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  1. Ability to fly comes in handy sometimes....

    The local birds of prey are pretty assertive about evicting other predators from a bike path near my house, the rabbits, mice and gophers are all theirs.
  2. A380 Production may soon end

    They're playing chicken with Emirates and IAG at the moment. Emirates is demanding impossible guarantees, IAG is demanding impossible discounts.
  3. I'm surprised it doesn't look like a Christmas cracker as 737 fuselages that hit the ground are apt to.
  4. Calgary Airport off track AGAIN

    The new international/US/domestic swing gates at YYC are the worst implemented gates I have ever seen with the possible exception of the notorious Gate 35X at Washington National, that domestic passengers have to depart from them at all is an act of cruelty by AC and WS.
  5. Downsview for sale...

    I knew they were the operator, I just had no idea they had come to own the entire airfield. I thought it was owned by Canada Lands.
  6. Downsview for sale...

    I don't believe Bombardier actually owns the airfield.
  7. A big part of the problem in Calgary is the project proponents originally proposed to build an airstrip and FBO as well and that made the project toxic, so their reputation proceeds themselves and they face organized opposition everywhere they pop-up.
  8. WestJet also uses T4 at JFK, that is going to be a mess for a lot of airlines.
  9. Some investors have been trying to setup a track in the Calgary area for the better part of a decade but they can't get planning approval anywhere, not even on the nearby Indian reserves.
  10. YYZ

    Of course I agree with you, but if every knock on the door results in a "boy you really **bleep** them off this time" chat with one of my superiors it isn't going to encourage me or anyone else to try again and again.
  11. The 1950's vintage Soviet engines on this thing will limit it's international appeal, the same fate awaits the Y-9. The Chinese really like the Ivchenko AI-20 or as they refer to it the Wo-Jiang 6 when even the Russians moved on as soon as PWC and other Western turboprop engines were available to them.
  12. YYZ

    I have never worked anywhere where it was really practical or well received to individually take complaints to vendors or landlords without going through some bureaucratic channel. One facility won't even talk to my subordinates, if someone calls them they just call me. That is just how they do it and they're not going to manage a list of people I delegate to deal with them. This annoys me to no end because my interest in managing passes and maintenance issues is absolute zero. But yeah, I flew home to YYC for Christmas via YYZ on the 23rd and it was just one unjustifiable mess after another, GTAA, CBSA, CATSA and airline.
  13. There is already a partnership between Boeing and Embraer to offer the KC390 as a Hercules replacement to the USAF. The issues that drag on the E2 are completely different than those that bedeviled the C Series and Boeing can’t fix any of them.
  14. There already is one in Florida for their non-EMB/ERJ based business aircraft. I have some recollection that building the ERJ-145 in the US was proposed in the early-2000’s if the US were to buy the military R-99 variant.