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  1. The website and iPad app remain completely broken, but they have now just started posting public links to PDF versions.
  2. There is going to be lake fill at YTZ with or without a runway extension and with or without the C Series to accommodate the amended RESA requirement. The runway might as well be extended at that time. It is also nice to see that the Liberals have also reached the "f--k these guys" stage with the City of Toronto as did Harper before them.
  3. I could probably take this on, but I probably would want to move it to phpBB.
  4. I doubt Onex would sell for what Ottawa is likely to be offering.
  5. Clearly this post tempted fate because the touch screen is now unresponsive.
  6. Other than having my dogs at my feet all day I hated every minute of it.
  7. I think we have to accept the possibility that Ottawa is at least okay with the airlines failing.
  8. There was a time in my life when I just had to have the latest Blackberry and I blew through five Blackberries in about three years, before that I had to have the smallest phone until I ended up with a Nokia about the size of a hotel bar of soap but now I just don't really care anymore.
  9. I can't be bothered to replace my iPhone 6, it still works fine and layoffs are coming.
  10. According to Wikipedia the last software update was 12.4.8 on July 15th 2020.
  11. I would swear my iPhone 6 received a software update very recently.
  13. So... the US is not experiencing an abundance of light crude? The US refiners don't have economies of scale in their favour? YVR isn't dependent on kerosene from Washington state? and, the environmental policies being implemented aren't going to disincentivize refining in Canada? Even the most activist Democratic president wouldn't go half as far as we propose to go with punitive climate policies.
  14. Because the Americans are drowning in light crude. Jet fuel for YVR is going to be barged in from Cherry Point in Washington which already provides more than half of YVR's fuel. Canadian refiners can't compete with their economies of scale. If we're stupid enough to let Trudeau cut our throats all those pipelines that carry Canadian crude and natural gas south are going to be carrying American gasoline, kerosene, natural gas and propane north before the decade is out.
  15. This climate madness isn't going to end until Liberal voters in Ontario and Quebec can't afford to heat their homes or drive their cars. Until then Trudeau and Freeland are just going to keep escalating the alarmism and punitive policies.