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  1. The lands leased by the City of Toronto zoned as parkland are worth in the realm of tens of thousands of dollars. It is also pretty crazy to think that that the federal lands are just going to be relinquished to the city to be used as the Toronto City Council sees fit.
  2. I figured it would, as the old political adage goes take "a dead woman or a live boy" to get rid of Trudeau, I never would have guessed he would get shanked by his own fellow travellers.
  3. Years ago I heard that an A310 FO who had been flying overseas inquired about enlisting and was told it would be very unlikely he would be able to get into anything fixed-wing and might not even have an opportunity to fly at all. So he went for another contract overseas.
  4. JetBlue was close to launching JFK to YYZ, YUL, YYC and YVR in 2008 but decided to focus on the Caribbean and Central America out of MCO instead.
  5. Since I was sixteen I have had one not-at-fault write-off accident and no claims of any other kind. My insurance has been going up every year for the last five years.
  6. The NDP is going to go into any upcoming election with a whole slate of radical economic, housing and environmental policies and like 2016 the Liberals are going to have to throw a lot of red meat to their left fringe to keep them in line. If Porter isn't flying shutting down YTZ is a lot easier.
  7. So how many of the WS/WR MEC members themselves have enough seniority to be flying at this point?
  8. One of my young minions (and definitely my favourite) expresses disgust at how many of her friends think the last year has been some magical dreamland of free money and good times that they never want to end. Giving up travel and bars for no real expectation they will get out of bed before 14:00 seems like a dream come true. If you're guessing she wasn't born in Canada you're correct.
  9. What sort of manuals and other airworthiness documentation does the building of a bespoke hobby aircraft have to generate?
  10. I think Porter needs to get back in the air even if they're only flying a single plane empty. A snap election could be fatal to a grounded Porter.
  11. No. The most interesting thing about Covid is how every crackpot who has been flogging the same radical agenda for years feels that somehow Covid proved them right. I recall a post I read elsewhere back in the Fall explaining how given that travel and especially business travel will never recover the time has come to close YTZ... and spend tens of billions to build high-speed rail to Montreal, Ottawa and NYC for all the people who won't be travelling ever again.
  12. The problem I see with the Democratic Party is every time they win the presidency they perceive it to be a tectonic political and societal shift from which there can be no going back and they have a mandate for a progressive agenda. (ie the Green New Deal). And then a Republican wins and the cycle begins anew. I remember the night Clinton was elected in 1992 as one of my family members was running his mouth about how the Reagan Democrats had come home and the Republican Party would never recover from this setback. When Obama was elected he same family member said that changing d
  13. It seems the log jam has broken, a whole bunch of us got our renewals over the last two weeks. Some of us have been waiting more than a year.
  14. I'm a little suspicious of the numbers because I suspect somebody who has been flouting the rules probably won't get tested even if they're sick.