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  1. Glycol Eater; Nice to hear about your enthusiasm! You know there is always a waiting period to get into schools like SAIT. If you are actuallly interested get over there and sign up. Ask about Manpower sponsorship. (That's what it was called when I went to P.V.I.) I do not know any details that are current but, my experience is that you have to do a lot of the foot work yourself. Try the E.I. office nearest SAIT, they will be the best informed. To become an A.M.E. you pretty much have to take an approved course like the one offered at SAIT. There are minimum education requirements, so make sure you qualify. If not go to night school and get what you need. I suggest you go to the school and meet the students and instructors, they will be in a good position to give you the advice you need. Come on you guys, somebody who has attended SAIT has read this post, give G.E. a word or two! Most everyone in this buisness is wondering what they are going to do when they grow up! It won't be bad forever. (sure seems that way) Any way G.E. hang around the A.M.E.s where you work. Get a feel for what it is they actually do. And most importantly make some friends because the bottom line is you need conections to get in. Also an A.M.E. Tony! P.S. Good luck! But have you thought about any real jobs
  2. IKFU; Get your facts strait! Air BC was looking into purchaseing jet aircraft (B737-500s), they indeed bought the 146's. The worst thing that could possibly have happened to Air BC was to be sold to Air Canada. It has been nothing but bad news ever since! Tony!
  3. AME: Very interesting! I wonder how it is we manage to keep all the really old girls and 807 goes to pasture? Oh well maybe we should buy it and go partying with 39 of our friends! Tony! P.S. I am going to get a hold of Brett and tell him that you are still playing with his computer.
  4. Does anybody know of any ASSETS that JAZZ has to liquidate? I think this is a case of the whole having a value, but the parts being worthless. Do you think the creditors will allow RM to render JAZZ to a shadow of it's current value? Is this a way around CE and scope? Tony!
  5. New Girl; If you liked your old Ducati you better stop by your local dealer and check out the MONSTERS. This is the ultimate girls bike. My wife liked them so much we had to buy her one. It has been fantastic. (Men like them too!) Tony! p.s. Bikers also like them.
  6. Pager, Reading your post reminded me of an old saying my parents used to quote; A college student writes a letter home, Dear Dad, No fun, no mun. Your Son! The reply from home, Dear Son, Too bad, so sad. Your Dad! Tony!
  7. Dropzone! It is pretty obvious from the replies above that this is not the place to seek advice on the purchase of a first motrocycle! First, if you fall down on the street you could easily be run over by a car. My choice for a first motorcycle for anyone is a DIRT bike. There are many models of pure play bikes available. I personally feel that if all you ever ride is cruisers, you will never really learn to ride. Having said all that you have to look at your friends bikes and get something that is compareable. The Honda V twins mentioned above are good choices if that is the kind of riding you choose. Buying too heavy of a motorcycle will make learning difficult. 600 sport bikes are a bad choice for beginers, you will not learn to ride well, and will likely kill yourself. A good first sport bike is an SV650. After not riding much for several years I have purchased a DRZ400s Suzuki for myself and find it to be too much fun! Enduros have come a long way in the last few decades, they are in my opinion the only way to learn to ride a motorcycle on the street! Try going to beginnerbikes.com Good luck! Tony!
  8. Tango Foxtrot

    Federal Election

    As above, back to the top, we need more votes. Tony!
  9. Will a computer be able to you that a flock of 15lb canada geese just took out 35 feet of your left hand wings leading edge? Or maybe one of the guests could call 911 on their cell phone. Pilotless a/c are a long ways away. My $.02 Tony!
  10. You wouldn't suppose the pass office is so busy because of all the Mcjobs at the Mcairport, pay Mcwages, and nobody cares, or can afford, to work there for long so they Mcquit?!!!!! Know what I mean? Tony!
  11. Dagger: Realistically what does an airline pay for a turn around? (Using a contractor) I look out at our operation here and see four guys working. If they cost the co. $30 an hour each, then the cost is $120/hour. These four guys easily turn four -8's/hour. They could even do six. How much would a contractor want to be payed? I would guess more than $30 per turn. So where do the savings come from? So we pay mcwages, contractor pockets the rest. Numbers are pure guesses on my part, I have a feeling you may have a better idea what they really are! Comments? Tony!
