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  1. Hearing there is an outage with reservation system. I'd post a sarcastic remark but ... sh!t happens.
  2. I don't think there's ever an announcement, change, direction, plan, or concept at WJ that's ever been well received or eventually partially received on this forum. The doom and gloom isn't unexpected.
  3. AA is not happy WestJet is pursuing a JV with Delta, my guess is a hard no for their involvement. I would think that DL would be very interested in a stake.
  4. Why would Onex invest a significant amount of money into an established airline and then undo everything that's been built for what is essentially this day moving forward (787, business class, premium economy, JV's, interlines/codeshares, regional airline, discount airline, rewards program, lounges, etc)? Where's the value in that? If you think going back to its roots is the solution you haven't been paying attention.
  5. Makes for great headlines until the reality of high cost ("green") alternatives start to hit the books and nothing changes with any significance because of the financial cost.
  6. Pretty amazing footage. Mile at a Time&utm_content=Video: Aeroflot Plane Lands In Flames At Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport&fbclid=IwAR1z-bZP7s2T96CQkcTVYnB3peeIs2wHecHm9V646_iuHoy_cVG-tWy5jWM
  7. Took me a few reads to see you wrote WET jet not WestJet. Took me a few reads to see you wrote WET jet not WestJet.
  8. Looks like breakfast lunch and dinner at restaurants nowadays.
  9. There is 0% chance of WJ starting any wide body flying out of YUL.
  10. The press releases or tweets by Canada Jetlines are starting to get absurd. This is something they're excited about? On top of thr 15 announcements of agreements with airports.... For an airline with no airplanes.
  11. You could say... it was explosive.
  12. My understanding is there is no introductory pricing for business class which is not what WestJet normally does. Bookings are strong from what I've seen.