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  1. Just wondering...... Those old Girls are probably not "Bombardier". More likely "Canadair"
  2. The Pig looks Pretty good in its lipstick! New 737s are amazing, Beautiful aircraft. But I do hope "Max" means max !
  3. At the beginning of 1990 there were only 74 A320s in the world. New technology from an unproven manufacturer. Air Canada took a big gamble and won huge. Looks like Boeing took the safe route, and handed the world to Air Bus on a silver platter.
  4. C.P. air also purchased a few 737-300s ? They are not really comparable to the A320. C.P. got rid of the 300s very quickly. Then picked up 320s. I wonder what would have happened if A.C. had chosen the Boeing? Are there many of the original 320s left?
  5. Was anybody here involved in the original purchase of the A320 series by Air Canada? The question I have is.... What was Boeing trying to sell to Air Canada at that time ?
  6. Get real. Buy brand new state of the art aircraft. Fly the flag. Enough crap. I want to see our Prime Minister in a Cseries.
  7. Update them, keep them, wait for a long range business version of the A220, buy two.
  8. Recently found out the bars in YYC and YEG serve beer at 5 am. Seems to me there is no problem. Of all the people in the world, I would think people on this forum should understand the concept of a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year world. Put your bibles away, and get a grip on reality. What ever happened to the concept of freedom? Why do people insist on persecuting innocent people? I often wonder why anybody even considers going to an airport and getting on an airplane? Really? My driver's license is expired, what is it to you? Oh my passport is expired so I can't go home? The people who come up with this stuff have no respect for others.
  9. We had a new -8 copilot that was fresh off F18s. Castlegar impressed him. Said he wished he was still in the F18. Take off, point the nose at the sky....out of here !
  10. The Conservatives had no plans of winning. When they are ready to win they will pull out one of their heavy hitters. When you see Peter Mackay or Rhona Ambrose in charge, our friend Justin will be retiring.
  11. Are you sure you guys don't live near me? The Conservative candidate in my riding won by over 44,000 votes, getting almost 74% of the vote. Always happens. Even during the "orange crush " provincialy. I usually vote for whoever looks like they will get the least votes. They can think that at least someone voted for them. ?
  12. They call these people P.A.E.s People Against Everything .
  13. Slush and ice are pretty simple and effective at wrecking things as well! ????
  14. I have to admit, even before all this started, I was hoping that max meant max. IE the last version.
  15. I find it odd, that this machine,is not bound for a museum?
  16. Everyone knows poop is just westjet wit two Os. Everytime Poop looks bad so does Westjet. Not a Poop failure, put the blame where it belongs.
  17. You sure know how to pick poster children for poverty. First it's poor ,starving Tim Hortons franchise owners, now the poor, hard done by oil companies. Where do I send a check to ! My God, they may have to down grade from their Global Express to a Lear. ??
  18. Well let's just learn a lesson from that ,and vote the way we are told to!
  19. So am I hearing this right? We have to vote the way we are told, or the oil companies will render us all unemployed?
  20. Who cares how Southwest feels. They got what they demanded, they get what they deserve.
  21. Credit where credit is due! Rumor has it a multiple bird strike/ingestion, engine change at an out base. West jet mechanics changed engine. Aircraft back in service. No complaints of disruption of service. Well done !
  22. Nothing a quick call to the Minister of Transport won't take care of.
  23. Fourteen or Fifteen years to the top of the pay scale? Take my advice, do something else. The right to free bargaining has been removed from aviation. Do yourself a favor and stay away.
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