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  1. He looks like somebody who is going to pay a very high price for being a yes man.
  2. Boeing's campaign to prevent the MAX from being grounded after the first and second crashes is far more egregious than anything this mook did or didn't do.
  3. Since nobody is going to proactively tell you this: The public facing links that have been available since last fall when they broke their website are being discontinued effective the October 2021 issue. However if you now create a flightglobal.com account with your corporate email address you will have access to the issues at: https://www.flightglobal.com/flight-international after logging in. Ignore the prompt to subscribe and just keep scrolling as the same old embedded PDF viewer is at the bottom of the page.
  4. I would be curious to know whether Justin Trudeau or Jeremy Corbyn alienated more party Mandarins during their respective leaderships.
  5. The discounts were nothing special, I bought a new M1 iMac recently and there was no EPP discount, I was further ahead buying it at Staples.
  6. I'm not really sure who this guy is but his video about differences in American and EU norms and jargon between a United crew and French ATC causing a near miss after an ATC error was circulated here.
  7. I almost feel like the California Recall could be a bellwether, Newsom and Trudeau are mirror images of one another and California is more left-leaning than Canada is as a whole.
  8. My sample size is only three guys one of whom called his Pakistani grandfather but none of them could imagine anyone other than a fellow traveller referring to the Taliban in that way. One of them suggested a word for a coercive family member that might be used sarcastically instead.
  9. I suspect they feared that if they stopped they would be completely overrun.
  10. Adam Vaughan is **bleep**-off at long last. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/adam-vaughan-not-running-again-1.6134329
  11. The thing that has me a little unsettled is that most of the young professionals I know who have their **bleep** together are actively planning to leave Canada. From hunting down grandpa's EU birth certificate to seeking jobs with international companies that they could transfer abroad within. It reminds me of a South African I used to work with who's high school reunion was in suburban London because his entire graduating class had just left over the intervening decades and most of them were living in or around London. These weren't hardcore ideological Afrikaners, it was a pretty liberal school primarily attended by english and jewish students and they left because the economy was a mess and their opportunities were poor relative to anywhere else in the world.
  12. Looks like an ATR-42 and a DHC-7 bore a midget.
  13. I don't think you could find a more consistent defender of Porter's YTZ operation than myself. Dumping capacity into YYZ on the other-hand and forcing a competitive response from WestJet and Air Canada in what will probably be a very fragile economic situation is quite another.
  14. It will just be JetsGo all over again (not that I am suggesting Porter is going to go off-roading in an E-195).
  15. The problem with restarting the CRJ line is the appeal of the CRJ in recent years is that Bombardier was discounting it much deeper than Embraer was discounting the E-Jet. The long proposed relaunch of the Fokker 70 and 100 existed in the same catch-22, all Rekkof could bring to the table was price and there wasn't really anywhere for the program to go after a few top-up orders for existing operators and it wouldn't be all that profitable otherwise.
  16. I was kinda laughing today as Trudeau turned-up in Calgary to make a big transit announcement, which was just reiterating that the federal government is still willing to fund the Green Line, a transit project that has been at a near stand-still for a decade. Nenshi looked like he was giving a hostage statement.
  17. The CN Turbo was really short-lived, it was impossible to maintain. The LRC is what is operating today although with conventional locomotives and the tilting mechanisms disabled. Edit: Looks like the Turbo Train and LRC (with LRC locomotives) both did Toronto to Montreal in 3:59 VIA and Amtrak have the same problem, buying new rolling stock doesn't fix the fact their most important track is Victorian-era garbage. I am sure the new track built for this endevour will be eye-wateringly expensive.
  18. I find it hilarious it will still be slower than the LRC service when it was first introduced forty years ago.
  19. This must be the guy who stashes all the vegas hooker business cards in the cockpit.
  20. A CBP guy once joked to me that the only reason the Global Entry and Nexus rules were so strict was to make the agricultural inspectors get off their asses at least a couple times a day to inspect bagged nuts from Costco.
  21. The lands leased by the City of Toronto zoned as parkland are worth in the realm of tens of thousands of dollars. It is also pretty crazy to think that that the federal lands are just going to be relinquished to the city to be used as the Toronto City Council sees fit.
  22. I figured it would, as the old political adage goes take "a dead woman or a live boy" to get rid of Trudeau, I never would have guessed he would get shanked by his own fellow travellers.
  23. Years ago I heard that an A310 FO who had been flying overseas inquired about enlisting and was told it would be very unlikely he would be able to get into anything fixed-wing and might not even have an opportunity to fly at all. So he went for another contract overseas.
  24. JetBlue was close to launching JFK to YYZ, YUL, YYC and YVR in 2008 but decided to focus on the Caribbean and Central America out of MCO instead.
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