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  1. Lots of voluntary and involuntary leaves coming.
  2. Crews should not be exempt. It's ridiculous to suggest they should be. Then again this is the same government that thinks closing its borders except to the US is good enough.
  3. Loads inbound are very full. Loads outbound on the other hand.......
  4. Has absolutely nothing to do with improving the bottom line. As of right now there is nothing but a bottom and it's falling out fast. Help us or we won't be here to help you.
  5. Is there a safe airline right now? This is so widespread it's going to be hard to say who will survive. The biggest concern is going to be whether governments are capable of saving airlines in distress.
  6. Polish national airline LOT has announced that they will be suspending all flights as of March 15, 2020, for a period of 10 days. This includes the company’s flights from both Poland and Hungary (as they even operate long haul flights out of Budapest). While the company claims that cancelations will only last for 10 days, I’d note that I see all LOT fights “zeroed out” (meaning all inventory has been removed) through March 29, 2020. That suggests to me that they may plan on this lasting at least two weeks.
  7. What do you define as "the peak"? Governments aren't going to have money to support airlines on the brink. Airlines are going to fail because of this. Airlines will accelerate fleet reductions. Capital expenditures will and are being delayed. Capacity and demand is going to drop significantly and it will take years to come back. In the meantime hospitality, tourism, and travel businesses - large and small - will fail. If people don't have jobs, why would they spend money on a trip they can't afford? Sorry but I'm not buying that there is going to be a quick recovery.
  8. I highly doubt that by June airlines will be "back to capacity". Delta is parking 300 planes and has cut capacity by 40% with cuts through the summer. Most major airlines are similar.
  9. What benefit does the union have by going to the media with this? Absolutely ridiculous.
  10. Yes, silver lining for sure. Think about if this Coronavirus stretches way into summer and into the fall (which it no doubt will). Think about the timing of the return of Max aircraft coupled with big drops in demand. Not a pretty picture. Southwest's CEO says booking patterns are similar to that "post 9/11" domestically (USA). This is going to be a bad year for airlines and you can bet many airlines will fail before the year is done.
  11. Have you been through an airport lately?
  12. Beat the Q4 analyst expectations. Whatever they were.