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  1. My money is on WJ. I hear this whole Max thing has the board concerned about not having a diversified fleet. One AD and your entire business could be impacted.
  2. No terminal. No security. No customs. Premature press release which seems to be the way this company is rolling things out. A well capitalized startup wouldn’t have issues with things like actually starting. They’re going to get eaten by Enerjet or whatever they roll the brand out when they silently startup without five years of press releases.
  3. Airline without planes announces services to airport without a terminal? Maybe someday they’ll actually have something substantive to say?
  4. Charlotte NC is a huge hub for American. They move 25 million people through there a year. From a city smaller than Calgary with a population of 800,000. Sometimes it’s not about the city itself.
  5. That is a very short runway for a 737-800. 6000’. Not much room for error although which makes undershooting the runway plausible.
  6. I think we've been in the "big leagues" for some time now. Why does every issue and change at WJ elicit this response every single time?
  7. I don't think the DEC's will have much of a leg to stand on to sue given that they were hired in the midst of an unfair labour suit. If they end up BOTL it will be simply from a base bid not unlike any other base bid which has displaced pilots at any other airline. If they were to be dismissed outright I think they'd have a better chance of going through a grievance process. Right now they are being "used" simply to ensure a successful startup and shouldn't take that to mean their services as DEC's are secure going forward.