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  1. Fired While on LTD

    http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/westjet-questioned-about-termination-of-employees-on-long-term-disability-1.3641066 I was under the impression you couldn’t be fired while on disability. What gives?
  2. If spaceman Marc really cares about doing something worthwhile for Canadian passengers, start with some real flight and duty rules. We allow 14 hour international flights across 10 time zones with no augmentation. Ridiculous. Other civilized countries are (Buzz) light years ahead.
  3. Okay. We can split hairs. VP of People. So technically, not HR. A distinction without a difference. In any case, a likeable enough person.
  4. The VP in charge of the flight attendants has announced his retirement. I'll eat my hat if he's 50 yet. If memory serves, he was VP of HR in 2008 and 2010. Discuss
  5. Unifor Positon on Passes

    True. There is another side of the system tho. You can change travel companions a couple of times a year. So a person who you met last week and made a travel companion can go before a day one employee. So, seniority indeed means nothing. You AC types should adopt this system
  6. Well then. Hopefully the company, WJPA, and PACT will do their bit to move the proceedings along to conclusion. I'd like to see the thing resolved, not dropped.
  7. There is no mandatory cool down period. You just can't have another certification vote within 6 months of the last one. Speaking of the CIRB, I was hoping that they would have ruled by now. Or is that phalanx of corporate lawyers still on the job?
  8. You aren't mistaken Seeker. When I used to ride on PWA to my rotational job at the always scenic Resolute Bay, we used to ride out to the combi on a people mover. Still had to climb the the rear air stairs.
  9. He Did "live Long And Prosper"

    Live long and prosper Spock. I' like to share a little story if I might. I belong to the Vulcan flying club in Vulcan Alberta. As you can imagine, Star Trek is rather a big deal in Vulcan. Every summer, we have "Spock Days", and the Star Trek visitors centre on highway 24 draws lots of Trekkies from around the world, as well as day-trippers on Harley's and in mini vans from YYC. A few years ago, Leonard Nimoy was the parade master at the Calgary Stampede. He was gracious enough to accept an invitation from the Vulcan chamber of commerce to visit, and duly made the limo ride south. A fellow club member, whom we refer to as Pat the Undertaker ushered him around for the day ( Pat was the president of the chamber, having buried the competition ). So I asked him, what, typical Hollywood swelled head? Absolutely not, he said he was a very enthusiastic visitor, had time for everyone he met that day, and was genuinely humbled that the town had named a special occasion after him, and you could buy a set of plastic Spock ears at several locations in town. He sounds like the kind of down to earth ( pardon the pun) person you would be proud to know. R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy.
  10. Air Transat Question

    I have a group of family members travelling trans Atlantic with TS this spring. Does anyone know which rows of economy seats have armrests that move up and between the seats? Thank-you, E.
  11. Hmmm... Southwest version

    Yeah. Misery do love company, doesn't it?
  12. Air Canada to launch cut-rate carrier

    Hey, you forgot Air Canada! Didn't they operate an MD11 for a couple of years with American crews?
  13. WestJet and AA Codeshare

    After Saretzky is done turning WestJet into Canadi<n Airlines how long do you think it will be before TheBean and his buddies are starting Volaris North, with a Southwest codeshare already behind them !? The "Southwest model" departed Southwest more than 10 years ago as well, they have entered the high priced markets of New York, Denver and now Atlanta, they are the largest domestic carrier in the USA and are eating the legacy carriers lunch. The numbers speak for themselves. In the last 10 years (2001-2010) AMR Corp. has shown a net LOSS of US$ 11.4 Billion, that's a LOSS and a Billion with a "B", US$ 4 Billion of that in the last 3 years alone. During the same 10 year period Southwest has shown a net PROFIT of $US 4.6 Billion, that's profit with "P", increasing their fleet size from 355 to 548 aircraft, all Boeing 737's. Who would you want to be partners with !? .
  14. My favourite of the original 3. Flew straight, and it was light on the controls. This airplane was CF-PWE with Pacific Western, the first combi they operated. It once flew the Queen of England into the arctic, don'cha know. A true historical artifact (to airplane folks, anyway). At $500k, a little too pricey, but I'd love one of the control wheels.