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  1. And that is my point, once you have squandered "brand" it is quite natural to perceive no value in it. But what puzzles me is that WestJet retains an incomprehensible amount of irrational public goodwill doesn't seem terribly interested in retaining it. Yet the last time I was at the WestJet campus all anyone was talking about was the brand. And the ULCC boogie man, that too. Although what I find really funny is the sheer amount Air Canada invested in the Rouge brand, which was to be a "trendsetting lifestyle brand" as they prepared to unleash the worst economy product yet seen in North America at that time.
  2. Other than the fact JetBlue's NYC based customer facing staff are somewhat less belligerent than the norm they aren't really, unless you're going to pillage their self-serve snack bar. JetBlue announced bag fees in November 2014 along with increased density because Wall Street was demanding it. JetBlue at the moment is embarking on the exact same strategy Delta is, tapering capacity growth to support RASM. They will be able to do that successfully at JFK but if they have truly decided they're going to take on Southwest and Alaska-Virgin on the west coast that will be difficult to impossible as they fly half empty Embraers up and down the west coast for the next five years. That business class and premium economy exist doesn't really matter, the carriers that offer that can absolutely demand a premium for that. But the experience that roughly four hundred pax are going to have on Air Canada's Slaveships is not enhancing their brand or reputation and no better than what Air Transat offers. You can blame that on the pax, I don't really care either way, but don't get touchy when there are hundred and sixty five page diatribes on FlyerTalk.
  3. If anyone invented it, it would have been the cable and telephone companies decades ago. Deltaflot and Parkerflot are both growing their RASM. Unitedflot isn't and that is the very least of their problems. RASM exists in a balance between demand and capacity, in the service of RASM the US carriers have been slowing the growth of capacity. Deltaflot won't shut-up to analysts about how disciplined they're being. People aren't generally willing to pay more for a legacy's economy seat because they destroyed their brands decades ago and are offering a hard and soft product that is similar or inferior to Southwest or JetBlue. Hell I think I would rather stay home than experience Air Canada's economy offering on the 777 and 787. I don't think the ULCCs in North America have a whole lot to do with anything, they go for the low-hanging fruit with a minimal effort.
  4. Ancillary revenue fetishism was invented on Wall Street. Airlines in North America haven't enjoyed greater pricing power or been protected by greater barriers to entry in a generation.
  5. It makes perfect sense until you have squandered it.
  6. And here I was wondering if Mark Hill might be involved. A WS pilot told me today that the theory circulating is they're going to offer to trade the 10 738s 1:1 for additional widebodies to get them on-board. He said individually he doesn't really know what to make of it and only that WS is going to look very different in two years.
  7. I wonder if they're going to bring Mark Hill in from the wilderness for this.
  8. I think it would probably more likely swing back and forth seasonally between domestic "VFR" and sun routes looking for organic growth, displacing mainline service with something that sounds significantly worse than Rouge would be "aggressive" to say the least. Air Canada had to retreat from Rouge on a number of routes.
  9. Dedicating ten 737-800s to mirroring Newleaf's nascent schedule doesn't seem like a great use of resources.
  10. I remember JetsGo too and replicating JetsGo would be difficult to impossible today. Regulators in Canada and the US have erected such high and arbitrary barriers to entry that ULCCs are an ethereal threat to the incumbent airlines. Just like Verizon and Vodafone weren't about to some swashbuckling into Canada neither are foreign airline investors. Ottawa, Conservatives and Liberals alike have scared them away. The war chest Porter had to accumulate for their pretty modest undertaking a decade ago was ridiculous, but probably wouldn't be sufficient today.
  11. This won't change until pax are incinerated in a survivable evacuation, then it will probably change pretty rapidly.
  12. My boss was just "re-accommodated" after missing a connection on British Airways with a routing that including a Vueling segment. He said he wasn't sure whether he should be relieved there was nothing approaching that bad in North America yet or frightened it was a sign of things to come. But boy is Saretsky invested in the ULCC bogeyman!
  13. I think Air Canada needs to institute a red telephone hotline that employees can call upon when policy dictates they're about to do something stupid and "newsworthy".
  14. I imagine this line being spoken by Michelle Pfeiffer's character in Scarface in the scene at the Porsche dealership.