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  1. Also this one. driving time between downtown F'ton and downtown Oromocto (town serving CFB Gagetown) is barely 20 mins. This table displays our search results. Name City Country Phone Language of Service Prosser, RG Oromocto Canada (506) 357-3316 English
  3. We were advised yesterday that Jeppesen is going to be removing the half degree least for now.
  4. It usually very clearly states on the rental contract that if a vehicle is dropped off at a rental location outside of business hours, the renter is fully responsible for the vehicle until that location's next business day.......or words to that affect. It's a pretty clear statement whatever the exact wording is. I found out the hard way 20some years ago with a rental from Alamo in DFW after returning a vehicle after hours. Long story short, I had the replacement cost of an Oldsmobile 98 on my credit card for almost 6 months. It was only after finally getting the intervention of the rental
  5. IFG, touched a nerve did I? Among the questions posed 21/2 years ago to TC was whether there was an expectation of pilots to be knowledgeable of airport infrastructure levels and requirements. TC at the time suggested that this may indeed have to be the case. Many flight safety representatives took note of that to go back and raise the issue within their own ranks. Given the number of industry representatives that attend these meetings (usually in the 50 - 70 range) I am surprised that this info seems not to have filtered down the ranks as a heads up at least. Re TP312, have asked TC prev
  6. With all due respect to folks I must say I am a bit surprised by some of the responses here. These are not new regulations as pointed out by others and were hilighted in a CBAAC back in 2006. I was at one of the regular Atlantic Regional Civil Aviation Safety Committee meetings in November of 2006 where this was discussed. In attendance as well were flight safety representatives of Jazz, ACA along with most 604, 702, 703 and 704 operators in the Atlantic region, most airport authorities in the region, TC, NC and others. This should not be new information to any of those folks. The airport
  7. Doesn't the Principal work for a school board? Wouldn't the board be responsible for polices such as this? School Boards were done away with in New Brunswick in the mid-nineties. The Principal is an employee of the Minister. As stated in the original news article, the Dept of Ed has given the option to the local administrator (principal) I went to public school in Quebec in the 60's and very early 70's. We never sang Oh Canada in any language.. My kids have never sung Oh Canada in their school careers either.
  8. Received this and wanted to pass it on. This poem was written by a peace keeping soldier stationed overseas. The following is his request, I think it is reasonable. PLEASE. Would you do me the kind favor of sending this to as many People as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our Canadian service men and women for our being able to celebrate these Festivities. Let's try in this small way to pay a tiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us. The Night Before Christmas T'was the nig
  9. What would be an interesting poll is one that asks: How many of you folks that are responding to these polls online actually got off your backside and took part in the democratic process and went to a polling station to cast your vote? I did an informal survey of the whiners at work yesterday and today....27 people asked.....67% did NOT vote last election. Amazingly, they took it as a personal affront when I suggest that since they didn't bother then perhaps they should have nothing to say now.
  10. I have the 8830 on the Bell system. We have a mixture of the same units on Bell and Rogers systems within the flight department. Overall we find that the Bell units seem to have better coverage. I don't use mine as a phone (I don't like holding a brick to my ear). I use a seperate cell phone for that. I have used my 8830 in Europe with excellent coverage.
  11. Yes Mitch, that's more what my mental picture was at the time.
  12. Shortly into this new century, at a holiday meal gathering, a discussion came up on the previous century. One of my children posed a question, what single image best captured the previous 100 years. Many answers flowed around the table but mine, while not this exact photo, was one similar. (I believe the one I had in mind was a similar Apollo 8 photo). For the first time in our collective history, mankind was able to view itself from a previously unkown perspective. Glyn
  13. Driving through Cape Canaveral a few months back I spied a business very proudly advertising "Colon Hydro Therapy". I must say that I was a bit taken back by the size of the parking lot and the number of cars they could accomodate at any given time. Someone is planning a brisk business. Then again my better half recently described an overheard conversation at work where two women were discussing the pros and cons of various colon cleansing products. "The times they are a changing"
  14. Mitch, In the corporate (604) world, our MCM requires a test flight after a single engine change let alone a dual change. Glyn
  15. Just starting engines for a quick flight down to KTEB when we got word to shut down and await further. Went inside to the lounge and wasn't long in realizing that we weren't going anywhere that day. Interesting how fate deals its hand....we had a minor technical glitch that morning that had delayed our departure. We had been scheduled to arrive at KTEB at 08:30 local.