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  1. If it was a drunk Irish guy, I was sitting right next to you.
  2. Finally cancelled. I'm told a lot of the affected flights were practically sold-out so there are going to be some awful replacement itineraries.
  3. A woman at work played the clip for me, my only reaction was "is there more? No?, that's it?" It was a tacky call-out, but that is all it was.
  4. He doesn't work there any more.
  5. I would put money on Delta's oldest A320s setting some records, especially since the MD-90's (or at least their engines) have worn out their welcome.
  6. I'm more referring to the A320's longevity, it seems unlikely that Air Canada (or any first tier airline) would still be flying the 737-300 today.
  7. Most of them are, five are in storage, 214 was written off at YHZ. A handful left the fleet around 2006/2007 as leases ended. The early purchasers of the A320 probably got the best bang for their buck in history. Delta's last 737-300 was retired in 2006, meanwhile like Air Canada their oldest A320s will be turning thirty this year.
  8. I know a management captain who flew both the Lion Air and Ethiopian scenarios in a simulator and described the experience as "humbling and frightening" and said the other captains who had been a little more strident about the grounding were very quite on their ride back to the hotel.
  9. I remember seeing the Hurricane in pieces when I was a kid, this was a long time coming.
  10. I have to believe during this nascent stage of WestJet's European expansion they are going to avoid opportunities for direct conflict with Air Canada.
  11. Worst kept secret in a long time.
  12. Not that I have a photographic memory, but where exactly would one "hide" a camera in the forward lavatory of a 737 such that it would capture anything at all?
  13. Oh please, it was never possible. When I was a kid my parents would tune to CNN so I could find out who won and go to bed.
  14. Remple is a mediocre performance artist who's only real ability is trolling our idiot mayor. Rona Ambrose is probably our best bet.