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  1. If just a fraction of what I have heard Airbus is planning for Mirabel is true the aide to the C Series was the best money ever spent. I don't think it has been widely recognized just how big a deal Airbus planting their feet here is. This will be as transformative for Quebec as the foreign automakers setting up in the American south was.
  2. Who asked people to surreptitiously film cabin crew at work.
  3. That reminds me of a night at the Boston Harbor Hyatt at Logan where I had a hotel room overlooking the end of Runway 14 which late at night is used for RON, watching Delta and American A321s getting towed at high speed and tightly packed together was half awe inspiring and half terrifying. No wing walkers or anything.
  4. The only reason I can see them getting rid of him now as opposed to six months ago or six months from now is because he has become toxic in Boeing's interactions with the FAA.
  5. This order leaves Southwest as the only major US airline that isn't operating the A321.
  6. I guess that depends on whether or not the scaffolding was there before the impact, I think the surface visible just inside of railings is the outside edge of the radome.
  7. I have been on a few flights into SNA where an announcement was made that the braking would be intense.
  8. There probably isn't a great answer to be had, it isn't as though A330MRTTs are in the budget. I would love to see Trudeau et al rocking out in one of Air Transat's A310s that I believe are to be retired in the coming months.
  9. An American A330 (N288AY) that was hit by a catering truck and suffered similar damage was repaired, but it was also only a couple years old at the time of the incident.
  10. My neighbour left a bunch of diapers in an Amazon box and it was stolen in about four hours.
  11. Theoretically Boeing wanted to use a stretched DHC-8 as the basis of a P-3 Orion replacement.
  12. All concerned are better off, Airbus planting their flag at Mirabel is the best thing to happen to the Canadian aerospace industry in forty years.
  13. I had a weirdo in a full captain getup sit next to me on a flight, getting off the flight the real captain pulled me aside and asked if the individual had claimed to be an airline pilot which he hadn't but it was all really strange.
  14. Omni is only operating YVR-HNL/OGG (and surprisingly PHX), not YYC or YEG.