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  1. Seems like WJ is doing some cool things IT-wise. Did their hackathon last month and now launching AI. Cool to see and hope there's more to come.
  2. CanadaEH

    Where is Bean ?

    He was right more often than he was wrong. That's what **bleep** people off.
  3. CanadaEH

    Where is Bean ?

    That's not Beano.
  4. CanadaEH

    AirCanada appointment

    Always liked Ferio.
  5. Potentially. YQB and YUL are the bases with reductions that could impact staffing. Elsewhere, no. 1. Re: experience, very little experience posting a loss so this is uncharted territory sure. There is too much capacity in the majority of the marketplace from AC and WJ. Flair and Swoop to a lesser extent are adding capacity but attempting to capture a different market. The investment community wants to see capacity reduced with a corresponding increase in revenue/margin. I think WJ is making this a public reduction to show the investors they are doing something. 2. No planes are being parked. I get what you're saying - higher utilization is better - and you're not wrong. ASM growth is still up YOY; the growth is just less than previously planned. 3. AC isn't exactly in a position to be flooding the market with more capacity either and it isn't exactly a profitable juggernaught. I wish Beano was still around to post his quarterly comparisons. Not happening in the near term. Who knows 6-9+ months out. My guess is no. These routes may return once the Delta JV is approved but for Quebec routes Yes there are still plenty of 737 aircraft on order. Schedule for 787 to come out in October-November. What I see happening: 1. Significant investment in Swoop (up to Q3) and 787 - leads to higher costs with no return until planes start flying. Now that Swoop is flying that helps but 787 won't be flying until Q2 2019. 2. Labor uncertainty cost millions in revenue. This bled into Q3 so Q3 will more than likely be disappointing. This is short term, although the FA's and dispatchers may vote to strike which will again lead to further revenue loss. 3. AC and WJ have been growing capacity to chase marketshare. Too much capacity and not enough revenue (for both). WJ doesn't have international routes that AC has to subsidize the losses domestically so WJ stands out more. 4. WJ is reallocating flying to 3 hubs - building them up for 787 service. 5. Delta JV will benefit network with additional flying and drive sales through Delta (US to Canada) that don't currently exist. I expect other JV to be announced. 6. The ultra low cost market will grow - my guess is Swoop will have more than 10 aircraft by end of 2019. Gregg stated it could grow up to 40 aircraft and by all accounts the demand for Swoop and the ancillary revenue its seeing has blown all initial projections out of the water. It's success is good news. I expect cannibalization of some current WJ routes as Flair expands and WJ/Swoop responds. It's inevitable - Canada is a small market. 7. I heard rumours of a new fare bucket being introduced that's lower than econo to be used to compete against the ULCC carriers (Flair, other entrants as they start). 8. I've never seen such a focus on cost savings as there is today. Previous attempts were temporary but I think this is a wholesale organizationally defining moment to call out waste interdepartmentally. The rewards will be reaped longer term. 9. There will be added costs as the first agreements are negotiated with pilots, FA's, dispatchers, and whatever other group(s) are next. 10. WJ is focussing on its Premium and Business class. Business class won't have a huge impact on competition based on scale (3 aircraft in 2019) but Premium will benefit WJ at the expense of its competition (i.e. AC). 11. I would be curious to see how AC responds to Flair, Swoop, and any other entrants. This market is going to grow and probably going to grow faster than anyone expected. 12. I expect to see further CPA agreements signed (a la Pacific Coastal) out of YYZ and in Eastern Canada.
  6. The replies here are pretty funny.
  7. CanadaEH

    Holy sh!t!!!

    It wouldn't be an overreaction if they didn't overreact.
  8. CanadaEH

    Holy sh!t!!!

    I've been listening to him talk to the tower. Wow......
  9. Flair's HQ is in YEG. They are making YEG a focussed city. My guess is this is preemptive move to get into the LAS market from YEG first. Maybe YEG-LAS is losing money, too. Who knows.
  10. I look forward to you posting every article about WestJet, Swoop, and Encore in the same thread from now on.
  11. CanadaEH

    Another Union for Westjet

    Hard to sift through articles when they're added to other threads about different topics.
  12. As the poster who started the thread that topic made sense. Even you've lost sight of why the thread was started... by you.
  13. That article has nothing to do with Swoop.
  14. Boy do i miss those days!
  15. I like the look. It looks modern and fresh. Lets hope WJ can execute well .... from the start, for once.