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  1. rumour is a total of 10 will be in the lot within the year.
  2. Middle of the night this came across my screen .... http://airlineroute..../14/ws-lgw-s16/ It appears this airline route is quick to notice new flights being uploaded into reservation systems. Interesting times ahead for WJA
  3. CSA is an excellent airline with an excellent safety record. From their website... By December, 2013, China Southern Airlines have kept a safe record of 11 million flying hours and carried close to 700 million passengers without incident. The airline's safety commitment has - and continues to be - unwavering both throughout China and globally. On September 28, 2012, China Southern Airlines was honored with the Diamond Flight Safety Award by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), becoming the leading Chinese carrier to maintain the highest safety records in China. Ive flown with them many times from YVR to CAN Ive also had the chance to see their training facilities and have many colleagues who are currently flying their including the 787 I suspect your daughter will be taking out of YVR. Top notch product with good safety and maintenance program.
  4. I was in HNL on a new years day 5-6 years ago -and had just taken over a -800 for the trip back to YVR when I looked out the window of the flight deck and saw a massive fuel spill was taking place. We had yet to board the aircraft but it was obvious this was going to cause a major delay ( cleanup etc) after calling ATC and CFR I advised the FAs of the delay and went up to the boarding lounge to make a PA to the guests ( many had young children and all of them were looking tired and wanted nothing more to board the flight and go home) I explained about the fuel spill and that we would have about two hours to wait before we could board - I advised them on a brighter note that I had a hankering for an ice cream and that it was only fair that they all got one too…. The FAs with my Amex happily led a lineup of guests - to the Ice cream shop in the terminal where we bought about 165 or so desserts - It was the best PR we could have done - it made the local paper there in HNL after one of the contract agents mentioned it to the local airport staff and it was the best 900 or so bucks I ever spent. When I land in HNL even now I am often referred to Capt Ice cream - although I'm not sure whether they are referring to that day or my waist size these days. Its nice when we can go "outside the box" with this stuff somedays without the fear of the legal stuff the lawyer involvement or even management concerns - at the end of the day treat people the way you would like to be treated.
  5. I believe those orphan 787s were looked at closely and Boeing gave a real nice discount however among other things they also had some sort of problem with fuel temp issues. Not sure on the details but there would be ( based on last years data) a few days where they would have been grounded. Im sure however its just a matter of time before the 787s show up at WS SB
  6. Some of us most likely do know what is in the contract.
  7. always one of my favourite world airline tracking websites. http://planefinder.net/flight/BOE787
  8. electronic jamming of drones … hmmmmmmmmmm na that couldn't be possible.
  9. Cant disagree with you on any of those counts. Its two fold…. the hotel failed to delver the standard that both the crews and most likely the contract required, but the whole thing could have been avoided should WestJet had not tried to save a few bucks and move the crews away from the Valhala in the first place. Only the lawyers win this one - and like you said "aint nobody got time for that." Sweet reference btw J
  10. Thanks Seeker, We were at the Valhalla - when the contract expired the company put it out to tender as the article explains - Like you said a office person sitting on a desk counting beans does not fully appreciate the difference of a good hotel and a poor hotel - the committee advised we were happy at the Valhalla but changes took place regardless. WestJet has a long history of being ruthless with its outside vendors - thats a good thing - watching the bottom line so to speak - In this instance however the few dollars saved per night per crew member were quite quickly erased when the flight the next day was cancelled and passengers displaced and the cost of returning to the Valhalla. Like I said - you get what you pay for and this is a case of nickel and diming from a person with a perspective that doesn't work the front lines. This will end up costing way way more than the few dollars saved - given the lawyer fees and possible settlement costs.
  11. Asymmetric flaps possibly? Id also be inclined to land at nearest suitable airport and not risk another control incident. IE return to land.
  12. There was a night at this hotel in TBAY where just after we signed the contract and started staying there that the hotel decided to fill it up with displaced band members from the northern communities due to fires - the crews no longer stayed there after a hellish night of no sleep while the northern guest practically destroyed the place ran wild causing multiple police visits and fire alarm bells - Debauchery in the hallways, bottles being thrown around, domestic fights and kids running wild with no respect to the needs of others to sleep. This hotel in its contract would have had to ensure a "quiet area" for crews not near elevators and with certain amenities - i.e. in room fridges etc and certain security agreements specific to flight crew needs. While the Hotel did a poor job and exercised poor judgement mixing the sleep needs of flight crews - with the displacement needs of northern band members I actually blame WestJet for trying once again to nickel and dime us to death by selecting a poor hotel. Anyone who lives in Thunder Bay could tell you this is not the hotel to book if you are requiring security and rest. As for the crews input regarding hotel choices - there is a committee that ensures certain things are met - prox to food - safety - other items but the ultimate choice lies with the company.
  13. Thanks Inchman, Where did you do the sim Inchman? SB
  14. Inchman - you mentioned the 87 compared to the bus - any insight on it compared to a 37NG handling etc.. cheers
  15. Hence the implementation of the so called "new math" at schools these days.
  16. "hundreds of dollars on new clothes and medication" 1st off anyone who travles with medication knows you dont check it - you keep it in carry on - 2nd most credit cards (ones of any value) cover lost luggage insurance - and thus there is no real out of pocket expense. I find these sort of things fall under the category of first world problems. A couple summers ago the wife and I were in Kelowna - we were out at a dinner function for a wedding planned the next day - when we got back to the hotel we found it on fire and all of our stuff ruined. A credit card and a nearby mall saved the day with new suits dresses and whatever else we had - all covered by insurance. Life is what you make of it.
  17. It was close - he rolled then pulled - deadly combination in that order.
  18. Control freak not at all... Some things are lost in translation I guess.... She will have the heat cranked and the bedroom windows open for the fresh air. Its not a control thing its a money thing. The door locks are not hackable and I have a stack of fancy servers that randomly change the signal between the electronic keys and the locks on a 24hr basis - they are multi level encoded and have decoys within them that also allow me to know who is entering when and what for - a maid a cleaning lady etc... also the electronic key fob can place you where in the house you are - so if your walking around the house the sensors and the keyfob can provide me real time tracking of where you are and what your doing. like many systems mine can also remotely view any part of the house through any handheld device that i have the code for- again multi level encrypted. is it control - nope many times its come in handy. My wife enjoys the knowledge that she can feel safe in a secure home. like I said Im a tech nerd.
  19. If you are not on Geothermal then the nest is great - especially when Im on the road and I can see that the wife has cranked the heat - I from the comfort of my hotel room can make a necessary adjustment. Its like any other wifi thermostat - I just think it looks very modern and is stylish in a modern wifi home. A few of my doors are all wifi locked and unlocked as well with digital keys I control. Im a tech nerd J
  20. A couple of local airlines at about the 2:50 mark. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZHqWJDu3eA
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