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  1. If they do get "thrown under the bus" it will be as a result of the WestJet pilots deciding to do so, not as a result anything ALPA may say . Unlike most unions, all ALPA pilot groups have an extraordinary level of autonomy. It is that organizations strongest aspect, also ,some say it's weakest. From what I've seen of the WestJet pilots involved in the organizing drive, if they are a good representation of the group, suspect that is highly unlikely they would disavow the Encore pilots unless it was as result of extreme heavy handedness by the employer.
  2. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/quebec-mosque-shooting-fox-news-removes-tweet-after-trudeau-complaint/ar-AAmtu0l?li=AAadgLE&ocid=spartandhp
  3. OK, i don't get what your point is. That 'lefty' Obama refused to use the label 'Radical Islamic Terrrorists' and was eviscerated by the right for not calling the crimes committed by wackos on the 'infidel' as religious based terrorism. For the record I agree with Obama,,, more of that when I have more time. in this case case a wacko, not of the targeted victims belief, slaughters innocent civilians in their chosen place of worship ostensibly because of their belief and one would assume to illicit fear and 'terror' amonst like minded folks. So my question is do you support the position Obama took or is this somehow different?
  4. RCT, Radical Christian Terrorists. Or maybe just an isolated outbreak of the Trump Hate virus.
  5. If I understand Mitch's point it is that your progeny (assuming you are the 20 %) may have an opportunity to pass their genetic material on. Where as if we continue on the current path as, the most destructive species that has ever visited the planet, that chance of that is '0' . If that was his point, I agree 100%. Easy to do when your approaching the 3rd act of life tho.
  6. There is at least one "succesful" union leader who strongly advocates a collaborative approach to the business of union. http://www.thestreet.com/story/11788250/1/how-lee-moak-changed-the-airline-industry.html He is an interesting guy. Love him or hate him (and that seems to be the two options most folks have chosen in the their opinion of him) he is a man who knows what he wants. He has no tolerance for what he refers to as 'lazy unionism' His strongly believes that the role of a pilot union is to proactively partner with management. What needs to happen is the outsatnding advances that have beeen achieved by the two "big" airlines find their way to the rest of industry. Unfortunately, to date, the industry closer to home seems to be going the other way.
  7. So are the entire stable of AC Express carriers burdened by the ACPPA? Or is Jazz unique among the explosively expanding ACX branded CPA partners in it's requirement to abide by the French Language provisions of the ACPPA? SkyR?, Georgian?,,ExpressJet err,, I mean SureJet???
  8. So what you're saying sport, is that Calin owns my jumpseat and the cabin J/S as well? Really? Reality is AC has owned Jazz seats for over 25 years, Mostly as the the majority or wholly owned parent. More recently thru a commercial agreement. Ironically today's employee travel agreement has more validity( as it is a consensual agreement between two separate corporate entities) than when Jazz was just the '**bleep** child'. You can believe whatever you need to to get you thru the day tho
  9. Good for you You can find a half decade old superseded online document. what a smart boy
  10. without posting the whole memo here is the opening "We are happy to confirm that personal travel privileges for Jazz employees under the Air Canada travel program remain unchanged for the duration of the existing capacity purchase agreement (CPA), which is in effect until 2020." The details follow inthe body of the memo. Could be management is lying or misrepresentin the facts,,like that never happens
  11. I guess you missed the news on a deal that Jazz management and AC struck about a year ago regarding the pass policy as it applies to Jazz employees. Basically no change for Jazz employees vis a vis AC for the duration of the current CPA (2020). Hope you team had larger issues than this to resolve.
  12. If that was the case (and it defies the definition credibility to suggest it was) the entire membership was asleep, comatose, inebriated or in an over fed apathetic stupor for over FOUR YEARS. During that period 3 successive AC MEC's initiated, participated, upheld and demanded that NO party could exit when one of the regionals expressed a desire to (YEG 1992) leave the process. This was all published , on the record in amongst a multitude of other places, a freaking magazine for gosh sakes. If anyone suggests their successive group of elected reps of the time, were skulking around in the shadows, running rogue for all those years, in defiance of the will of the group, well they must have had their head firmly implanted in a physiologically impossible position. To blame the successive group of your elected peers, is by my definition, a cowardly act. UpperDeck has accurately painted the picture. The entire aviation community is poorer for it.
  13. fixed gear,,,, propellers,, that IS aviation. Time for some remedial training me son.
  14. It's a spoof. He did one about kamikaze birds attacking airplanes at LAX a while back. Or maybe it was airplanes attacking innocent birds, can't quite remember
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