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  1. Hey..... Give the CBC credit for one thing... It's the only place to see the Red Green show, the last bastion of Canadian Maleness. Lol Iceman
  2. I agree with you Malcom... If you bid the flying, it should take precedence. Period. If not, if you can bid the ULH then you have the seniority to bid turns or other flying that will allow you to spend your nights at home. It is not impossible work, but it does take commitment to be in shape for the odd hours. I know the effects because after years of working 3 mornings, 3 nights, 3 off it tends to leave you scrambled and jetlagged without ever going anywhere. But by taking care with sleep patterns, diet and exercise, it is possible. Rgds... Iceman
  3. Hey Banyak(sp) I guess in looking back that is the thought that I was trying to get at. There is alot of pride in the Company, and alot of good people trying to do good work there. Isn't it always the case of the noisy few make the biggest impression while the silent majority suffers. Being second generation AC myself, it would be almost personal if they did shut it down, and having said that, if they affected all the changes that they are attempting, it wouldn't really be the same AC afterwards would it? I hope that the restructuring is successful, and that we can preserve the lifest
  4. With the talk below of what Corporations are doing to employees,,, And employee relations... I'd just like to make a small illustration from what I observe amongst the employee groups. AC has a great history, but with the march of time, and the changing weather in ALL industries, it seems to me that with the talk of holding or lowering wages, cutting benefits or making the employees pay more, and with the debate over DB or DC, it is inevitable that there is going to be lots of change. The impression that I get, though, is that if AC is going to cut, cut, cut, then the employees feel th
  5. Hey Frosty... Maybe it's because his Capitalist Hero Skilling was arrested today. Kinda takes the shine off striving to be CEO, don't it! Iceman
  6. "As well, the aircraft was in constant contact with Transborder Ops until they started their approach at which time they were required to be busy with the approach and landing. "Short staffed???" How about "work to rule" or just plain incompetent?? A lack of communications for 45 minutes is totally unacceptable...but hey...just my opinion. " Kip... I agree with your statement above 100%, a lack of communication for 45 minutes is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. But, you must accept the fact that those positions in the STOC center are all MANAGEMENT!!! As well as all the manpower planning positio
  7. Thank you for illustrating it better than I could Don. You are right, take the circumstances that AC is in and you can transfer it to just about any other industry, ie: steel, automotive, clothing, retail, and on, and on. Rgds... Iceman
  8. "As long as the buying public wants / supports discounts there is no solution." Is it really because the buying public wants/supports discounts, or because it is all that they can afford? The bigger issue is why do discounters exist? Is it really for bargains, or because nobody can AFFORD to shop retail anymore? That's the point. Cheers,,, Iceman
  9. Knowing the fact that Air Canada, as a public company, paid back all the monies that the Government gave it over the years, as well as showing healthy returns through the 80's, can be a viable entity in the industry. There has always been the low-cost outfits, ie: Worldways, Crownair, Odessy, as well as a few that slip my mind at the moment, shows that the market can be a healthy environment if managed properly. Then came the '90's with the increase in desire for profits. Driven by the excesses of investing in mutual funds, companies valuations all of a sudden exploded. NOT mind you beca
  10. Don I put that header up, because after reading through the thread below of "McJobs", at this point, it comes down to that one thing, GREED. It is the unnatural expectations of shareholders that drive the CEO's to the level of mismanagement that is occuring these days. If people had a reasonable expectation of rates of return then things might stabilise. But, IMHO, with the outrageous returns of the last few years, it is shifting the expectations of the norm to wanting of unobtainable returns year after year. This is what is allowing people to condone the actions of CEO's to driving
