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  1. See People listen to Kip ! The lonely 737s have been moved to be with 20 of their friends.
  2. Brought to you by the leader of the "Flu Clux Clan " You sure you're not from Alberta?
  3. I agree, Canada should use the country with the highest number of covid deaths, by a huge margin , as the example of the proper way to handle covid.
  4. 18 years ago my mother was just like the Lady next to you. She passed away a few months later. It was too late. Solid advice from a wise man.
  5. A friend called me up Sunday march 7, and told me that he saw fifty one white lights in a line. Flying from west to east ,over Prince George British Columbia at 5 AM that morning. Was wondering if I had any ideas ?
  6. Specs The top of the seniority lists are venturing off to "Dot Land" at an alarming rate. There are no new people coming into the bottom. Add to that the number of existing people at the bottom of the seniority lists that will not return. Old aircraft are being removed permanently from service. New aircraft are not being built. Even with the obvious good reasons not to, and ridiculous rules forcing the decision, everyone I know wants to travel. Everybody in Canada will be vaccinated by September. Every day new treatments are discovered to help patients recover. Just my $.02 worth.
  7. If you thought there was a shortage of pilots before, wait till this is over. Frontier is smart. Maybe some of the new hires will stay. There will be not enough pilots, not enough aircraft, and nobody to fix them. Let's hope the people that run the place use it as an opportunity to make some money for a change. For years I have thought that if you raised the fares 25 cents a week for 3 months, you would not know what to do with all the money ?
  8. I am impressed ? Covid is so smart it only affects assigned seats ? Gotta be the most clever virus ever ?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9w_paUjzKs Check out the Alaska Airlines "Safety Dance". Hope the link works. You think Air Canada is guilty of not having a "Moral Compass"
  10. Jet Blue took delivery of s/n 55099 , N3008J , on December 31. The A220 keeps flying on ?
  11. If you expect to sell us some fighter jets, be prepared to throw in a few large transport aircraft ? Or perhaps, the aluminum tariffs are removed, we get a few aircraft ? Just thinking outloud.
  12. Seen at a local liquor store today ? No doubt Bobcaygeon. If your Grandmother is in need of medical help, and can not wear a mask, I will even sit beside her. A loud mouthed attention whore should not make it through security.
  13. Thanks boestar. 280 knots ? I find it difficult to believe that an A320 does not have enough power to climb past 24,000 ft with it's gear down. And we are to believe that you can't over speed the gear either ? Comments from A320 people please.
  14. Does the over speed warning on an A320 change with aircraft configuration? There's no mention of an inspection of the aircraft for too much speed with the gear down ?
  15. I am sorry Seeker. You are absolutely correct. The theory is there anyway. I signed in to remove that part of the post before you saw it, but I was too late. To me the air conditioning system in an airplane is much like the lav on a Dash 8. Ever looked down the hole when you flush it ? The shoot just keeps going round and round. I would rather not be in a crowded airplane right now. Let's start with crawling over each other to stow carry ons......
  16. ?????????? No seriously Seeker, I would not get off. Obviously this guy is an attention whore. And a stupid one at that. There are two answers for him. Wear a face shield, or stay home. Why are flight attendants and gate agents fighting this battle ? You need a mask to go through security. Enough said. I don't get in here without one, you don't either. Can't handle it stay home. We are supposed to be under lock down anyway. The broken up tears of laughter are about your description of aircraft air conditioning systems ????
  17. Went to Costco the other day, there was a sign stating that all customers were required to wear a mask. All customers not able to wear a mask are required to wear a face shield. How does a person even get to the airplane without a mask? I can't get in here without one ? If I was on the airplane, either he is getting off., or I am.
  18. This is one of my favorite pet peeves. Not only because of covid, but long before. Long ago I was traveling in J class on an A320. I went to the washroom after a classy looking Lady that had just **bleep** all over the toilet and walls. If you are not comfortable using a public bathroom, stay home. If the washrooms on an aircraft are not safe enough for the crew, they are not safe for anyone. All flights should be canceled.
  19. There is an Air Canada 737 max sitting at a gate in YEG ?
  20. And the person who puts the final EASA stamp of approval on 737 max is for some reason still on vacation ? Anyone else have the feeling Boeing is getting "Trumped"
  21. Thanks Canoehead ! good link. I was very lucky to meet Max Ward after he retired. Our hanger was right next to his in YXD. Our aircraft had the same engines as his Challenger,and we knew how to fix Twin Otters! So we got to know his Mechanic Dan Mcniven. I would pop by Dan's office for coffee, expecting that if Max was there, that I would carry on smartly and leave them to their business. Max was very welcoming, Dan was a character ! Many interesting conversations. Yes JL , it was like being in the presence of Aviation Royalty. One of the Ground handlers wanted a poster of a Wardair 747 signed. Dan suggested I leave the poster, and Max would sign it when he came through. Patti wanted to have it signed in person, and to meet Max. Arrangements were made. Max was in the cockpit of his Challenger preparing for a flight when Patti got there. She emerged about 20 minutes later with a signed poster, and looking like she had met her Hero! The Challenger was broken outside of customs at YXD. Something wrong with steering. Max was out there in his white coveralls working on it! After I moved out to YEG I got to know the Air Canada mechanics. An RJ100 was grounded for lack of a navigation light bulb. Max happened to be across the ramp with his Challenger. We went over and asked if maybe he carried a spare could we borrow it. Max was more than happy to go digging through his airplane and gave us all the spares he had. Later I brought him a box of bulbs from Air Canada. Max Ward was very well respected in Edmonton. A Legend. He deserved it, he was Amazing. Tony
  22. The wing belongs on the top ?(where it should be)
  23. Seems like only yesterday ,we were trying to negotiate a fair settlement with our employers,and wouldn't you know it...... Sorry you are an essential service ?
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