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  1. I have no idea what happened, but the Indian pilot who expressed that opinion to me believes that any pilot as experienced in that region as Shah would know that the Indonesians do intercept wayward commercial aircraft with some regularity and he would not have sought to disappear by traversing airspace patrolled by Indonesian F-16s.
  2. I have heard much the same opinion expressed, combined with if whoever was flying the plane wanted to disappear turning the other way would have put them out of radar coverage much sooner while the flight as flown had a high risk of being intercepted by the Indonesians.
  3. My first flight to Hawaii was probably the most uncomfortable I have ever been in my life. When we stumbled off the plane at HNL a lot of people just sat down at the gate till the fluid in our ears settled down. The last 90 minutes of the flight felt like being inside a dryer with a cinderblock.
  4. The practical question for Boeing is how long can they keep the Max supply chain going, some of their partners have to be getting a wobbly feeling.
  5. The Dreamliners are going to Maui.
  6. I'm feeling less and less confident about my non-stop YYC-HNL WestJet flight in January.
  7. I honestly think that when we look at where Airbus is in Canada a decade from now every penny dumped into Bombardier and predecessors will look like money well spent.
  8. The existence of the USAF's fleet of operational MiGs came to be public knowledge when a Lt. General took a MiG-23 for a joyride and promptly crashed it. The death of a Lt. General was pretty hard to cover-up.
  9. I think he was ultimately doomed at WestJet by the success Alaska enjoyed with their extremely adversarial management practices and cutbacks during the mid-2000s. What "worked" at Alaska (a lot of it didn't work at all) wasn't going to work at WestJet, but given the extent to which the board tolerated his antics (until they didn't) it seems he was probably hired to do just that.
  10. There has to be something fishy on the AC side of this story because their loss prevention is usually so aggressive they will error on the side of cancelling completely legitimate tickets with little or no investigation and without contacting the affected.
  11. I have heard they're looking at final assembly in the Edmonton area after Downsview gets slumified.
  12. I think The California Science Center has room for it next to their DC-8.