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  1. The government becomes the 4th largest shareholder and would be the largest shareholder if all warrants are exercised. I wonder what preferential treatment AC will get to maximize its return on investment?
  2. So AC is back to being owned by the government (albeit a small amount)?
  3. Interesting comments about AMS, though.
  4. These routes have a get-ahead-of-Flair-announcements kinda vibe to it.
  6. What's the benefit to ordering A220s now? Are they still made in Canada? I thought that the manufacturing was moved to the USA. I've heard that WJ settled with Boeing over the Max and that part of the deal involved delaying the delivery of the next 4 787's and pushing out delivery dates for further Max aircraft. I've heard that the 737-600's will be leaving the WJ fleet and I've heard that WJ is looking at adding new aircraft to the fleet. If that's the case what aircraft would WJ need and for what mission?
  7. I don't think the CSA's are or were unionized? Nonetheless, sad to see WJ contract out customer service across Canada.
  8. The Canadian airlines are going to be left in the dust when things pick up. Shame, really. But the airline industry isn't the only one that's going to be decimated.
  9. Who's shocked by this? As of 2 days ago the government hadn't selected a hotel for the quarantine camp in YYC yet. So......
  10. Over the last week of daily updates I've noticed that there's more attention and questions being asked to the amount of "covid variant" cases. Forget about regular COVID.. WHAT ABOUT THE VARIENTS!! We have a new thing to be scared of. Noticed a city of 2M in Australia locked down because they had 1 case. Unbelievable.
  11. 100% this. I'm already starting to get Teams/Zoom burnout; it's just not the same as in-person meetings, collaboration, discussion. There's no doubt i my mind that some business travel will disappear or be reduced to varying degrees but business travel will return.
  12. You can pound sand with your suggestion.
  13. "Impacted" - what the hell does that even mean? You know what would be great? Reporting on the fact that COVID positive cases have been traced to travel on flights. The flights they were on were not "impacted". I have only heard of 1 case of transmission onboard. Anyone I speak to thinks these reports are flights where COVID has spread. Very very very misleading.