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  1. Almost all the comments below big wreck videos heap praise on Big Wreck for their originality and musicianship. I was a fan when they released their first album "In Loving Memory" and thought all was lost when they split after their sophomore effort. It was good to see them back in fine form and earning deserved praise. On a side note, Canada has really been pumping out some real six string talent of late. Nick Johnston, Ian Thornley and Ariel Posen are getting international attention. Pedal makers Page, Diamond and Radial are staples on the effects scene as well. Must be the effect of being indoors 6-8 months a year with nothing else to do but play guitar
  2. That was quick....
  3. Since bill C4 went back to the house and a vote is still required (still can't certify with just a card count), I'll imagine we'll see a vote soon...assuming they have the numbers they claim to.
  4. You're definitely kickin it more old school inside that missed approach point. A lot of the "magic" disappears.
  5. Hi blues. There is no path past the missed approach point on that particular approach. It has to be...for the most part...hand flown. Maybe we're asking the wrong question. While there's no denying they were closer to the ocean at that point, how low were they on the desired profile? Looking at the two videos, they don't seem that much higher on the second approach which is compounded by the lack of references between the water and the overcast sky. just tossin it out there.
  6. Just from memory (so take it for what it's worth), the MAP is a few miles back from the runway and VNAV is useless as the aircraft reverts to a lower level of automation. This does catch some by surprise, but it's a non-issue if you plan for it.
  7. They kicked that stone down the road once already and didn't use the time to come up with a solution. Kicking it again by changing the retirement age won't necessarily help unless they; -Encourage the colleges to increase output to meet demand. -Update the ab initio training syllabus to get these candidates real world ready. -Make the entry level jobs more attractive with better terms and conditions. -Compensate the experienced pilots enough for them to want to stay on to mentor the newbies.
  8. A few differing views I found after a quick search. JMHO, but if one wants a "safe space"...stay home and don't attend university. Because there you will experience students and faculty from diverse cultures, political ideologies and belief systems. Some that won't gel with your own world view. And then...oh dear....enter the real world with more of the same. Vive la difference.
  9. It's not just an aviation problem... People still text and drive despite the risk. They don't wear seat belts in their own vehicles. They snowmobile over thin ice. I regularly see them not wear seat belts in the back of the plane. Why someone would make a conscious choice to engage in risky behaviour (and in some cases, place others at risk) really baffles me. And worse, I can't see a way to convince them otherwise. Facts and statistics don't what else is left? But you can bet that when they get hurt, they will convince themselves that someone else is to blame and in some cases the legal system will agree.
  10. Revenues were up, profit was down, analyst consensus estimates were beat....discuss.
  11. It's not paint...AC is buying that pesky WestJet....
  12. Ummmmm...yes. violates the first amendment. who claims to have been "told by God" and who is in a position of high power quite frankly shouldn't be there. Palin said that she would "launch the missiles if she was told by God to". George Dubya was reputed to pull out of middle east peace negotiations because his evangelical colleagues said it was interfering with the apocalyptic prophecies of the bible. So again, yes. A big reason to be concerned.
  13. So I'm supposed to pay more just because that's the going rate? All I feel is another hand in my pocket for all the wrong reasons (normally I'd be all over that )
  14. Even with the tax deduction it's still 5 times more than I'm paying now. So sorry, but the tax deduction is a red herring.
  15. I guess it depends on the context of what the curriculum will look like. Having never taken a philosophy course I wouldn't know what it entails. My limited knowledge comes from Hitchins' love of Socrates and Jennifer Hecht's "Doubt: A History". Philosophers were the first doubters and critical thinkers who did look at facts to come to conclusions which went against the cultural norms of the time (and sometimes resulted in their deaths for heresy). If the end result is skepticism and better critical thinkers who will take empirical evidence at face value to come to conclusions then I will certainly applaud the effort. Thanks for posting a beacon of light...Maybe I can sleep now and not dread the world my kids are going to inherit.