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  1. I respect the right of anyone to choose who represents them. If unionizing is the wish of the many than cool - I hope it works out for the pilot group. What I don't want to see is the representation change affect the remaining employees. Boney's comment "we may have to throw them under the bus" is a disappointing start.
  2. Is this a sign that WJ Rewards is having an impact on FF business? Industry trend? Or..... ? WestJet may not have business class but Plus is getting some significant changes in the fall and business class on the 787 (and who knows what else) in the future.
  3. Starting with 10. I'm betting some or all lease returns beyond 2019 are extended and moved to ULCC.
  4. Bet those NG's go to the ULCC.
  5. Hot meals are on the way.
  6. I beg to differ.
  7. What? No jokes about inexperience? No jokes about ........ ah **bleep** it. It's not WJ.
  8. Shares down 8.5%
  9. YUL to YQB? YUL to BOS or NYC (I doubt the latter)
  10. Wow that's a horrible change. Thumbs down for me. I like the current color scheme a lot better.
  11. I'll guess a margin of 10% for FY, 8% for Q4.
  12. Super underwhelming and I don't even need to see the tail or logo. As much as I disliked the ice blue when it came out, I appreciate the fact it isn't another white fuselage and think it suits the AC brand well. This, looks blah.
  13. Go back under your rock, Chicken Little.
  14. Terrorism chargers seem a bit sensationalist for something like this. Can we just call him a murderer and/or a murderer committing a hate crime and move on with it?