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  1. Robert, Did you start your present job at the top of the pay scale? If so please let all of those looking for work know where these jobs are! I think it took me over five years to get to the top level in pay, I guess I missed something. The second tier pay scale is only 10% less than the "A" scale. Your mythical person working 80 hours a week would be taking in $120,000 a year. (even without factoring in over-time) Please inform yourself with facts if you plan on calling someone a liar. I am here, and pretty much have a grip on what it is all about. Fill your boots and work for who ever you want, where ever you want. We have a pretty good gig here. If that bothers you let me know, I'll tell you how little I care. Tony!
  2. Gentlemen; I am afraid I have to agree with pretty much every comment made, in principle at least. Let's take a look at what you are turning your noses up at. The people JAZZ hires as AMEs in YEG, or even apprentices will be, - Scheduled to work 166.5 days a year. (198.5 days off) -Have a pretty darn good benefit package, (100% dental etc.) - Included in a pension plan that is arguably better than Air Canada's. -Sent on three endorsement courses within 18 months. - Working on aircraft in their operating environment, not in a sweat shop hanger. (this job is not for the faint of heart, Edmonton has extreme weather, we are expected to work in some pretty adverse conditions) - Receiving pass privileges on the best airline in the world! - Working at a real job, not a flash in the pan oil boom job. -And with a little bit of interest in helping your co-workers take time off, or with a dirty job on your days off. (staying late to finish a job etc.) Will easily make $70,000 a year. So if you would like to drive a garbage truck 261 days a year, or sell coffee at Tim's, fill your boots. If you want a career in aircraft maintenance with a good company, PM me and I will get you in touch with my leaders. Tony!
  3. Still no takers. Looks like this may not be as easy as we thought. It seems experienced people with all the right endorsements are not applying. Still need at least two people. Tony!
  4. AME It would sure be nice to get someone with your experience and and qualifications! Haven't we experienced living in a camper before? Some things never change! Tony!
  5. Too bad! I saw TCC taxi by a few minutes ago (here in YEG). Going back home I guess. Seems like a lot of hidden planning and preparation went into this event. I wish it had have happened! Any ways thanks to those who tried! Please try again! Tony!
  6. Just a quick note to get the word out. An internal posting at JAZZ for two AMEs in YEG, drew no takers. Anybody interested should apply soon, as it appears two people will be hired off the street. Might not be a dream job, but it is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! (or a boot in the root, for that matter) Tony!
  7. As noted above by .70 mach; Every body to the starting gate, the race is about to begin! Looks like our management team is in place. Now all pilots put on your gloves and start to go after each other, because this time we want blood! Honestly, the bottom isn't that far away. How much could it hurt anyway? The next article will be about how poorly Air Canada is doing, and so on and so on... Just a thought! Tony!
  8. Let us not get off on tangent and start thrashing Max Ward. Max was loved and respected by hundreds, if not thousands of people in the airline industry. I was one of those people. There are many, many, stories about Max and his happenings and ways, a lot of them are really amazing and interesting. Every person I have met, who dealt with Max on a personal level, had nothing but respect for the man. Max is a true Icon in Canadian aviation. Obviously not every one will agree, but the vast majority will. Fido and RFL are just upset at how far ahead of us all Max is in the "He who has the most toys wins" race! Tony!
  9. Airlines don't seem to mind investing huge amounts of money, and getting nothing for it! Tony!
  10. After spending a bit of time wondering what a "shirley pilot" was, I finally looked it up in the urban dictionary. Surely there can't be that many shirley pilots, that the line up would be so long. Tony!
  11. martimars.com These aircraft are incredible! A few years ago I got to go through them, and it is worth the trip! (Not to mention you get to see a lot of Vancouver Island.) Go on a work day, regular business hours, during the off season and chances are you will be more than welcome. If you show up when the place is closed, you will quickly find a genetic mutation, half human, half pit bull, that acts as security. Tony!
  12. Seems to me if the airplane you fly around in is such a big deal, they should get a hold of Bombardier real soon and see what they can do. What a huge publicity stunt, showing off a corporate express, or CRJ- 705. Not the perfect airplane, but they could spend the whole campaign pointing out how wasteful the opposition is, and how they have turned their nose up at Quebec. Not us Liberals, we are proud of Canadian products, bla, bla ,bla. Look at those fuel guzzling foreign made behemoths the other guys are using, etc. etc. Just a thought! Tony!
  13. By the sound of it he couldn't have got a word in edgewise if tried!
  14. And another; Ladies and gentlemen, sorry for the delay departing. The machine that rips the handles off of the suit cases is broken. So the ground staff has had to rip them off manually! Tony!
  15. Seems to me there is something just not right about turning food into fuel, while half the world is starving. Just doesn't seem fair. Tony!
  16. Jazz out May 31. Looks like someone is trying to keep this quiet? Or are we being replaced by someone else? Air Canada flights? Tony!
  17. Abbotsford is over again! Jazz moving out and laying off 10 people.
  18. I have always felt that inspectors miss the point entirely. Flight Ops and Maintenance are inspected and audited until no stone is left unturned. Even Inflight gets the full salon treatment at the hands of T.C.. The people in charge of ground services, (deicing, ground power units, air starters etc.) get away with murder. Sending garbage deice units to out bases, that are then stored outside and poorly maintained. Critical pieces of equipment that remain U/S for months at a time! Transport should ask operators of small airports where the heated building they keep their ground equipment and spare deice truck is?, if the answer is no, then you don't operate in icing conditions. If you don't present difficult questions to pilots, you are less likely to get answers looked back on as poor decisions. Sorry sir our deice truck is U/S, or sorry no air start/ power unit at this base, whats wrong with your APU? If the airport can not support the aircraft, then the aircraft should not be there. Every pilot on this forum has heard this sort of stuff way too often, the blame should go where it belongs. The people who make these decisions just don't answer to anyone. Tony!
  19. Here is a link to what we all wanted, pics! A380 at YVR Enjoy! Tony!
  20. I wonder how long it would be before your "Biochip" had a value on the black market? Every morning as I pass through security the gaurd says "well it's your finger!". How long would it be until people to figured out that all you have to do is take someone's chip? I must be pushing $.10 by now. Tony!
  21. No mights about it, the right engine intake was also hit. I didn't think it was as unusual as the radome strike, so I didn't post it. Not too often you get such a direct hit, usually there is at least a bit of deflection. Looking at the pictures again these were pretty large birds. They were hit at fairly low speed, final approach. Brings a whole new meaning to the saying, "Aren't you glad cows don't fly!" P.S. Looks like inchman's done a few walk arounds in his lifetime! Good eye!
  22. deicer: Do you think that would be possible in a country that women are allowed to vote? Tony!
  23. "There the post moved! See right there! It just jumped out at us, honestly! I don't know how it did it, but it did!"
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