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  1. Neo, Don't hold back! let us know how you feel!
  2. Just imagine a comfortable A/C that will carry everyone's bags! It sure wouldn't be a good thing to consider the passengers! (they are just cargo, the pilots are the only people that matter!)
  3. Why is it, that every time I run into a retired Air Canaada employee, they seem so much younger and happier and healthier than when they worked at A.C.! I mean you must have noticed this!
  4. Why would any invester invest in a company, that has a proven track record of one union group holding a gun to their managment's heads, dictating how the company is run, and then taking every dollar of profit made?
  5. M.G. Has been banished to the city of cows..
  6. Kip; Is it possible to end up in trouble with the Cuban law enforcement bringing in gifts of this nature? Tony!
  7. Just got an e-mail from YVR stating that Air BC's 146 tech rep, Nigel Keys, has passed away in the U.S.. Nigel was well liked by all of us, and will be missed.
  8. Mtce. surely you jest! All of the numbers above are guesses, exept the hours and cycles. AME- Yes we have had a few cool ones at "Cliff's Cabin". T.F. are my initials. Merry Christmass Tony!
  9. C-GGOM is a Dash 8 102 in the JAZZ fleet. This aircraft was built Nov 1983, modified to a series 101 Dec 18 1985, and agin modified to a series 102 Nov 17 1986. Yesterday morning I read the journey log whitch had been recently corrected. Our A/C 801 now has over 40,078 hours/ and 53,519 cycles ! If 801 has averaged 20 passengers per cycle 1,070,380 people have flown on this A/C. If each passenger had 1.5 bags, then 1,605,570 bags have been loaded into it. If each bag weighed 25lbs then 40,139,250 lbs of bags have been carried! We people who work on ,fly and load this old girl are impressed! Comments anyone?
  10. Just a test to see how this works. Hi AME hope things are as good as they can be for you.
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