  11. Isn't that the way of the Capitalist society that is being created? I guess Brett must really appreciate at this point the multi-million dollar bonuses that top execs are granting themselves from cutting the hired help. On a related note, check out this months National Geographic with regards to an article on China. It shows what "growth" is doing to consumption, and the levels of pollution. This is all built on the backs of the ordinary citizens who have to live in the filth. Quite the parallel can be drawn. It is a shame what is happening to our society. Rgds.. Iceman
  12. Nice to see that the new "compressed" schedule forces more people onto a 5x2 with midweek days off. I guess this is the old CAI way of scheduling. Looks like the way to vote is for the union proposed shifts. Rgds... Iceman
  13. Where have they posted them? Thanks Iceman
  14. Have heard that after his last visit to YYZ, Uncle Milty deemed the place to be a "Discipline Problem". The rumor is that is why he will be parachuting another American in to fill the currently vacant G.M. position in YYZ. Besides, if YYZ is such a "Discipline Problem", shouldn't the management be dealt with first??? Just ruminating... Iceman
  15. "...I just heard this morning that Clive said if his people continue recieving flak in Hamilton (apparently some have been getting some grief and less than pleasant treatment over their decreased operations there) that he might just say to heck with it and pull it all.... Ya think that kind of dedication to employees won't go a long, long way toward getting the same from them? " Hey Mitch,,, How loyal do you think the employees will be if their jobs are gone because WJ pulls out of YHM, or how loyal will they be if they are forced into the commute to YYZ??? Welcome to the Big Leagues
  16. With reference to the "huge amounts of tax dollars flowing eastward", may I remind you, that the last I checked, 65% of all federal tax revenue comes from the Greater Toronto Area. And, very little of it comes back.... Rgds Iceman
  17. I think the reference to "Finding Nemo" comes from the fact that ACPA is like the seagulls in afformentioned movie..... Always with the mouth open going.... "mine, Mine, MINE, MIIIINNNNEEE!!!"
  18. Now that the true nature of the Liberal party has been brought to the fore again, it is an opportunity to stop fighting about scope, pensions and who has a bigger you know what for a while. The question is... With PM stating that he didn't know what was going on with regards to this scandal when he was FINANCE MINISTER, is it really a case of him being complicit with the plan, thereby being a crook and and not worthy of being Prime Minister..... Or was he really that incompetent, and thereby not worthy of being Prime Minister? With the opinions that lurk here, LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!
  19. You covered it best in point number 3. The only problem is, like most other "bombs" that get dropped through the media, how are we to know what the real deal is because the Company sure isn't giving details, and the Unions are running scared. After starting the debate above, it is interesting to see how much bandwidth is used on conjecture. We haven't been given any concrete evidence of how bad it really is/could be. Only time will tell, but there will always be the reaction you have seen due to the lack of information. Personally, I am in favor of the DB plan as it allows for the lar
  20. Now that the whole pension issue has been brought forward and has everyone in a collective uproar, it begs the following question.... What is AC gonna try to get through our collective hoops now that we're looking the other way?????? Inquisitively Iceman
  21. You seem to be quoting from the same book. History repeats itself, and lessons should be learned by it. What you are saying is what led to the original bankruptcy of Continental, and then the demise of Eastern. Great way of running a business. Rgds... Iceman
  22. Tony Clement was my MPP and he actually campaigned through my neighborhood. Had the opportunity to bend his ear on my doorstep for 20 minutes or so. His is a good man in my opinion, just was in the wrong party, and I told him so. I just don't think that in todays society where "image" is more important than "deeds" that the man has a chance. That is why Belinda has a better chance than him IMHO. Once the voters get beyond the idea that they have to elect a figurehead, and actually have to elect a leader(even if he isn't pretty), then maybe our society will have a chance. Until t
  23. It's about time they have had their day!!! They could set up their headquarters in the old Molson Plant up in Barrie..... LoL Iceman
  24. Was that you in VN147 this morn speeding down the ramp by 237 almost becoming intimate with Frosty? Just inquiring. Iceman
  25. Is the next conspiracy theory going to be.... The reason why they changed the McNuggets recipe????? Oh the Horror!!!