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  1. Westjet Go Around SXM

    I stand corrected. That was pretty low but the crew made the right call to go around. There are many elements that could cause them to end up in that position with wind shear being among them. With isolated heave rain showers and high terrain it could be a possibility.
  2. Westjet Go Around SXM

    I would say two photos showing height at a particular location which coincide with publicly available flight data beat a suspect photo showing wake on the water and a passenger's account.
  3. Westjet Go Around SXM

    This is a "real" picture of the initial go-around. Atltitude would be where I would expect and much higher than the photoshopped photo. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6WrQZfXEAExXtL?format=jpg&name=large Another angle.... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C6VxSfgUYAA5p1A?format=jpg&name=large
  4. Westjet LGW Issues

    That actually looks pretty respectable for a new type operating a tight schedule to a new destination....
  5. If it wasn't for the napkin you would never guess...;) https://mobile.twitter.com/simpliflying/status/722789737916985344
  6. Westjet 767 Operation

    Has WestJet ever had a major project go without delays? Air-res, LiveTV, etc....What they do well is recovering from these issues and getting a product which is successful. This delay is no different than any other and you have to look at the history to see that those making a big deal of this delay aren't looking at the big picture. Now waiting for those surprised by the inevitable long irrop delay with a one aircraft fleet.
  7. Bomb Threat On Aircraft At Yxe

    Looks like the flaps are up which would lead me to speculate it wasn't flight deck initiated.
  8. He must work a great deal of overtime and is certainly not indicative of the average. Many pilots on both side of the debate are wondering where that number came from.
  9. The pipeline is drying up

    Unfortunately we haven't seen experienced pilots leaving in droves from AC and WJ which would affect "retention compensation". It may affect starting wages but until the supply and demand impacts those higher up, wages will continue to come under pressure. The grim reality is airfares haven't kept up with inflation for decades and the profit margins are still being maintained by cuts to employee costs, service and third party contracts.
  10. New Rouge Routes

    Over the past 12 years, this will be at least the fourth attempt by AC to break into the YXX market. This time with a similar product to both Barney Jet and Zip...I guess they figure the low hanging fruit is worth another try. Interesting...
  11. Jetlines Ipo

    Bean, is there a precedent that you know of with raising funds for an airline startup through IPO? Seems to me that they may get some investors looking to make a quick buck but not investors that will stick around through the startup challenges. How do they even price this with only a business model in a sector with a strong history of failure. On another note I see they've switched to Boeing. More pilots trained on that in Canada I suppose.
  12. My Last Flight - Video

    Sadly with so many retirements in North America coming, the water cannon fire-fighter will become a full time job... Great video by the way and an amazing career.
  13. Culinary Advice

  14. Virgin Galactic Rendezvous

    Was this on a revenue flight? Are there rules about formation flying with passengers onboard? Seems somewhat risky for a "photo opportunity".
  15. Maybe the new ULCC will fly Ryanair style YVR to Toronto (Buffallo)....close enough?