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  1. Frontier Coming to YYC

    I am really unclear as to precisely what either of you are trying to argue. DEN is a United hub (if not quite the fortress it once was) we know that and understand how a hub functions from a network and revenue perspective do we not? Where Fortune 500 travel deals and the incumbents own revenue management come into a new entrants service seems irrelevant to me. WestJet believes they can scare off Indigo Partners, they can fill a plane or both.
  2. Frontier Coming to YYC

    Not every, or even many business travelers are booking half-million dollar minimum annual spend negotiated fares.
  3. Ex-RAF Tristars to get new life

    Best of luck keeping the engines overhauled, the RAF had to pay Rolls-Royce a fortune to keep those going.
  4. Frontier Coming to YYC

    That is a little simplistic, business travel is believe it or not price elastic.
  5. Frontier Coming to YYC

    The fares on YYC-DEN non-stop are often insane, there is surely some demand to be unlocked.
  6. CS100 at London City Airport

    Hopefully Porter and the TPA can weaponize the performance of the C Series at LCY to shut-down the jet opponents once and for all.
  7. There was pre-clearance for trains starting around 1890. Pre-clearance at YYZ was introduced around the time LGA lost it's immigration facilities, 1952-1953ish.
  8. I don't think it will take that long. Unfortunately Mandela and Mbeki inadvertently groomed a white guy (who looks and sounds like a Lethal Weapon 2 villain) as their successor, but since Trevor Manuel would never be embraced outside of the ANC leadership Zuma and his merry band of "revolutionary" idiots filled the leadership vacuum.
  9. You're correct, I didn't notice the onward leg from AMS was now a codeshare.
  10. When did Delta stop? When did United stop? American stopped during their bankruptcy but intends to resume service, they just have a shortage of large long-haul aircraft until the A350 is delivered. There is no yield to be found there, no connection is too long, no connection is one too many. The South Africans and Rhodesians are the same, no matter how convoluted they will find the cheapest routes home. They would look at the bizarre $250 two and a half day WS itineraries from YVR and YYC to LGW via YYZ an YYT and say "SCORE!" There are not a large number of 5th freedom routes operated by the Gulf carriers from the United States and Emirates service to Athens and Milan (dismally yielding destinations from the US by the way) are hardly a threat to anyone, fifth freedom flying is of diminishing importance to most airlines. Planes don't need to make the tech stops and many of the traditional fifth freedom routes now face intense local competition. Delta cancelled their last Asian fifth freedom route (HKG-SIN) just recently, these routes just show-up as random alternatives on Expedia. I get that they are disliked, but the rhetoric that Deltaflot, Parkerflot and Munozflot are spewing is just absurd. On the other-hand, if Singapore Airlines wants to say that Emirates is coming to kill them... well that is completely true.
  11. When WestJet came on the scene Canadian had been in a slow-motion death spiral... well since their inception. The issue in the US is that the attempts to use regulatory means to thwart competitors has become a farce and numbed regulators to their appeals.
  12. I can not for the life of me figure out the fixation on the Gulf carriers that the US airlines and Air Canada have. In North America these guys are catering to the Indian diaspora, the lowest yielding international market there is, none of these airlines are going to serve twenty cities in India and Pakistan. They are an existential danger to some European and Asian airlines, they aren't even a nuisance to anyone here.
  13. While I am firmly of the opinion Khadr and anyone else who joins a jihadist group should be imprisoned for the rest of their lives (or at least as long as they're potential combatants) the circumstances of that situation and the mishandling of it by Harper are pretty unlikely to re-occur.
  14. B17-g

    That plane tore over my house a few years ago, I was in the kitchen and I heard a roar I figured was a piston DC-3 so I stepped out on my deck as a B-17 flew all of a couple hundred feet over my house, just deafening but amazing.
  15. Because I would much prefer these ISIS and Taliban maniacs reside in western prisons keeping the likes of Luka Magnotta company for decades to come than potentially fighting Canadian or allied troops in some future insurgency. Saudi Arabia and Egypt made good and sure nobody came back from Afghanistan in the 1980's and boy did that turn out well.