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  1. I'm not looking to pick a fight or take sides - please do not misinterpret what I'm about to say. Overpay a CEO and you're only overpaying for one person. Overpay a workforce - pilots, office workers, maintenance, CSA's, whoever - and you're overpaying for a lot more than one person. Has anyone looked at airline CEO wages and compared them? Honest question - people complain about CEO's making too much but compared to market median - are they? (this isn't about what you think they should make, by the way - topic for another day). When it comes to costs, you can't argue that salaries and benefits are at or near the top of the expenses of an airline. Fuel has typically been the highest closely followed by salaries. It's a natural target from a visibility standpoint. It's easy to look at a workforce of 10,000 and say "no raises for you" or "you're pay is in line with the market". Might shave a couple million off your payroll in savings but the millions saved are wasted by bad decisions at the Executive level or higher Management levels. All well intentioned decisions but that doesn't mean they were "right" or "smart" or "well executed". That, to me, is where good-will has and is lost - "taking one for the team" (to use your phrase) only to see that **bleep** away elsewhere. Especially when executives leave and get compensated very handsomely to do so. I think there are lot of employees that sacrificed something over the years for the betterment of the company. Some do it for the financial benefit and some do it because they're good, well-intentioned people. When the times are good - bonuses, profit share, share growth, etc. all make up for it. When the times are bad -- well. Attitudes change. Back to your initial response about pricing out of the market. It's not about hiring someone better at math, it's about changing an entire global industry. Do you really see that changing? I keep hearing about global pilots shortages so maybe the movement is already happening. I don't know. I also don't see a diminishing appetite for rock bottom pay-nothing airfares. In fact, I see the opposite. I was in line at Best Buy the other day and this guy in front of me was complaining to his buddy about how he is paying $350 to fly round trip from Vancouver to Calgary at Christmas. So hard done by, the guy was considering not even going to Calgary for Christmas ("I can't afford to visit the family for 4 days at that price"). The guy who was spending $600 on video games was complaining about paying $350 to fly round trip at the busiest time of the year. Let that sink in for a minute.
  2. I get spare planes being a necessity (and agree) but I don't see why parking a FLEET of 4 planes makes sense. Maybe knock the utilization down a bit if it's too aggressive but I think we already have since Year 1.
  3. Why on earth would you park assets to use just-in-case? My guess is they remain based out of YYZ and fly routes to the USA and Caribbean. I don't know where Rouge flies 767's out of YYZ in the winter but my guess is you'll see WJ fly the 767 there as well. Maybe YYZ-CUN? YYZ-MBJ? YYZ-PUJ? YYZ-MCO? Just a few destinations off the top of my head. Edit to add: Actually that probably makes a lot of sense. The 767's are based in YYZ during the summer and I see no reason to move them elsewhere. The 787's are based out of YYC so I wonder if they get used for Hawaii routes out of Alberta (that were previously flown by 767)? That also makes sense.
  4. You started your own thread to post WJ and Swoop related news. Use it. Stop posting random articles that add nothing to the topic.
  5. No, it doesn't. If fits with your theme of posting unrelated articles in topics they don't belong. As usual.
  6. Articles on airlines are always taken with a grain of salt when they're critical of an airline (usually). This is no different - we see/read one side of the story. I'm with Maverick, the title of the thread and the suggestion is uncalled for.
  7. You make a point of posting completely unrelated articles in topics they don't belong. Why is that? What does this have to do with ANYTHING in this conversation?
  8. CanadaEH

    WestJet 787

    I suspect you'll see 767 fly to new destinations a LA Rouge. Just my guess.
  9. CanadaEH

    WestJet 787

    From flyertalk: eff 28APR19 Calgary – London Gatwick WS001 YYC1920 – 1100+1LGW 789 267 WS001 YYC1945 – 1125+1LGW 789 x267 WS002 LGW1300- 1510YYC 789 1 WS002 LGW1330 – 1540YYC 789 x15 WS002 LGW1350 – 1600YYC 789 5 eff 17MAY19 Calgary – Paris CDG (New route, 3 weekly; 4 weekly from 03JUN19 to 08SEP19) WS010 YYC1920 – 1210+1CDG 789 x236 WS009 CDG1410 – 1530YYC 789 x347 eff 01JUN19 Calgary – Dublin (New route, 3 weekly; 2 weekly from 11SEP19) WS006 YYC2045 – 1138+1DUB 789 367 WS005 DUB1345 – 1505YYC 789 147
  10. CanadaEH

    Swoop Tagged With Complaint

    Would reasonable baggage not include the personal items you're allowed to carry onboard for free?
  11. Seems like WJ is doing some cool things IT-wise. Did their hackathon last month and now launching AI. Cool to see and hope there's more to come.
  12. CanadaEH

    Where is Bean ?

    He was right more often than he was wrong. That's what **bleep** people off.
  13. CanadaEH

    Where is Bean ?

    That's not Beano.
  14. CanadaEH

    AirCanada appointment

    Always liked Ferio.
  15. CanadaEH

    Holy sh!t!!!

    It wouldn't be an overreaction if they didn't overreact.