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  1. I didn't know Wardair served Heathrow, only Gatwick and Stansted. So I don't know the history of Canadian's slots at LHR.
  2. It reminds me of a sign in a British post office listing various far-flung remains of the empire and guaranteed Christmas mailing dates in September.
  3. I'm willing in principle, but not in a slaveship economy seat.
  4. Moeman's deleted post alleged a headbutt, the above screen shot says a flight attendant was tackled. I don't think there is an airline in the civilized world that would shun police involvement in either situation in the name of an expedited departure.
  5. I was on a flight a few years ago where there was a perceived disturbance, it was actually somebody having a diabetic emergency but even people a couple rows away had completely misread the situation until the crew made the "is there a doctor onboard?" announcement.
  6. I do know an anonymous reddit post describing a nearly fantastical scenario that conflicts with the public statements of both Air Canada and the removed pax is just a little suspect.
  7. Forget Romania then, why didn't Air Canada mention the assault in their public statement where they said they were verbally abusive to the crew? Seems like a detail that would help their argument would it not?
  8. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence, you're going to have to explain how the assault of a flight attendant that saw the police called to the plane somehow resulted in no criminal charges and apparently no first-hand witnesses.
  9. I feel for everybody. By the time the decision has been made to remove somebody it really doesn't matter what transpired up to that point, it's done. But boarding can be a chaotic and stressful situation yet not a situation that should defy deescalation I don't think somebody being disoriented and frustrated during boarding because their seat is occupied or they can't find somewhere to stow their bag is a good predictor of a future outburst or non-compliance and I have seen plenty of cabin crew who were every bit or even more agitated than the pax as they balanced the overheads with seating conflicts. A frustrated and disoriented person is not going to be as immediately compliant as a marine on a drill line and especially if they're unable to do so. I was a little concerned I might get kicked off an American Eagle flight as I dutifully complied with contradictory instructions from two different flight attendants in the world's worst ever game of Simon Says. Air travel is stressful, everybody just needs to chill out a little. I have seen pax, flight attendants and even the cockpit crew behave in ways they would not wish to see shared on Facebook.
  10. The issue as I read it originally was a lap child was in the younger woman's assigned seat and things we downhill from there. My experience with these types of situations is there is usually no reliable narrator to be found and it ultimately doesn't matter who was right because what's done is done and unless there is egregious evidence the cabin crew was in the wrong the airline isn't going to back down.
  11. I have a very hard time believing that, assaulting a flight attendant at the gate in Romania? She would still be in jail.
  12. I dunno, are the Chinese missing a submarine? It's a little more than a rumour that Ballard's expeditions were front operations for undersea intelligence operations, Howard Hughes provided similar cover in the 1970s by way of an eccentric undersea mining operation when the CIA tried to steal a sunken Soviet sub.