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  1. Interesting story. I have thought the risk to aircrew for skin cancer has been largely ignored. In my own case, I have to believe being bombarded with radiation at altitudes of 39000 to 41000 feet for more than a decade has been more than a passing cause of the five surgeries in the last five years to remove pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions from my skin. For context, neither my parents or any of my four siblings have experienced any form of skin cancer. I have also never been a sunbather, nor have I ever been in a tanning bed. Have always been a person who seeks the shade, and never have been a “shirt off “ guy (although my Adonis-like physique lends itself to it ). The last tissue digging expedition was to remove a melanoma. The good news is that because I have been under careful watch for years, the doc found it right when it started. Even so, they excised an awful lot of flesh. Worth every stitch. The point of all this background is to hopefully illustrate the value in having your doctor do a thorough examination of all your skin every year. Don’t put it off. Melanoma that has had 6 months to invade is likely manageable. If it’s undiagnosed for years, it’s possibly fatal. So be careful out there! Slather on that sunscreen 60, order the long sleeved pilot shirts, and make sure you’re checked often.