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  1. It's a leasing thing, for the lessor to utilize export financing the plane has to have been exported.
  2. I'm skeptical that Air Canada would want very many of Transat's A330s in the first place.
  3. I don't see how this improves any of the issues WestJet has been muddling through. I would imagine Schwartz is probably also the interested party behind the unsolicited Transat offer, I suppose he might also want to role Porter into Schwartzflot too.
  4. I muttered the word "Menzies" before even clicking the link.
  5. It would be funny if they wound up like British Caledonian who was bought by British Airways just to expedite getting the A320.
  6. Southwest doesn't have to do much of anything, if Boeing undercuts the price paid by Southwest they have to pay Southwest the difference. I understand Air Canada's MAX order was one such instance.
  7. Going by Google Earth it looks like she has been holding down the tarmac just south of DRDC since Fall 2013, but at least she found a friend it seems to have a Tutor and an S-2 keeping her company now.
  8. If I'm not mistaken N403SW has been rotting at YZD for years.
  9. That place was fraught with problems before Boeing bought it.
  10. It is incredibly cruel how young lawyers are setup for success or failure in their career by their opportunities for articles, it is a sadistic system.
  11. I know a former US regional pilot who was working as a bartender, he hung up his wings and joined the family business.
  12. That's too bad, I ordered a stab-resistant vest and everything. I guess Porter it is.
  13. I would rather spend my weekend in the Gardiner hobo camp than drive to Muskoka any weekend from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving.