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  1. 757s have been getting replaced with A321s and 737-900s for the last decade or more. These things are going to be pounding high-volume domestic routes, not encroaching on the 757's transatlantic niche in any meaningful way. I'm not convinced the long-range A321neo is going to significantly expand that type of flying either.
  2. No we're departing HNL. There were no great alternatives on either WestJet or Air Canada/Rouge. HNL-OGG-YYC on Hawaiian and Rouge was theoretically possible but incomprehensibly more expensive than any other alternative by about $800 a head (and of course still Rouge). HNL-YVR-YYC without the overnight at YVR was too late a departure to get home at a reasonable time the following day. Alaska was a slightly better alternative getting everyone home a little earlier but there are Aeroplan collectors among us.
  3. And we're doing the exact same trip all over again... only difference is we're coming back on United via LAX because nobody wants to spend the night at YVR, WS had a noon departure to YYC last time. Yet theoretically the whole entourage is going to Italy next summer, should be interesting.
  4. I haven't been very many places in Europe that don't already have this system, CATSA is just too short-staffed and unskilled to use it effectively.
  5. All I know is these guys are being taken very seriously in corners where those who came before them were not.
  6. Thanks for confirming my suspicions, Honestly when it comes to traveling with my family in it's entirety any significant deviation from Disneyland is potentially fraught with peril, a five-star Caribbean resort would be outside some of their comfort zones, even Orlando was outside of some of their comfort zones,
  7. With or without the belligerent panhandlers and 401 style traffic on two lane roads? Or more seriously, is there an area very much like the Ala Moana Center area with hotels with a view and shopping very nearby a family friendly beach? My family is contemplating going back to Hawaii at the end of January, but we have only ever been to Oahu (which suits me fine) but other factions want to try another island... as long as it is just like our favorite part of Oahu.
  8. Because apparently calling women out for inappropriate behaviour is "slut shaming", it is one of the crimes that will carry the death penalty along with cultural appropriation after Ryerson students over throw the government.
  9. Vueling is definitely the most physically uncomfortable off the European LCCs, but if you book through BA (which is often the exact same price) you're booking into Optima class and you will get baggage and seat selection included and you can also bring your flight forward on the day of departure. Their safety briefing is also a sight to behold and nearly incomprehensible as they do it in four or five languages phrase by phrase.
  10. There have been a few efforts like that, although none successful.
  11. You can get your boarding pass through the Ryanair app
  12. At least they can hose those seats down easily enough,
  13. In most large companies loss prevention is usually masterful at removing both oversight and accountability of their actions. Everything is justified out of an abundance of caution and not second guessing the professionals. I just went down this rabbit hole with one of our beloved telecom companies.
  14. I'm skeptical about this. The utilization on these things is so low that the turboprop upgrade made a lot of sense for CL-215 operators instead of buying the CL-415. Although the US Forest Service has been evaluating the CL-415 for the last couple of years, that was the order Bombardier was waiting for.
  15. It took Boeing a lot of work to rebuild their relationships in Ottawa after the sale of de Havilland Canada and in one fell swoop they're back to where they were after their tantrum over the Air Canada A320 order. To say nothing of having **bleep** off Delta's new CEO in less than a year after having completely alienated the previous one too. I would love some insight on their decision making and perceived cost-benefit analysis that led to this course of action.