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  1. Between current load factor and capacity numbers, re-training costs, and a guess on when there might be some recovery, what’s your estimate on pilot layoffs tomorrow?
  2. The latest around the water cooler is that: a) AT will become the new "Rouge" once the purchase is done and the current Rouge aircraft will be rolled back into mainline to preserve ratios etc; b) NEO's will go to ML with an additional order to Airbus to renew the ML NB fleet to all Airbus and also a WB order to replace the 767's; c) AT will consist of MAX and 330's until the MAX can be replaced; Thoughts?
  3. The YOW sighting you speak of was a Nanchang. It's owned by a guy who works for NavCanada - he owns an L-39 too....
  4. Another point to note as well and not sure if it's been mentioned here before.... I was looking to pay for a seat to HNL/OGG/KOA this winter instead of going on passes and when doing some price shopping, below the return price quoted on the WJA site there's fine print on the WJA site that says it charges in USD vs the AC site which is CAD. Sure the prices are close - until the fx kicks in and it's an extra 28%!
  5. If I recall, he's a 320 skipper at Swiss.
  6. Bean, So with your numbers above, I have a question for you and it's an honest one - not being flippant. If you read the analysis done by both the media and the financial sector, they all seem to be saying that AC is a "good news" story. Why is it that you seemingly are the only one to be saying something different? Is it for short term investor bumps? I'm assuming that given your previous history, you probably have relationships with some or many of the same people writing these analysis summaries - both in the media and the trading/investment houses. Have you called any of them and shown them the numbers as you see them? And if no, why not? If yes, why do they differ from you?
  7. 552 and 562 were both -9 powered gravel combi's but have now both since been retired from Cdn North. One of them was north of 85000 cycles I believe.... 582/583/584 are -17 powered gravel combi's that are still in service with Cdn North and will be for awhile as I understand it.
  8. "Regional One was a typically undercapitalized, poorly marketed, half assed attempt at sched service with no connectivity to anything. They even tried to go head to head with WJ on YLW-YYJ at virtually the same time. Heck. I LIVED in Victoria and my radar was LOOKING for some evidence they were in the market and they were invisible to me. Even WJ ignored them from the get go as irrelevant and a very short term player in the marketplace." Truer words haven't been spoken. I remember looking at this before it started and shaking my head. JB needs to stick to what he knows best - being a hoarder and ACMI operator.
  9. This was tried already - Regional 1 did a daily YQF-YLW-YVR sked on a Dash-8 about 5 years ago and it lasted, if memory serves, about 4 months. They also did a YQL-YVR daily. And this was in the summer time when everyone who owns property in the Okanagan like to travel. Red Deer can talk all they want but from what I remember, all the chatter out of the talking heads at city hall didn't translate into anywhere close to BELF on a Dash or even a 1900 for that matter. Might be a different deal with Aeroplan etc but........
  10. Oh and I forgot - get yourself a prepaid sim card for your cell phone - Verizon etc - very, very cheap and you won't get killed on roaming etc. But you have to buy directly from them as opposed to a "dealer" - dealers won't/don't do sim card only transactions. If I recall it was $20 and it refilled automatically if you happened to use it all. Agree on the Costco thing right by OGG - significant savings.....
  11. IF you're so inclined - bring your bike with you and ride both ways up and down Haleakela - that's a notch on the belt few have done. Totally worth the suffering. Also try biking the west Maui loop. AMAZING scenery, the steepest hill you'll likely ever ride on a bike known as "The Wall", and a little banana bread stop that is "mandatory" for a mid-ride snack.
  12. Halifax Trifecta? I thought this topic was about Peddler's, The Lower Deck, and then Pizza Corner.... THAT'S a true YHZ trifecta!
  13. http://www.nunatsiaq... ... _norterra/ Makivvik kills idea of First Air sale to Norterra Nunavut-Nunavik airline to stay put NUNATSIAQ NEWS A First Air ATR at the Iqaluit airport in an undated file photo. The board of Makivvik Corp. has decided to retain full ownership of the airline. (FILE PHOTO) The Makivvik Corp. will not sell First Air to Norterra or any other buyer, Makkivik’s board said in a statement Oct. 3 “After a rigorous review of its strategic options, the board confirmed its decision to retain full ownership of this important investment,” Makivvik said. At the same time, Makivvik said their president and chief executive officer, Kris Dolinki, will resign his position as of Oct. 12, for personal reasons and “to spend more time with his young family.” Dolinki has served in First Air’s top job since December 2011, when he succeeded Scott Bateman. “For more than two years, Mr. Dolinki assisted the board with a rigorous review of our strategic alternatives. Kris had committed to see that project to its conclusion and with that behind us, it is time for new leadership to guide the future direction and success of First Air,” said Jobie Tukkiapik, president of Makivvik Corp. Chris Ferris, First Air’s vice president of marketing, will now act as interim president and CEO while a special committee of Makivvik’s board will search for a permanent president and CEO, the company said. This past spring, reliable sources told Nunatsiaq News that Norterra, the 50-50 Inuvialuit and Nunavut Inuit owner of First Air rival Canadian North, was in talks with Makivvik to discuss a purchase or merger. But officials with Norterra would not confirm that such a deal was under discussion. Makivvik, the birthright organization for Nunavik Inuit beneficiaries of the James Bay land claims agreement (which has also used the spelling Makivik), has owned First Air since 1990 and operated it as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The firm now employs more than 1,000 people, about 450 of whom live in northern Canada. Starting in 2010, First Air formed joint-venture partnerships with two Nunavut birthright corporations: Sakku Corp. and Qikiqtaaluk Corp., to create the Sakku First and Qikiqtani First regional airlines. This past June, the two companies announced they had won about 95 per cent of the Government of Nunavut’s air cargo business. In its Oct. 3 statement, Makkivik said its board “reaffirmed its commitment to First Air’s strategic joint ventures with Sakku First Aviation Limited and Qikiqtani First Aviation Limited.” And Tukkiapik said the Makivvik board and First Air’s management will go to work on “several strategic initiatives with a renewed focus on working with our joint venture partners.”
  14. Speaking of strain for WJA it would be which pockets to stuff all the cash in whereas with AC it's why they still can't make money.....just sayin'.......
  15. Back to the premise that repeal won't happen, is the will there in YOW to impose the same mandate (language) on WJA? Maybe I'm being naive but I can't believe the repeal and/or change to ACPPA isn't a big target for AC now that scope has been blown wide open.
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