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  1. I would rather spend my weekend in the Gardiner hobo camp than drive to Muskoka any weekend from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving.
  2. Some of those are positioning or factory flights, most of them are just errors.
  3. I would suggest you revisit that over the Victoria Day long weekend and not the last week of March.
  4. This doesn't make it look like Southwest will imminently be returning the MAX to service.
  5. Huh? It's a bunch of guys who got cast-off when FedEx bought TNT with power-by-the-hour A340s.
  6. Air Belgium is operating for British Airways this summer because they're still struggling with their RR 787 fleet.
  7. This investigation isn't going to end with a concise easy to explain result and action item. It isn't just a new system, it isn't just pilot training, it isn't just commercial pressures and it isn't just mechanical failure. Even if the final reports are utterly damning to the respective flight crews these accidents have undermined the reputation of Boeing and American regulators and the media, lawyers and politicians smell a scandal. You're going to be seeing depositions of Boeing employees on 60 minutes and internal memos published in their entirety several years from now.
  8. A lot of A320 pilots have attempted the TEB scenario in the simulator unsuccessfully.
  9. The stench stuck to the DC-10 for at least a decade.
  10. I don't think the guy on the way to ground school for his dream job was a likely to do that.
  11. Suicide with two other men in the cockpit seems incomprehensible and would surely be reflected in the CVR.
  12. Talking to a MAX pilot this morning all they could say is the North American regulators better be right because if a MAX splashes down in the Hudson River their credibility will be shot.
  13. Eighteen Canadians onboard and reports of the crew reported mechanical difficulty.
  14. Thanks, that is great news. Collecting your bags at the international terminal is a major annoyance if you're doing anything other than being picked up, except even a lot of locals don't know how to get there. The International Terminal and concourse F would figure prominently on a list of "things that shouldn't have been built".
  15. Are they using Delta's domestic baggage claim? It would be a coup if they were.