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  1. 100% this. I'm already starting to get Teams/Zoom burnout; it's just not the same as in-person meetings, collaboration, discussion. There's no doubt i my mind that some business travel will disappear or be reduced to varying degrees but business travel will return.
  2. You can pound sand with your suggestion.
  3. "Impacted" - what the hell does that even mean? You know what would be great? Reporting on the fact that COVID positive cases have been traced to travel on flights. The flights they were on were not "impacted". I have only heard of 1 case of transmission onboard. Anyone I speak to thinks these reports are flights where COVID has spread. Very very very misleading.
  4. Interesting. Book a flight on and it says aircraft type is 737 Max 8.
  5. To specifically piss you off. Looks like it worked.
  6. Doubt it. That's related to the WJ Lounge opening in YYC.
  7. When I read that WestJet was going to refund money I thought hmmm there has to be another shoe to fall. To see the announcement today re: rapid testing vs. 14 day mandatory quarantine it all makes sense.
  8. WestJet is refunding ALL fare classes - refundable AND nonrefundable tickets. AC was refunding refundable tickets only.
  9. If a flight was booked and then cancelled to or from a destination that is no longer available, a refund should be given. Full stop. If a flight was cancelled to or from a destination that is still available but at a reduced frequency, you could make an argument to provide a travel credit. This whole concept of keeping money in the form of a credit when the airline knows full well many of these flights aren't going to return for years is incredibly shady.
  10. Hi Kip, you're entitled to believe what you read and hear. I believe there's a very different (true) story out there and this guy is playing the victim card based on race and religion. I'm not sure what his intent or end game is but whatever it is he can enjoy flying on another airline or driving to his next destination.
  11. The guy on the plane refused to put a mask on his three year old and then got the plane riled up which is the reason the flight was cancelled. He refused to get off the plane and refused to follow repeated requests - all the while on a pass that was given to him and his family by another employee. Getting the plane all worked up made the situation even worse and hostile. Any suggestion that his three year old wore a mask is false if what I heard from the crew onboard is true. So from my selfish standpoint, f*ck this guy and any negative impacts his actions may have on travel privileges for emp
  12. Did you write this post 4 years ago and save it until it was convenient?
  13. How do you not know that the "border closure" is referring to vehicle traffic? The "border" was never closed to air traffic.