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  1. Hey, if you guys know how to reboot the world after all this such that people are going to be climbing over each other to spend ten hours on a Slaveship 777 to Rome this summer you will be greater geniuses than George Marshall.
  2. I was more reflecting on somebodies incredible pessimism than holding up an individual as an oracle. The longer this goes on the more difficult the recovery will be and the greater the long-term impacts. A whole lot of people "working from home" are just sitting on the couch waiting for an email to come in, nobody can continue paying them forever. If people can't get back to work soon the whole world is going to be in a death spiral.
  3. Talking to a friend at WestJet today he says the consensus in his group is when this is all said and done WestJet in 2021 with the exception of Encore and becoming Toronto focused is going to look a lot like WestJet in 2005. Primarily domestic with only a handful of US, Mexican and Caribbean destinations, no Swoop, no Hawaii, no widebodies, no MAXes.
  4. Which airport authority will be the first to seek a bailout? I'm betting on YEG.
  5. Apparently I am. YOW and YUL, twice each.
  6. If I were Porter I would fly a single empty plane back and forth till then because the anti-YTZ forces are going to try to make good and sure flights don't resume.
  7. Delta is moving a ridiculous number of aircraft into BHM and MZJ today (Monday). Ryanair has also been moving aircraft into VCV.
  8. I can't see Swoop surviving this, I suspect Transat would falter too if Air Canada were to break things off now.
  9. Returning home from abroad on Thursday I was pretty surprised that I had no scrutiny at all.
  10. I wouldn't trust flight tracking sites to accurately reflect movements of private aircraft and there is nothing unusual about aircraft being registered in the United States by a trustee.
  11. I dunno, watching the British police bargain with anti-Brexit/anti-Trump/anti-Oil protesters was pretty dispiriting.
  12. I was at a train station in Italy a few years ago and heard that sound and was sort of disoriented by it. I couldn't immediately place it because the sign wasn't actually in my line of sight.
  13. I can't find that on an official US government website. I know it used to say that but I can't find it now.
  14. I couldn't find that when I went looking for it, it now just says something now about residents of New York state being ineligible.
  15. I know some people who had to wait five or six months for their NEXUS renewals to go through last year, is this still a problem? I'm anticipating I will be spending a lot of time in the US in the Fall which is also when my card expires.