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  1. Rumour is this is being investigated as a murder-suicide inflicted by the wife.
  2. I had a go-around on United back in 2007 and they didn't say anything for a few minutes except we were holding due to weather. No announcement, just up, up and away.
  3. I still know several former US regional pilots who are not flying, there are signing bonuses but not a sufficient improvement in wages or working conditions to be had.
  4. Telephoto compression
  5. United still has to figure out how they're going to replace the 767-300ER fleet, they have rejected the A330neo as too large and the 787 as too expensive.
  6. I'm genuinely astonished it took this long.
  7. Lawyers withdraw for a lot of reasons, conflicts of interest, not getting paid, individuals coming and going from firms. My employer is involved in a lawsuit and the enemy is on their third or fourth lawyer because their firm keeps laying off lawyers.
  8. I'm assuming this isn't being operated with the ATR-42? Edit: It appears it is being operated with the PC-12.
  9. Reality overshoots satire.
  10. Both Boeing and Lockheed are flogging that their respective proposals are flyaway aircraft and therefore the risk profile is very low. They want to be highly visible about this because both contractors have performed poorly on the F-35 and 767 tanker.
  11. Over the past decade the Americans have overtaken TC and CTA in the absurd lengths they will go to frustrate new carriers. Deltaflot, Parkerflot and Unitedflot are not going to have to worry about having half a dozen well heeled upstarts nipping at their heels the way they were in the 90's and early 2000's for the foreseeable future.
  12. Americans don't buy package vacations in huge numbers, there hasn't been an American equivalent of Transat or Sunwing Vacations in decades.
  13. There is a place in this world for a relatively cheap 180 seat 2000 mile airplane. The A321neo is in a class all it's own and priced accordingly.
  14. Thanks, that is what I thought. I didn't recall ever having heard of a turbojet version of the original 737.
  15. Did the JT8A ever fly on the 737?