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  1. What? No jokes about inexperience? No jokes about ........ ah **bleep** it. It's not WJ.
  2. Shares down 8.5%
  3. YUL to YQB? YUL to BOS or NYC (I doubt the latter)
  4. Wow that's a horrible change. Thumbs down for me. I like the current color scheme a lot better.
  5. I'll guess a margin of 10% for FY, 8% for Q4.
  6. Super underwhelming and I don't even need to see the tail or logo. As much as I disliked the ice blue when it came out, I appreciate the fact it isn't another white fuselage and think it suits the AC brand well. This, looks blah.
  7. Go back under your rock, Chicken Little.
  8. Terrorism chargers seem a bit sensationalist for something like this. Can we just call him a murderer and/or a murderer committing a hate crime and move on with it?
  9. I don't know if it's who I follow on Twitter or the media I'm exposed to, but it's insane how much truth is downplayed by Trump and his "people". The truth is dismissed so easily it's absurd. Given how much people rely on social media and the "news" that's shared/posted, it's hard not to start questioning what is true and what isn't.
  10. Am I the only one that feels like I can't trust anything I read in the media? Is that the point of Trump? 50 years from now will this be the moment we look back on when things changed?
  11. Rizzuto, who died of natural causes in 2013, was viewed as a unifying underworld force, and instability has been the order of the day since his time in a U.S. prison and his death. Andre Cedilot, an ex-journalist who writes about organized crime, says the battle now appears to pit Calabrian clans that are battling for power against the last remnants of the Rizzuto loyalists, many of whom are Sicilian. The Calabrians are being assisted by Ontario-based groups. READ MORE: Suspected mafioso Vincenzo Spagnolo gunned down in Laval Cedilot says there is a move to seek a more equitable division of territory and rackets through partnerships with street gangs and the re-emerging Hells Angels. “For sure, it’s changing because the clans that were all-powerful, like the Rizzuto clan, we can say they are in the process of disappearing,” said Cedilot. The various arsons this year, including one that levelled a strip mall in Laval, followed a handful of high-profile killings last year. READ MORE: Laval strip mall fire considered suspicious Lorenzo Giordano, described as a Rizzuto underboss, was killed last March, while Rocco Sollecito, a former Rizzuto right-hand man according to police documents, was slain in May. Another ex-Rizzuto associate was killed in October. At least three attempts to reorganize the leadership structure have failed in recent years – the last falling apart in November 2015 with the arrests of Leonardo Rizzuto and Stefano Sollecito as well as biker and street gang associates. READ MORE: Presumed head of Montreal mafia, Rocco Sollecito, killed in Laval Police identified the younger Sollecito and Rizzuto as the heads of the Italian Mafia and said an alliance of the Mob, criminal biker gangs and street gangs was set up to maintain control of drug trafficking and money laundering in Montreal. Pierre de Champlain, an author and ex-RCMP analyst, suggests the next leader will be homegrown. “I find it difficult to see anyone coming from outside of Montreal coming in here to become leader of the Montreal Mafia,” de Champlain said. “The next leader will be someone from Montreal, who grew up in Montreal.” © 2017 The Canadian Press Why do you feel the need to post anything in any topic? If you feel something is worthy to be posted do you ever ask yourself how relevant it is to the topic at hand?
  12. Sorry not sure why that's so big. It's a secret service agent with fake hands???
  13. There's a women's protest in Chicago that appears to be at least 2-3 times larger than the crowd at Trump's inauguration yesterday. Wonder if that's ever happened before?