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  1. Reality overshoots satire.
  2. Both Boeing and Lockheed are flogging that their respective proposals are flyaway aircraft and therefore the risk profile is very low. They want to be highly visible about this because both contractors have performed poorly on the F-35 and 767 tanker.
  3. Over the past decade the Americans have overtaken TC and CTA in the absurd lengths they will go to frustrate new carriers. Deltaflot, Parkerflot and Unitedflot are not going to have to worry about having half a dozen well heeled upstarts nipping at their heels the way they were in the 90's and early 2000's for the foreseeable future.
  4. Americans don't buy package vacations in huge numbers, there hasn't been an American equivalent of Transat or Sunwing Vacations in decades.
  5. There is a place in this world for a relatively cheap 180 seat 2000 mile airplane. The A321neo is in a class all it's own and priced accordingly.
  6. Thanks, that is what I thought. I didn't recall ever having heard of a turbojet version of the original 737.
  7. Did the JT8A ever fly on the 737?
  8. In isolation most of Boeing's decisions made sense and indeed were vindicated at the time, the 737NG family and particularly the 737-800 was a very effective competitor to the A320. At the time the 757 was discontinued it wouldn't have appeared to have been an error to have favoured the 737 platform over the 757. But at the time Boeing decided not to launch the smaller and lighter short-haul 757 they weren't contemplating the ease with which Airbus would re-engine the A320 decades later. But had Boeing chosen to develop the platform further they wouldn't be flailing today and Airbus might never have elbowed their way into the US narrow-body fleet. Whatever Boeing does now all Airbus had to do is wait and see and then build a new wing for their giant A32X or baby A330.
  9. Boeing is in a horrible position in the so-called "middle of the market" because Airbus has a low-cost and low-risk competitive response no matter what they do that can be derived from their existing platforms. It is funny to think that Airbus might never have existed if Boeing built the wide-body twin that American and Eastern demanded in the mid-60's and the A320 never would have gotten their foot in the door with United and NWA if Boeing built the 757-100. But Boeing didn't want to fight it out with Douglas and Lockheed in the smaller than a 747 wide-body market and Boeing didn't want to build a new wing for the lighter and smaller 757 just to cannibalize the 737 or antagonize CFM. Although some friends of mine were at a Boeing event years ago where a Boeing executive pithily brushed off the suggestion the end of the 757 left a hole in their product line and said that if there was ever again a market for a intercontinental narrow-body the world economy will have plunged to depths unknown.
  10. The Occupy clowns in Los Angeles left so much human **bleep** and drug paraphernalia behind that the site was considered a biohazard.
  11. You mean just like how economy fares dropped $25 across the board when baggage fees were introduced? This is a competitive response, I believe with the exception of SEA-RDU, SEA-DCA and DCA-LAX these are all routes they compete with JetBlue on.
  12. AT's A330 fleet is no prize and I doubt the 737s are leased on terms WS would find attractive. I would put the bulk of the value for WS in the Francophone abiet unionized workforce.
  13. In a sane world (which Orange County isn't) either commercial or general aviation would be relocated to El Toro.
  14. The markings on the 20L end of 2R/20L leave something to be desired.
  15. Even when "empowered" there is still the element of fear that mere common sense or decency is no defense in the face of a supervisor or auditor trying to justify their continued employment.