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  1. It diminishes the WJ brand? The whole strategy is to have the two airlines separate in every way. The luxury of help comes with the price of a ticket - that help isn't covered @ Swoop. That's what insurance is for.
  2. Never been there myself, have friends who have been dozens of times. Never an issue. Have done the same in Anaheim, LA, Calgary, Vancouver - never an issue. Just don't go at the start of the game and expect a warm welcome.
  3. Good to know. So the footage/pics do align.
  4. There's already phots of the crash site... in daylight. Something doesn't add up.
  5. Apparently crash 4 min after departure. I'm reading Twitter for news so cannot verify this is true. Neither can I verify the ridiculous speculation about what happened. What I do know is that it's suspect for a semi-official news agency to declare the plane crash due to technical difficulties incredibly premature.
  6. There's video from a distance of the crash. For some reason can't post it here... just shows up as a blank post.
  7. Interesting timing....
  8. Did you buy a fare in econo or whatever the lowest fare bucket is? This is the first I've ever heard of someone being charged to move their seat less than 24 hours prior.
  9. If you're looking for a payday it isn't with front-line, entry level jobs in the airline industry.