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  1. No. The most interesting thing about Covid is how every crackpot who has been flogging the same radical agenda for years feels that somehow Covid proved them right. I recall a post I read elsewhere back in the Fall explaining how given that travel and especially business travel will never recover the time has come to close YTZ... and spend tens of billions to build high-speed rail to Montreal, Ottawa and NYC for all the people who won't be travelling ever again.
  2. The problem I see with the Democratic Party is every time they win the presidency they perceive it to be a tectonic political and societal shift from which there can be no going back and they have a mandate for a progressive agenda. (ie the Green New Deal). And then a Republican wins and the cycle begins anew. I remember the night Clinton was elected in 1992 as one of my family members was running his mouth about how the Reagan Democrats had come home and the Republican Party would never recover from this setback. When Obama was elected he same family member said that changing d
  3. It seems the log jam has broken, a whole bunch of us got our renewals over the last two weeks. Some of us have been waiting more than a year.
  4. I'm a little suspicious of the numbers because I suspect somebody who has been flouting the rules probably won't get tested even if they're sick.
  5. So WestJet feels that pax who booked non-refundable fares for flights that were never operated could rightfully forfeit their fares? I'll bet that isn't in their tariff.
  6. I know a woman in Los Angeles who faced the mob. When Me Too was going into overdrive she made a social media post that merely said something to the effect of "I am not the subject of this rumour, the accused has never behaved inappropriately towards me or anyone else in my presence." And then she had literally thousands of threatening message accusing her of trying to silence rape victims which wasn't even the accusation in the first place.
  7. People might not feel like they're ready but the management expectation that they travel will return with a vengeance the moment politicians say it is okay. I am regularly getting complaints about my subordinates because there are certain tasks they can't complete from their kitchen tables. My position for the time being has been "deal with it, if you can explain to me why this is an emergency I will do it myself, otherwise you're just going to have to wait" but before too long this is going to be like the second day after the big snow storm and the expectations will return to normal.
  8. January:
  9. The initial offer was made in 2017 when it appeared United was poised for an A330 order, it was a moot point as United bought additional 787s instead. As of a year ago Boeing was still open to the possibility of building pax 767s if the market demanded.
  10. I doubt the 787 is in the running and WestJet's 767s are already is Israel and Mexico awaiting cargo conversion for Amazon.
  11. An instructor at regional walked into the room for their first Embraer E-Jet ground school and said "Welcome future JetBlue crew members" knowing none of them would stick around.
  12. The website and iPad app remain completely broken, but they have now just started posting public links to PDF versions.
  13. There is going to be lake fill at YTZ with or without a runway extension and with or without the C Series to accommodate the amended RESA requirement. The runway might as well be extended at that time. It is also nice to see that the Liberals have also reached the "f--k these guys" stage with the City of Toronto as did Harper before them.