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  1. I have been on the internet since 1993 (and had access to internet email a few years before that) and the 90's internet was full of nonsense. Stumbling into a message board for militia members and white supremacists sometime around 1995 was illuminating.
  2. Maverick said "The only thing of any real value that AT now brings to the table are the A321's..."
  3. British Airways bought British Caledonian to get their A320s.
  4. I still can't for the life of me figure out why they couldn't just buy the Seahawk off the shelf.
  5. There was a Marine in California when I was a kid who was medically disqualified from flight training and decided to steal an A-4 from El Toro and take it for a joyride since he wasn't interested in serving as anything other than a pilot. Amazingly despite a stack of charges that could have carried a life sentence he walked away with only a dishonorable discharge. Apparently the highest levels of the Marines intervened on his behalf to secure the boys will be boys treatment for the young man.
  6. Edmonton is Edmonton, but they will never top Calgary's present level of stupidity. If a trespasser got hit on the runway at YYC there would be a certain alderperson objecting to the fact that pedestrians don't have the right-of-way on the runway.
  7. Austin huh? Naturally the solution will be bike lanes, signalled crosswalks and a 30mph speed limit on the runway.
  8. That shift has already happened and air cargo was brutalized in the recession that followed the financial crisis.
  9. Eventually though cargo will feel the effects of the greater economy when there isn't an intense demand for transporting medical cargo at any cost.
  10. Six months from now I don't think they're going to be negotiating with Boeing, they're going to be negotiating with the US government.
  11. I heard similar grumblings.
  12. I much prefer having been levelled with in that I am probably only safe until October than a family member who is getting a mandatory Friday pep talk every week about how there is nothing to worry about.
  13. It wasn't the first time either, a Lt. General in 1984 took a MiG-23 for a joyride and promptly crashed it. Nobody stopped him despite airframe time on the captured MiGs being precious. Nobody previous stopped him from taking an F-117 for a joyride either. There were defectors in the US who provided MiG training to American test pilots but that was a two week course, Lt. General Bond wanted his MiG ride now. One of the pilots who trained Americans on the MiG-21 is now settled in Calgary.
  14. I know a KC-135 pilot who is going to defer their retirement from the USAF because what's the point? Delta and JetBlue aren't going to be nearly as interested in talking to them now as they were six months ago. They just hope if they retire five years from now they will have some 767 time.
  15. No doubt true, but Calgary's is uniquely bad in that it is on the ground floor of a hospital that normal people also patronize.