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  1. Super 80

    Air Canada fined $65K

    The Montreal Convention applies in this situation and it doesn't apply to hurt feelings and customer service deficiencies.
  2. Super 80

    Air Canada fined $65K

    Has no jurisdiction over Air Canada.
  3. Super 80

    Air Canada sold the Emb 190 fleet...

    Nordic Aviation Capital already has the nineteen ex-AC Embraers first sold to Boeing and subsequently sold to Delta before finally being sold to NAC. I know somebody at Delta was bewildered by the rumors about the Embraers being canceled when the C Series was ordered because nobody told him - and they weren't cancelled, they just never operated them.
  4. Super 80

    Air Canada sold the Emb 190 fleet...

    Didn't FedEx make Air Canada an offer they couldn't refuse after failing to come to an agreement with Boeing on a top-up order?
  5. It wasn't "boffins" calculating anything, it was Wall Street fetishizing ancillary revenue streams in this and every other industry and airlines enthusiastically torching their carefully honed brands and every iota of public good will in pursuit of that ancillary revenue. Wall Street saw perfection in the cable television industry and demanded that it's practices be emulated by all.
  6. Super 80

    ID Check

    One of my friends had to deal with a situation like this a few years ago and they were so frustrated at the end of the day they never wanted to deal with the public again. Their employer backed them up privately but nobody did a damn thing as the individual and then a bunch of bystanders descended on them.
  7. Super 80

    WestJet Flight Attendants

    I have heard grumbling for years, someone told me years ago that the management that would run WestJet into the ground had already been hired.
  8. Super 80

    Airbus now Lists C Series

    DC-9-80 or DC-9 Super 80. The MD-87 was the first variant never officially referred to as DC-9-8_ The MD-95 was certified as the 717, I have a factory model of the MD-95 in my office.
  9. Super 80

    Airbus now Lists C Series

    Renaming a plane that is certified, delivered and operating is stupid but this is a much better industrial outcome than precarious profitability for Bombardier. Mirabel could be unrecognizable a decade from now. Quebec must be positively drooling at the prospect of snapping up work from the UK if Airbus flips the board and the bird over Brexit.
  10. I understand the Captain in question is a pig but he had the presence of mind to save his communications with Ms. Lewis.
  11. Super 80

    Cold war story

    A lot of stories just die, my grandfather was ravaged by alzheimers by the end of the cold war and to this day I don't really know in any detail what he did for the USAF although whatever it was they saw fit to send him to fighter school when he was nearly fifty.
  12. Super 80

    Boeing Ties in With Embraer

    I can't wait to see how this goes when Brazil elects their next firebrand leftist.
  13. Super 80

    WestJet in the news for baggage

    I won't pretend to know what Mr. Walker's individual situation is, but amateur for-profit exporters will fill any flight to Jamaica with clothing and small electronics.
  14. Super 80

    Canada Buys USED fighters

    There was a book I had to read in school where the grounds of YYZ become a killing field as an invading American airborne force is picked off with TOW missiles.