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  1. In what way is the A.M.E. forum not aviation related Just ignore the verbal diarrea, block folks you find offensive
  2. Rudder Please don't cloud the issue with facts
  3. Looks like there's a link to Air Canada / Jazz after all. The aircraft involved is C-FWRR. Ex Air Canada CRJ 100.
  4. If they want to replace one of their board of directors with a Canadian, I'll take the job and vote however they want me to P.S. thanks KargoKings Posts like yours are what make this forum great.
  5. If you read down in the comments the RAT being deployed is discussed. Apparently the procedure is to shut down the engines as you land. Why would you not start the APU ? Would it be a fire hazard in the event of a crash?
  6. So if you lease your aircraft from ALC or GECAS they own your airline If YKF is a viable operation, someone will fill the void should Flair disappear.
  7. The Twin Otter Pub has been on the local news a few times lately. I have never been there, but plan on going soon. "David Bowie " apparently flew Twin Otters with Ken Borek Air. I have a feeling Somebody here knows him . And yes, I to am wondering about happy hour?
  8. http://thetwinotterpub.com A pub in Edmonton. And it is owned by David Bowie
  9. So let me get this straight If I tell my wife that I want a mistress, she will make me buy your airplane? Nice little machine Rich
  10. UpperDeck I think I speak for everyone here when I say we are very happy to see that you are finally able to get to your boat. Jealous, but happy Pics
  11. Not fair. I wanted to like Seeker's post, but there's no icon
  12. Sorry dude. You just lost all your credibility.
  13. Standing on the ramp in YVR watching an A340 take off...... The guy standing beside me started chanting......" I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...."
  14. Thanks Kargokings Good link Looks like the new fuel delivery system is not completed yet. I think YVR already has a pipeline to the refineries. Looks like when the airport was busy, the pipeline was supplemented by 70 truck loads a day. Interesting that a new daily Asia flight would add another 80 truckloads of fuel a month. That's a lot of fuel and trucks. The new pipeline is 14 inches in diameter !
  15. With the fuel shortages in the Vancouver area, how are YVR and YXX doing for fuel? Any problems?
  16. Are you trying to tell us that you do this sober? Are you out of work because of your Flu Clucks Clan membership ?
  17. Perhaps a sobriety test incorporated into the "submit reply " function would facilitate better replies
  18. As much as I dislike the "Flu Clucks Clan ", and have no time for their ignorance...... Common sense should prevail. The rules are going to change. Why all the drama? Where are our unions? I agree. I don't want to work with, or be served by unvaccinated people. I am vaccinated, should I be sent home? How about a softer stance? Unvaccinated, you are going home. When the rules change, we will welcome you back with open arms. You will continue to accrue seniority, no you won't be paid, no you are not welcome on the premises or the airplane. Look around, unvaccinated people that don't work here are not allowed here either.
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