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  1. First off.Get rid of the no layoff clauses.Get the number of employees to a level thats right for the job. Next. 50% of manegement out the door.Way to many are on they're little projects that they keep creating for themselves. Next start with a pay cut with the highest paid taking the biggest hit..Re:U.A.L. Do it soon,or there will be nothing to save The rest will fall into place when the other creditors realize that Air Canada is serious
  2. Sorry,didn't mean that..but i get &%$@! off of the constant slamming of the least paid getting blamed for Air Canada's trouble.
  3. The only difference between this and what happened in the early nineties is that the government got involved,and of course the no lay off clauses.It will be interesting to see how much management takes a hit this time.It was brutal for them the last time.We shall see.No Hollis Harris this time around.If Continental can do it(twice) i think the guy on ROB said it best.Look out for a leaner meaner Air Canada in Dec.He also said,Westjet look out..don't shoot the messenger ok.
  4. Hmm,those bloody ramp rats have brought Air Canada to its knees.Yup pay them $5/hr give the rest to the maintenance people and watch the money roll in.You guys are funny.
  5. Yup,bloody unions...should send all union members to Iraq to look for weapons of mass distruction,maybe via westjet.Ah gee i forgot they don't have anything bigger than a puddle jumper..Hmmmm Now what WA777?
  6. It was in the planning long before the twin towers came down.Its a direct result of U.S. foreign policy ie.continued support of the jews no matter what they do in the middle east.Next stop Syria..who of course we all know support the other side.So if you think Iraq is the objective,your wrong..its the first stop.Just FYI,i'm from nothern european background.What scares me is not if Air Canada survives but Bush's new world order.We will all pay in the end.I'm just trying to look at the bigger picture.
  7. Nobody wants to do that job for $8/hour.Air Canada tried that and the turn over was so great that at the end it wasn't cost affective.Who in there right mind would want to work in noisy,dirty wet,cold dangerous conditions for that kinda money.You can get that money anywhere and without the crap.Remember its the ramp rat that has the final say if that flight goes out on time,so don't piss em off or you'll see.Everybody else can do their job,but at the end of it its the rampie who gets the crap.
  8. My point exactly.The truth will never come out.Air Canada is here to stay because the Liberal government like it or not is here to stay.Who's gonna de-throne them???
  9. Hi Rob just to let you know,hundreds of ramp rats have been laid off in the last 6 months,I guess thats the way the company saves money.No wounder there's nobody there to park you.Poor manpower planning is really the problem,but hey what do i know i've never run a airline before like some people on this forum.LOL
  10. Wake up.The writing is already on the wall.Open your eyes.Why are you so sure,or maybe even want Air Canada to go under.This mess sure isn't my fault,its the governments involement in a take over that went bad.Did you know it cost Air Canada over a billion just to stay a canadian company.But i guess we all would have been better off under American Airlines,and Gerry's control.They sure saved Canadian.Give me a brake.
  11. The government will now take care of me,because they created this mess,and if you don't believe that they did then you sir really don't know what your talking about.
  12. And if you believe everything you read then your not much wiser.
  13. You fail to mention Swiss Air invested in other airlines,when the price was high and then the bottom just dropped out and then Peggy's Cove did her in,I'm sure you already know that.
  14. And where did you hear 20% pay cut or new rules.You forget the government created this mess.Yes the climate has changed but lets get a grip here,Jerry and the government don't want the whole truth to come out either.There was a lot of back door deals that were made during the canadian take over,many perhaps illegal.
  15. What do you call a heavy,a Dash 8? No heavy captain i know has the "God" mentality or the know it all attitude you seem to have.
  16. Hmmm.Gee why haven't i heard this on CNN, the biggest propaganda machine the U.S. has.Reminds me of the old"Pravda"This world is in trouble with this goof at the controls.Bob Woodword wrote about the connections of Junior and the timing of 9/11 was just an excuse for war.Heaven help us
  17. They actually let you fly.Let me know which Beech 99 not to get on.If thats the case Robert we have a lot of members who have been let go who should not have been.But hey what do i know,i'm not a pilot..
  18. Hey WA777,i bet you watch CNN.God at least if your gonna be a mouth piece on this forum,get your info right.The I.A.M. DOES NOT have a no lay off clause.We have lost hundreds since the begining of the year,or you just find it hard to believe,or better yet its not what you wanna hear.Probably the latter.
  19. You must be one of those hiding behind your no lay off clause. Who the f..k do you think you are.I probably have more holidays then you have senority sonny. My junior I.A.M. members,who want to get paid just for showing up.Thats a joke.The 20 year old know it alls,kinda like your self.Take me behind the hanger,yea we used to do that but maybe you might want to try..fly boy Oh just one thing since you think you know me,i 'm actually a pretty laid back,person but i love getting you know it alls all wound up.See you at the U.I. office
  20. Wow 20% hit for non-union.How will Air Canada survive with only 3500 management left to do whatever they all do.Last fall management padded their numbers,they as a group saw this coming.At yyz cargo is just an example,but i know all you young bucks on here who think they've seen everything will blast me again.So be it. When i see the company serious about job cuts and all the other unions who are hiding behind they're no lay off clauses take a hit,this I.A.M. member will where his "FULL PAY TO THE LAST DAY" button with pride. I was around in the late eighties and early ninties,serious cuts were made by a management that had a will and a vision.Sorry,this management has neither.Hollis Harris where are you.WE NEED HIM NOW
  21. Well said dagger.A lot of people here think that the only people who are replacable are ramp rats..or at least they feel make way to much money for what they are responsible far.Did you guys catch that.RESPONSIBLE.The last time i checked my garbage man made more then i,but hey a dash 8 driver making over a hundred grand sounds nutty to me also. See you all at the U.I. office,at least that way we'll be all together finally.
  22. Hey,don't forget the five permanent managers they made in yyz cargo just a few months ago while they were laying off station attendants and cargo agents.In yyz cargo we have 2 in charge,i guess more boss's more productivity. Like i said before,unless i see some serious movement by management at Air Canada,it's "FULL PAY TO THE LAST DAY"...and the rest of you who think that the I.A.M. will take the hit to save your job,think again. See you at the U.I. office...
  23. Air Canada station attendants("Ramp Rat's") have agreed to have their wages rolled back to $5.00/per hr. The Wall Street Urnal reports that this should save Air Canada and protect all other workers from concessions at the flagship carrier. An I.A.M. spokes person said that after hours of good faith bagaining the two side were able to hammer out a deal which saw all other workers at Air Canada get job for life clauses,especially the pilots. I'm not giving up one red cent to this airline untill i see some REAL changes at the top.
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