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  1. If they want to replace one of their board of directors with a Canadian,  I'll take the job and vote however they want me to 🤔


     P.S. thanks KargoKings 👍 

     Posts like yours are what make this forum great. 

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  2. The Twin Otter Pub has been on the local news a few times lately.  I have never been there, but plan on going soon. 

     "David Bowie " apparently flew Twin Otters with Ken Borek Air. I have a feeling Somebody here knows him 🤔.

     And yes,  I to am wondering about happy hour? 

  3. 23 hours ago, Rich Pulman said:

    Tell her it’s cheaper to operate, more fun to be around, and would get you out of the house more often… than a mistress.

    So let me get this straight 🤔

     If I tell my wife that I want a mistress, she will make me buy your airplane? 

     Nice little machine Rich 👍

  4. 6 hours ago, Junior said:

    I guess I will have to make a choice on who's recent link to believe. That of a scientist and co-founder of Greenpeace or that of a baggage handler with a known socialist agenda.

    It may take a while, I'll let you know when I come to my decision.

    Sorry dude. You just lost all your credibility. 

  5. Thanks Kargokings


     Good link 👍

     Looks like the new fuel delivery system is not completed yet. I think YVR already has a pipeline to the refineries. Looks like when the airport was busy, the pipeline was supplemented by 70 truck loads a day. Interesting  that a new daily Asia flight would add another 80 truckloads of fuel a month. That's a lot of fuel and trucks.

     The new pipeline is 14 inches in diameter !

  6. As much as I dislike the "Flu Clucks Clan ", and have no time for their ignorance......

     Common sense should prevail.  The rules are going to change.  Why all the drama?  Where are our unions? 

     I agree. I don't want to work with,  or be served by unvaccinated people.  I am vaccinated, should I be sent home? 

     How about a softer stance?  Unvaccinated,  you are going home. When the rules change,  we will welcome you back with open arms. You will continue to accrue seniority,  no you won't be paid,  no you are not welcome on the premises or the airplane. Look around,  unvaccinated people that don't work here are not allowed here either. 

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  7. 22 hours ago, UpperDeck said:

    I don't have any idea about the nature and extent of your political participation although your comment about Trump might suggest that you are of a "Liberal" leaning

     Quoting one of my favorite politicians ever... "Yeah he's a good man" ?


     Had the thought today, a lot of the rules regarding travel right now, are very comparable to taking the captains toenail clippers away from him ?  ?


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