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  1. Just a snapshot of the sentiment that is out there..... http://www.newswire.ca/releases/March2003/25/c3905.html
  2. The plan has been in place for a while. Read about it here... http://www.whitehouse.org/news/2003/031303.asp
  3. Hello again Dragon In my point above, I said that cuts should be made "consistantly", and by that I was pertaining to the fact that all departments should fall in line with the numbers consistent with running an efficient operation. Sorry if I was unclear. If a department is already cut to the bone, then by all means they shouldn't be cut, but if they have employees who just show up on a daily basis, then that should lead to a proportionately larger cut to bring them in line. I'm not going to point fingers at any department, but we know where the fat is, and it needs to be dealt with. Rgds... Iceman
  4. Hello Dagger Last night in the thread you said I was cuckoo to think that the airline industry might be re-regulated. In this world of anonymous postings where we put up random thoughts, and it becomes a process of mental masturbation, sometimes where there's smoke, there's fire. http://www.globeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20030324.wairc324/BNStory/Business/ Rgds... Iceman
  5. Dragon With regards to layoffs, if the number of approx 150 employees per a/c is too many, and we decide that the number should be 125, then it should be worked so that the cuts are across the board. The ratios of pilots/fa's/sales staff/mtc/ramp/personel/management should be applied consistantly. As for the selling of it, it is a well known fact that certain groups are way overstaffed. They will just have to accept the fact that their department was badly run, and that those jobs no longer exist rather than all jobs no longer existing. In my opinion, the reason why the no layoff clauses were accepted by the company are beyond me. Unless you accept the conspiracy theory that Colonhead and his cronies put their finger in the pie, thereby usurping the powers of Management to do their job properly. Iceman
  6. Dragon Isn't this the point where the CEO, who is supposed to be in the position for his knowledge and foresight, takes charge and makes is known what is needed to all employees, rather that asking what they are willing to give? Iceman
  7. Dagger To follow this line, why do we have so many VP's in the first place? If you look at their portfolios, there is a lot of overlap involved. And with each additional VP comes the infrastructure such as secretaries, clerks, etc. I forget who it was who had previously posted that SW is about the same size as AC, yet they have only 11 VP's. Why do we need so many? Iceman
  8. Dagger Did you purposely forget "E"? Maybe the government needs to restructure the airline industry. You cannot tell me that they don't know how many passengers travel on each route on any given day. These records are pretty consistant over time. And under this example, if there are roughly 3000 passengers a day between YYZ and YVR, why do they allow overcapacity amongst all outfits operating to exist to the point that it jeopardises thousands of jobs? Not only that, but it will get worse as new and lower cost outfits decide to take a kick at the can. WJ is kicking AC now, but what happens when Jetsgo starts kicking WJ in the can? And after that HMY starts to kick Jetsgo in the can. Where does it end then??? Iceman
  9. Dagger Then why are they saying that the unionised layoffs will be "immediate" and management will be layed off "by the end of the year". To make it equal, make the cuts simultaneously. Iceman
  10. Dragon Now that it has come to being serious, I agree that all departments are overstaffed. With us now sitting at the table, I propose to you that we cut the company to the point that it is profitable for the route structure that it has. I know that it is harsh, but since the takeover, there are too many aircraft, too many flights to too few stations, and WAY too many staff in all departments. Prior to the takeover, for example, both AC and the former CDN operated 7 flights a day between YYZ and YVR. Both operated half full. When the takeover happened they cut back the sched but it still resembled Rapidair service. My proposal is that it be cut to the number of flights a day that is profitable for a full-service carrier. If that number is 5, then so be it. There is a lot of excess here, and it is what is dragging the company down. With AC taking over 15,000 new employees which was approx 50%more, certain departments such as personel and management here in YYZ actually DOUBLED their numbers. Henceforth alot of people sitting around doing nothing. Cutting renumeration means that you still have to haul the anchor of excess around. Back in the early '90s AC cut and then grew back healthy. My opinion is that is how it should be done. I also seriously believe that the pain should be shared equally in order to maintain the dignity of everyone that remains. And yes it is unfortunate that some will have to feel the pain. But the light at the end of the tunnel is that there will be a company that will be healthier and that will eventually hire them back. That is our history and we should learn from that lesson. Thanks for your patience in listening... Iceman
  11. Dagger With all due respect, where would the end be then? With all industries cutting back, wanting their employees to take concessions to return to profitability, pretty soon there will be no-one with the capability to spend discretionary income. That is why I feel that unionised workers are waiting for "Excecutives" to make the first move when it comes to cuts. They are unwilling to alter their lifestyles when all it leads to is CEO's giving themselves bonuses for coming up with profits. I do believe that the airline industry is a barometer of our society due to the majority of flying by the public being discretionary. The same with the automotive industry, just look at the sales forecasts for Ford and Daimler-Chrysler. We have to cure the overall malaise otherwise the next depression is around the corner and whether or not we take pay cuts now is irrelevant. Rgds... Iceman
  12. Hey Dragon... You're always posting back quickly. Do you really work that little, or are you one of the pilots that they pay to stay at home? Just wondering... Iceman
  13. Nice to see that ACPA agrees with "Full pay 'till the last day"!!! Must hurt to know that the IAM guys were ahead of the times..... Iceman
