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  1. So the article posted Sept 30 was not as positive as it suggested. Canada Jetlines will never be an airline. And Swoops creation to make it harder for new airlines to enter the market has worked.
  2. So it's owed $200k+ and.... now what? Kelowna Flightcraft is ordered to keep providing a service Flair can't afford?
  3. It's the season of sales... thanksgiving, halloween, black friday, christmas, etc, etc. etc.
  4. This doesn't seem good. Is this good?
  5. Didn't realize a CBC story is an indictment on Westjet's customer service. While I won't argue that things have changed, I don't think this is unique to WestJet. Standing by for the next story on AC, AT, Flair, Sunning, Swoop, etc. etc.
  6. I get it. Makes sense. Part of me hopes WJ challenges the AT purchase to bring some excitement back to the Canadian aviation scene. I mean, Porter quietly goes about its business. BORING.. Jetlines' never ending upcoming launch that never seems to get closer is old hat. So is the eigth or ninth CEO announcement that nobody cares about. And... That's it? But how about those food court announcements for YVR? Looking forward to the increase in intoxicated flyers.
  7. We've been told that financials will be shared internally. I have no reason to believe that won't be the case.
  8. As mentioned, a bit light on details but effectively you have 3 options: 1. Cash savings plan. One, two, or three year terms. Invest up to 20% of your earnings matched 100% after and a fixed value after one year. Incremental amounts for 2 and 3 year terms. Can chose any combination of the three. 2. RRSP and TFSA. Can invest up to a limit (TBD) matched 100% by company. Low, medium, or high risk options. Can chose any combination of the three. Can invest in any or all of the above not to exceed 20% of your earnings. Profit share remains.
  9. There has been a high level concept floated to the non-unionized employee groups on the continuation of a “similar” plan. It is however very light on details and doesn’t meet the needs of a replacement plan for the higher income earners as the limits in place would amount to a compensation decrease. How so?
  10. Jack is a senior retired WestJet captain who suffered a massive stroke about 5 years ago. He is highly respected and loved amongst his community. His typing skills are a direct result. Thought you might want to know, as do many on this forum.


  11. is your spacebar broken?