sound like another Theranos.
  6. And they say e-cigarettes are better for your health?
  7. Not sure. There is a mention of companies needing to designate a pilot’s base. I would assume this is to establish a pilot’s acclimatized time zone which means no recognition of one’s domicile as a starting point.
  8. I agree about being careful about labels but..... There are some statistical differences in Gen Z or I-gen as it is called by Jonathan Haidt in his book “Coddling of the American Mind” which should be of concern. Mainly that greater numbers of them have never held a job, been involved in sports, been raised with unsupervised playtime (important for social development) and almost always had an adult solve their problems for them. The result is the latest generation hitting the colleges and universities with very little coping skills to allow them to deal with the realities of life In the real world. I guess time will tell how much or little damage has been done.
  9. Gabor changes his tune when the shoes on the other foot. That should pretty much blow what little credibility he has right out of the water.
  10. Astronauts are highly educated and motivated people. Why is nothing intelligent ever coming out of his mouth? Canadian airlines have few real success stories and even those are surviving on the slimmest of margins. Along comes the liberals (socialists) saying “no...flying isn’t cheap enough so we will make it cheaper” How? By mandating all in pricing (heaven forbid you know how much TAX you pay on a ticket). By creating a passenger bill of rights (BTW, most of the time the airlines do just fine taking care of the inevitable hiccups). Anything I missed? Here’s a crazy idea...how about giving up the social/industry engineering and let markets decide (actually, they have already, but that’s not good enough for the libbys)
  11. Sure keep you’re hands clean, but I’m going to stop short of bringing bleach with me when I fly. Hand washing and disinfectantsEdit Hand washing with soap and water is an effective method for reducing the transmission of norovirus pathogens. Alcohol rubs (≥62% ethanol) may be used as an adjunct, but are less effective than hand-washing, as norovirus lacks a lipid viral envelope.[56] Surfaces where norovirus particles may be present can be sanitised with a solution of 1.5% to 7.5% of household bleach in water, or other disinfectants effective against norovirus.
  12. Unfortunately this is the direction were moving in... The next big virus isn’t the one that’s gonna kill us, but our inability to fight it off. A generation of sanitization obsessed germophobes isn’t helping.
  13. Yes...and they mention the mess of NOTAMS that appear on flight plans. Relevant ones (runway closures, taxiway closures and nav aid outages) should be brought to the forefront. The States at least highlight these in their ATIS’s.
  14. Neil Degrasse Tyson makes a few valid points on space force here...
  15. None of this will matter in Canada if we can’t find a solution to the instructor problem. I’m talking to more potential pilots who are on a waiting list for instructors only to have those instructors move on basically forcing them to backtrack a bit with a new one. Industry will need to become part of the solution. Line pilots who want to teach should be allowed to do so within their flying block (for example 10 days line flying and 6 days ab initio at an airline’s partner school). It’s a hit to the bottom line but I would imagine less so than parking multi million dollar assets. Line pilots would get their stick and rudder skills back and students would get the added benefit if experienced tutelage. Just thinking out loud.
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