  14. Here is a link to give the latest information and Presidential words on what is happening in the current conflict!
  15. With immediate effect, a toilet policy will be established to provide a more consistent method of accounting for staff, ensuring effective time management and equal treatment for all. On the first day of every month, all staff will be issued 20 toilet trip credits which may be accumulated. The doors to all toilets will be equipped with computer linked voice recognition devices. Staff must immediately provide management with two voiceprints, one normal and one under stress. Once the employee's toilet trip bank reaches zero, the doors of the toilet will not unlock for the employee's voice until the first of the month. In addition, all cubicles are to be equipped with timed paper roll extractors. If the toilet is occupied for more than three minutes, an alarm will sound. Thirty seconds later, the roll of toilet paper will retract into the dispenser, the toilet will flush and the door will open automatically. If the toilet remains occupied, your photograph will be taken by a security camera and will appear on the Toilet Offenders Board. Anyone appearing three times will forfeit three months' toilet trip credits. Anyone caught smiling when the photograph is taken will undergo counseling by a clinical psychologist. Be advised that workmen's compensation insurance does not cover any injuries incurred while trying to stop the toilet paper retracting into the dispenser. MANAGEMENT
  16. Diary of A Quitting Smoker... Day 1: Damn. Day 1 again only the next day: Have tried to kill wife twice. Decide against washing dishes as always have cigarette when done. Same for bathroom. Am suddenly thinking this has upside. Eating dried fruit, apricots, pears, and brown things that look like squished roaches, which remind me of doobie roaches, which remind me of cigarettes. Watch wife light a cigarette; look at her pitifully. Eat leftover beans from last night - that'll show her. Walk by computer and wave occasionally. Can't sit and write or surf as this has been main smoking area. It's about four-o' clock now; I could have just one, I could have just one, I could have just one. That's Mr. Nicotine. He lives with me; 'he' could be a chick, but frankly, right now, I don't frigging care. Decide to play fantasy game on Playstation. Spend next three hours breeding Chocobos so game hero can save world. World doomed in my opinion. Day 2, morning: Woke up two hours earlier than usual. Great; two extra hours of fencing practice with the RJ Reynolds Company and spawn. Seriously considering finding some hallucinogens as never had desire for nicotine during a really good walk through a wall. Woke up six times during night to pee because I drank four gallons of water "to assist my system flush poison." Am feeling unusually testy as result of lack of sleep and deep-seated oral fixation fantasies. Decide to either kill or have sex with mail carrier when post arrives. Probably both. Day 2, afternoon: See wife off to airport for business trip. Clean closets. Nothing new in mail. Did all laundry out of necessity - body of dead mail carrier would not fit in dryer otherwise. Put in extra dryer sheets (Arm and Hammer, biodegradable.) Decide to take walk. Meet neighbor who asks if mail came yet. She is smoking a cigarette. I tell her no out of spite. Day 3, morning: Go through dead man's mail bag; keep catalogues for joyous Christmas shopping. Feed rest down garbage disposal. Day 3, Afternoon: Call garbage disposal repair. Day 4: Receive visitor. Police looking for missing mail carrier – received anonymous tip from garbage disposal repair person. Make coffee and offer fat free cookies and dried fruit. Arrange dried fruit to make smiley faces on plate. Police officer asks if I mind if he smokes. Burst in to tears. Confess. Day 472: Sentenced to death in murder of Postal Employee. ( Federal crime.) Day 478: Beaten by seven large men in prison for having no cigarettes to trade. Able to sing better now; make up prison blues songs. Day 552: Receive divorce papers: wife marrying tobacco heir. Cell mate offers to have ex wife whacked. Wants twelve cartons of cigarettes and one pair Doc Marten boots. Decide wife will live as price too steep. Day 558: Secure two cartons of cigarettes for payment to cell mate to have defense attorney whacked. Feel better. Day 691: Served last meal - minister asks if anything wanted at last moments. Think back to how good cigarette after meals used to be. Request one last smoke. Minister reluctant, no smoking in federal building, but sneaks one in. Sit back, relax, smoke. Ahhhhh. Feel slightly dizzy, giddy, euphoric. Warden enters cell excitedly; Governor issues full pardon due to new Federal "It Takes a Village" crimes statute: allows for defense appeal of insanity by reason of severe nicotine withdrawal. Day 1: Damn.
