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  2. Rapper Targets WestJet

    Here's how he acted:
  3. AC 737 Max

    I know you prefaced what you said by saying "if the aircraft did float" but really. In the event a plane crashes into the Atlantic I really doubt the location of life rafts will make a lick of a difference.
  4. Swoop??

    I have my own opinion on WestJet's direction and I like some of what we're doing (others not so much). When we added Plus everyone thought it was a joke. Terrible idea. I wonder how many people feel the same now? I bet every WJ employee on the forum will tell you it's almost always full. The demand and revenue is there and I expect it to expand to more rows. I'm curious to see how 787 business class is going to look. That is ultimately going to determine the success or failure of the 787s. I have full trust and confidence in WJ selecting the right route(s) to fly but the product offering is going to make or break the flights. Not the routes.
  5. Swoop??

    They've added some ex-Qatar people to the inflight and catering departments in the last few weeks. I'd expect onboard food and service to be revamped in the next year.
  6. WestJet Back in the news

    Glad we've got you to hold us to the fire.
  7. ... the more they stay the same with the senior members of the forum?
  8. New Low Cost Start up in Canada

    The sense/feeling I get: -You're going to pay for everything -Don't bitch and complain for what you get -You're a passenger, not a guest -This isn't WestJet so don't expect WestJet Very different feel than when we launched Encore.
  9. Westjet Has Computer Problems

    I thought they had a backup system in Eastern Canada. So..... what gives?
  10. I always thought Westjet should partner with Pacific Coastal. Smaller aircraft for routes just like this plus others in the interior and up the coast.
  11. Swoop??

    I always chuckle when I hear people share their thoughts on an airlines name (or a pets name or a kids name or.....). There's that initial shock but it becomes normal after a while. Who cares about the name or the livery it's the purpose or application that should matter.
  12. Unions Looking to Sign Up Encore

    Not surprising whatsoever.
  13. BA to launch LGW-YYZ

    Nothing to do with the topic at hand..... again.......
  14. OMG NO FOOD (⸮)

    Sounds pretty bush league.