  12. dagger; For a long time I have thuoght that Air BC ( now Jazz) should not have any pilots at all. The idea would be to crew using Air Canada pilots on a contract basis. The thought was that you would never have to worry about getting your money out of the company, if they turned a profit you merely up the rate you pay mother corp. for the pilots. My latest thought is that a company called A.C.P.S. (Air Canada Piloting Services) be formed and spun off. ACPA could even buy this company. Piloting services could be sold to anyone who needed pilots, training etc. just a thought. Tony!
  13. Dagger you wouldn't be suggesting that Fax should plan ahead? Just doesn't make any sense to plan ahead and save money! Tony!
  14. DEFCON; I am assuming you are a Jazz pilot. I am a Jazz AME. I have watched this whole fiasco for a long time. There is a bully who gets great pleasure in beating the tar out of you. You have stood up to this bully on many occasions, he gets more and more pleasure every time you get the tar beat out of you! The last time you faced him you had your big brothers, two police officers, a judge, his prole officer, your mom and dad, and four of friends present to ensure that this time you could not lose. Need I remind you that the bully came in, gave you a sound beating, and laughed as he left. 10 years from now when A.C. has hired 2000 new pilots I am going to ask you- "Now do you wish you had taken the bottom of their list?" What will your answer be? Just curious. Tony!
  15. Mitch; Reading your posts it appears you have a fondness for DC 10s. I would just like to know if you have a copy of the children's video, Mighty Machines at the Airport? This video features Canadian Airlines at YYZ. The whole thing is a bit silly, but it is fun! I found mine at Superstore for about $5. Tony!
  16. Just a question that I have had to myself over the last few days. Why don't we like Robert Milton? I'm afraid I personally have no reason to dislike him, or anything that he has done. So does anybody have any comments?
  17. Thanks GDR. That renders the post tasteless. I have deleted it. Sorry to anyone it offended. Engage brain before pressing post! Tony!
  18. Dagger; I agree! And new hired flight crews coulod also work at a dramatically lower wage as well. In fact when you upgrade to a larger piece of equiptment you could be treated as a new to this a/c, and payed way less than your peers. This is good logic. Please remember that with no ground people you are nothing. Unless you can get someone to pay you for flying empty airplanes with no fuel. Every one is here for a reason. Let's try to pretend we are a team please!
  19. jackofalltrades; At least you have one thing right! Here at JAZZ we get all the scrapes we can handle! It's more like biting the hand that just can't stop slapping you around though!
  20. Flyboy; Real men prefer it dry. To coin a phrase; most of us at AC. and Jazz could take a large pay cut and still be working at 200% of the industry average. My pension is already DC. it is superior to almost every other employers (industry average). We could take a hell of a beating and still be way better off than industry average. Do you think we don't know it? Do you think that we will sit back and watch AC. die with out a fight? Any way you seem to have missed the point, I am trying to suggest that if you have pilots, mechanics, and ground handlers the rest of you can be replaced if you would like! Just trying to agitate the dung. Tony!
  21. V1; You have got to be kidding. You can't pretend that everything is fine for just a few more weeks? Honestly how are we going to sell a house full of rats? Just wondering! Tony!
  22. It's ALIVE! I think people are about to find out that there is a huge airline in this country that is not about to roll over and die. There are 25000? odd employees that are ready, willing, and able to do what ever it takes. It would appear to me that we now have every union on board that we need to carry on. The rest have a choice; "Get onboard, or get out of the way!". We can and will leave you behind. Scheduled departure is April 15 2004. Tony!
  23. With the biggest majority ever! Chretien was more popular than Trudeau. Amazing.
  24. Now that you mention it, I seem to recall that those engines are round when they are new. The stove pipe drivers have caved them in!
  25. Yeah, and new hires could sign up for a $30,000 dollar loan! Sounds familiar! Tony!
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