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  1. I remember sitting in the back of a Eastern dc9 and upon landing the guy next to me dressed in his military uniform says "did we just crash" That was the first time i ever heard that expression,and i near choked on my peanuts i was laughing so hard It was a hard landing but i kinda expected it would be because we were all over the place before touchdown
  2. Came back last night on a AC 320 flight was rough but the landing was the best in years walking by the flight deck i let the skipper know i told him that he greased that landing and he appereared to be pleased that some one actually noticed his only comment was that sometimes you get lucky,with a grin,and thanked me i thought it would have been a rough landing considering the bumps coming in
  3. I would rather use the inter-web on a flight then watch tv on those small screens I already carry my lap top so it would be handy A lot more stuff on the web then on tv just think of all the porn you could watch on a 8 hour flight
  4. Great flight coming home from mexico on a half filled 737-800 They forgot the movies in YYC so no in flight movies,and no tv for most of the flight I don't know about you guys but i find the screens to small to watch and no way i would pay $5.99 to watch a movie on those screens Good crew and service was excellent When we arrived in YYC the customs hall was backed up all the way back almost to the top of the stairs. You elders will remember the walk to customs at the original T1 in YYZ,well the walk we had,had to be longer.I thought those days were gone,you know moving sidewalks would sure help Anyways thats not a Westjet issue. Its good to see that Westjet has Air Canada working for them in YYC After clearing customs we went to the Westjet connection counter and we were greeted by a friendly Air Canada agent who directed us all upstairs I asked where the WESTJET agent was,and she said there wasn't one and that a lot of westjet customers have been looking for one. So off we went upstairs with our connection bags already tagged to the next destination and did the self service thing The 737-800 with a full load is a different story,but it got us home and with our bags If it wasn't for the price i would have booked continental airlines for the return They have been my favorite for a long time And thats my story Would i fly WS again?Sure,if the price is right
  5. they should get N B C to help remember the exploding fuel tanks on chev/gmc pick ups they didn't blow up as planned so they rigged it with explosives to bad they got caught looked good on TV not so good for PR
  6. I see flight tracker.com is showing the 800 version, i'll go with that
  7. what 737 version is westjet using to mazatlan mexico today from yyc fri nov 13
  8. finally some protection for those of us who didn,t have a choice it just came off your cheque and you trusted those in charge would do their job good news for this ole fart
  9. For you youngins Air Canada was hooked up with continental years ago when air canada helped to bail them out of bankruptcy Long story
  10. http://www.thestar.com/travel/article/7163...air-canada-team
  11. http://finance.sympatico.ca/Home/ContentPo...=abc&date=False
  12. i have a simple question does west jet use a 24 hour clock the flight i wanted to book has a 08:30 pm dep any guess at the departure time its a wierd way of showing a departure time ok i think i got it no use of 24 hour clock in sked i guess i've been retired to long
  13. How did Greenland gets it's name Because it was ice and snow covered????? NOT
  14. I assume Air Canada is federally regulated and that it will also be included in this legislation http://www.thestar.com/business/article/71...sis-not-so-fast
  15. http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/must-rea...ots-food-stamps
  16. i had a Mac,, gave it back Most Mac buyers buy it cause its trendyand yuppy,not because they NEED the performance I see more gamers on Mac's tho
  17. http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/article/685512#Comments
  18. http://www.thestar.com/business/article/675651
  19. http://www.thestar.com/business/article/670411
  20. I think JK might be right on this one As long as its done right Management numbers are way outta whack,,, must start there big time
  21. http://www.thestar.com/business/article/668235 and something different http://www.thestar.com/columnists/article/668485
  22. Mitch i gotta feel for you.....but I hate when most of the attacks and comments seem to always get back to the unions and the employees Dagger and his buddies at the top are laughing at us all the way to the bank as long as we keep blaming eachother they have won sorry but ALL the blame lies with Bob Milton and his American bum blasting buddies (cerberus etc.) the books were cooked and if this was the states milton and his bunch would be in jail at this point in time the employees got screwed again,and i'll telll you putting on a happy face like west jetters ain't gonna turn air canada around as long as the same bunch are running the show IMHO
  23. Hey mitch i'm sure that all the U.S. based employees thought the same my point is/was that any employee group these days is on shaky ground you of all people i know would not trust this management team and their high priced lawyers If they found a legal way of firing everybody and getting rid of the union,don't you think they would do it??? and on the same day would offer the same employee group the same wage but minus the rest of the perks their jobs back how long would it be before air canada would be back to normal It wasn't that long ago Reagan fired all the air traffic controllers,and guess what....it didn't even cause much of a disruption i guess my point in all of this is,that no job is irreplaceable and getting rid of your IAM is best done when the dust has settled..IMHO
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