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  1. A Delta order for a hundred MAXes has supposedly been imminent for the last two years. That isn't to say it's impossible, sometimes orders are political. Delta's 1992 order for nine A310s was for little reason other than to remind Boeing that they didn't have the L1011 replacement order in the bag.
  2. This was basically the issue that kept the premium startup Platinum Jet Air on the ground as Ottawa decided that they were indivisible from the British lessor of their Fokker fleet. https://otc-cta.gc.ca/eng/ruling/728-a-2005
  3. Thailand has operated the CL-215 in that way.
  4. I'm afraid that the F-35 will just become a money pit that will consume the entire airforce while not itself achieving a high degree of availability. Kind of like the former Soviet states that inherited brand new MiG-29s they couldn't afford to operate.
  5. I think it was Klaus Goersch who championed the MAX order and he has been gone for years.
  6. I spent a lot of time in Europe between 2016 and 2019, and Trudeau was the butt of jokes then. The wardrobe for his trip to India and "people kind" appeared to be particularly well known.
  7. I was expecting Air Canada's first A321neos would come from Alaska Airlines.
  8. Have Russian sympathizers hold Americans hostage and exchange them for spares?
  9. Aviation parts are embargoed and there are going to be a lot of essentially stolen planes sitting around Russian airports that can be pilfered from. How long will it take the Russian aircraft industry to produce any significant number of their own sanction-proof variants?
  10. They will just do what Kingfisher did and cannibalize some of the leased aircraft to keep others going.
  11. I'm very sorry, I didn't think I was being unclear. I am not referring to common employer issues or suggesting an Independence Air type strategy where I believe five people kept their jobs when Compass was established. The only thought I was trying to convey subsequently was that Sunwing's seasonality potentially limits the size and relative maturity of the workforce.
  12. I referred to seasonality in an employment context.
  13. I would imagine that Sunwing's seasonality would limit that.
  14. I'm surprised there wasn't another taker out there after Sunwing's AOC.
  15. This country has been dead to me for many years so this doesn't really elicit an emotional response but instead sheer bewilderment.
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