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  1. Would a widebody parked on 180A conflict with a widebody taxiing onto 181? Anyone?
  2. Does anyone know what gates are involved?
  3. Curious, how frequently do go arounds occur? I've seen 4 in the last 2 weeks. Not plane spotting, just in the couple minutes it takes to walk to/from the parking lot at work. Latest just now..Cathay? on take off roll RWY 23 YYZ, WJ on final.
  4. Awesome photo Mitch, congratulations! Agree with blues..looks are from mom..
  5. Reminds me of someone who used to work nights..
  6. Your AME licence expiry date in your qualifications profile (ARTOS)...just a guess.
  7. dagger, it's been mentioned a couple of times recently that ACE won't exist in the not so distant future, what is likely to happen to the remaining 30% interest in ACTS and whatever interest it still has in its other subsidiaries?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3HhUDemGtc
  9. Relax, you're safe...."Naughty Word" disturbing is fair game 24/7.
  10. Our computer went T/U while I was lurking...I mean browsing...on the AEF yesterday. Something really nasty......had to re-load windows. Could the browser on your downstairs computer be using a temp file from when the AEF was down last week? Clearing the temp files/history/cookies/etc might help.
  11. I was thinknig of taking a couple of our kids on a trip this summer (no, not to the dump). Just info gathering on possible destinations when I happened across this page.
  12. Too late, already thought of it...with a little help of course. NOTICE: I am assuming only partial responsibility for taking the following photo......someone else around here (who shall remain anonymous ) has managed to coerce me into doing so. *Photo edited in a feeble attempt to protect Mitch's identity The New Look..............