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  1. Fired While on LTD

    Maybe, maybe not. Where I work the management seems to have abruptly turned on an employee with a long-term health issue (that they have mostly continued to work through) with one woman just adamant that accommodations made to this individual be withdrawn. I don't think one could reasonably claim that this situation is increasing confidence in the management or this woman specifically. It's just making people uncomfortable and angry. I personally suspect it will end with the employee quitting and suing for constructive dismissal when the accommodations are withdrawn.
  2. New Search for MH370

    I don't know of an aircraft being salvaged for cargo value. Although Lloyd's wanted to salvage SR111 to recover their $300,000,000 claim but they didn't find a receptive audience for that proposal. The crash site is restricted and there was a public backlash.
  3. Q400 line sold too?

    I think that is way too much for Viking to swallow.
  4. Over 129,000 hours....

    All the CP A320s except for 406 (C-FLSF) which left the fleet in 2006 are still active and I believe all the remaining ten mainline 763s are ex-CP as well as six Rouge 763s.
  5. Over 129,000 hours....

    The US hosts training for counter-terrorism forces from around the world out there where they get trained on retaking different types of aircraft. They don't like an audience, there is also helicopter training for pilots heading to Afghanistan.
  6. Airbus buys into CSeries

    I don't think the Quebec aerospace industry being absorbed into Airbus is being left with nothing. There was probably no better outcome possible from a stability and employment perspective.
  7. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Talking to some Airbus people today, they're of the belief that Airbus is theoretically interested in everything except for Learjet and the Trudeau and Quebec government are very eager to facilitate the sale of Bombardier Aerospace to Airbus.
  8. Looks like United is kicking the tires on the A330 again.
  9. Swoop??

    I think it can be done with XML or EDIFACT.
  10. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    If you're the government and the noble Quebec aerospace worker is now under the EADS umbrella that is probably tax dollars well spent.
  11. Airbus buys into CSeries

    I understand the message delivered to Delta, which was negotiating for the launch of the CS500 is that the further development of the C Series will defer to the market.
  12. Airbus buys into CSeries

    Boeing originally wanted to use a stretched DHC-8 as the basis for a P-3 Orion replacement but in a moment of unprecedented tone-deafness (even by Boeing standards) proposed the 757 instead. The contract was awarded to Lockheed because the Boeing's and McDonnell Douglas proposals were ridiculous but the new-build contract was cancelled soon after and it became a modernization and rebuild (and re-engine that never happened) of the existing P-3 fleet.
  13. Airbus buys into CSeries

    I sincerely hope Donald Trump is invited to the first delivery out of Mobile, red hats for everyone just to remind Boeing that they did this by hitching their wagon to Trump.
  14. Will Boeing Give a Damn?

    If we want them we can't dither on it. The US Marines are also looking for used F-18 Hornets for parts.