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  1. Super 80

    Buying an F-86 in 1977....

    The funniest part about the story is the American collectors "flew under the radar" because the fact the Canadair CL-13 was a Sabre just went unnoticed at the time they were imported.
  2. Super 80

    Wow, just wow...

    Something like that, apparently the ghost of the Eastern Airlines Captain took up residence and was chatting up the flight attendants.
  3. Super 80

    Wow, just wow...

    Was that the Air Canada L1011s?
  4. Super 80

    WestJet 787

    Huh? There are more than three million people in the Charlotte metropolitan area if you include Richland County in South Carolina which has little service locally.
  5. 9/11 couldn't be pulled off again, the crowd control would be impossible.
  6. Super 80

    WestJet 787

    How many widebodies can WestJet realistically operate from Terminal 3? What was the outcome of the Infield Terminal pilot project? (not WestJet)
  7. Super 80

    WestJet 787

    Hawaii was nowhere near as ambitious or as risky. The 787 endeavor requires a lot more than just ETOPS and 130 people who want to go to Maui. WestJet has to execute flawlessly and the stars have to align perfectly where the economy, alliances and slots at international destinations are concerned for the 787 to be a success. If WestJet announced instead that they were buying more 767-300ER or 777-200s or A330s I wouldn't have any real concerns about their further international expansion, but WestJet appears to be embarking on this in just about the most expensive way possible.
  8. Super 80

    WestJet 787

    I still have a very bad feeling about this endeavor, a lot of things have to line-up perfectly for the 787s to earn their keep.
  9. Super 80

    Time for Unruly passengers to pay.

    If no airline will carry a deportee CBSA will charter a jet and sedate them if necessary. There was some maniac from Jamaica a few years ago who made even that nearly impossible.
  10. Super 80

    Time for Unruly passengers to pay.

    The practical problem as I have experienced it is the guy who slammed a few drinks before boarding might not appear intoxicated until a little while later.
  11. Super 80

    Time for Unruly passengers to pay.

    My dad was on the flight, he thought a woman was involved too.
  12. Super 80

    The F-35

    They utterly torpedoed the Alberta NDP government... not necessarily deliberately but I sleep better at night knowing that.
  13. Super 80

    AirCanada Turns back on way to Hawaii

    Assuming it wasn't merely to avoid an AOG event in Maui the return could have been necessitated by ETOPS.
  14. Super 80

    AirCanada Turns back on way to Hawaii

    Has there been an all-inclusive in Hawaii in the last thirty years?
  15. Super 80

    Hard to Hide

    I will never forget the mind-numbing conversation I had with a lawyer about a decade who was aghast at the lack of secrecy in aviation, she just couldn't wrap her head around it. If the US couldn't keep torture flights secret do you think firing off some demand letters will? Airplanes are big, airplanes are loud, airplanes usually only travel between airports situated around large numbers of people. Air travel data is aggregated for public amusement and sale by companies that will send practically anybody an antenna to glean data. But yes, you send that demand letter.