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  1. Jumpy

    WJ B767

    I think that they’ll still make a profit as the heavy checks would be encompassed in the cargo conversion anyway. The question is are the next 787’s just replacements or will the options be exercised once the Onex sale goes through?
  2. Having 60% of the Transatlantic market and more than 90% market share of the market among Canadian Airlines doesn’t seem like it would be in the public interest. AC thinking they could roll this through easily seems somewhat misguided. The end result isn’t going to be what AC thought they were buying so it’ll be interesting to see if they follow through on the share offering if they are forced to divest some assets.
  3. They have plenty of cash but are leveraging the balance sheet and existing credit history to use other people’s money to fund the purchase. Whether this turns into a good thing or not for the employees remains to be seen. It however worries me that further expansion will be funded by more debt issues.
  4. 787 on the ground in Maui for 8 hours? Seems like a long time.
  5. My money is on WJ. I hear this whole Max thing has the board concerned about not having a diversified fleet. One AD and your entire business could be impacted.
  6. No terminal. No security. No customs. Premature press release which seems to be the way this company is rolling things out. A well capitalized startup wouldn’t have issues with things like actually starting. They’re going to get eaten by Enerjet or whatever they roll the brand out when they silently startup without five years of press releases.
  7. Airline without planes announces services to airport without a terminal? Maybe someday they’ll actually have something substantive to say?