  17. Women's A$$ Size Study ... There is a new study out about women and how they feel about their a$$. I thought the results were pretty interesting. 85% of women think their a$$ is too big. 10% of women think their a$$ is too little The other 5% say that they don't care - they love him and would have married him anyway.
  18. Dragon The Loyalty Bonus was paid to Original AC Employees to compensate the fact that in the takeover the former cdn employees got a 25% wage uplift when they came to the AC contracts. Rgds... Iceman
  19. Hiya Kip Having followed your posts, I've seen you engage in numbers 1 through 4 repeatedly. What I want to know, is how you became experienced with number 5. Rgds... Iceman
  20. As a further to your thoughts Mitch, in the last few days in YYZ they have shuffled the deck of Managers once again. They say that it is to streamline the operation, but if you know who the players are, for anyone on the station it is just another instance of creating confusion to hide the inadequate nature of how the shop is run. No longer is it acceptable to leave someone in place who is knowledgeable and good at what they do for the betterment of the operation, they move them around so that everyone is at the same level on the learning curve at what they do. In my opinion, this is very ineffecient. I believe that Robert Milton is a great planner and tactician when it comes to the actual running of the airline. Yet when it comes to actual Leadership, he is sorely lacking. He needs to morph into the likes of a Lee Iaccoca, one who will give definitive direction and lead the charge. As was illustrated with the Canadian takeover, leading up to and including where we are today where the papers are reporting that he is softening his stance on concessions, Mr. Milton has to drop the the wait and see style and lead the charge. My observations around the station is that generally the employees are knowledgeable of their work and want to do a good job, yet are frustrated with having to answer to multiple masters. How can one do a good job when on any given day you are given work by not only your immediate manager, but your M.O. and then the Director sticks in his two cents worth. There are too many levels trying to control the operation and it shows. So I propose to Mr. Milton, stop "asking" the unions for concessions, "tell" them what you want, show them where you want to take them, and then let them do it. Rgds... Iceman
  21. The point of my postings is and will remain what you have said, Dragon,,, "Do not for a second think that the pilots will have any more profound an effect on our work ahead than any other group. We are in this together and the only way we are coming out the other end is together." That is why we have to fight against the superiority complex and pull together for a change. We wouldn't be doing our respective beloved jobs if it weren't for the support of one another, so isn't it time we accepted each other fully for what is brought to the table? Rgds... Iceman
  22. Neil It is good to see someone that is posting positive results these days. I think that it is most highlighted by the fact that manpower was down. That is a lesson that AC has to learn. Only after the fat has been cut out can you actually start to move ahead, otherwise like a human body, the obesity just starts to cause other internal diseases. Rgds... Iceman
  23. Phil... If you read back you will see that Labtec has directed most of his posts along the lines of the superiority of the pilot group. It has been very condescending and irritating to anyone who is not a pilot on this board. I pulled this quote from his post above... "Even in flight ops many pilots are looking for work over seas (not an option for a ramp guy or a sales agent; they have no saleable skills)." I submit to you that he is running scared because of the fact that as a pilot, their skill set is so specialised that they have the LEAST transferable skills of any employee group, and that is why they would have to look for work in the same field overseas. Worse comes to worse, a mechanic can get a job in any shop, a sales agent a customer service job in a call center or retail store, a rampie in any warehouse or construction site that needs strong hands, but what does a pilot have that can be transfered into the REAL world? It is a harsh opinion, but I raise it as a point to be discussed not to bring useless flames. Rgds... Iceman
  24. I now feel that I was born 20 years too early. How times change... Iceman
  25. Kip's Vacation..... Kip was seated next to the famous Protestant religious leader, Billy Graham, on a recent commercial flight. Once the plane was airborne, the flight attendant came around for drink orders. Kip asked for a whiskey and soda. The flight attendant then asked the Reverend if he, too, would like a drink. Mr. Graham replied, "I'd rather be savagely raped by a brazen Latin whore, than let liquor touch these lips." Well, hells bells, after hearing that Kip handed his drink back to the flight attendant and said, "I'm sorry, darlin', I didn't realize there was a choice. I'll have the same thing he's having!"
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