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  1. OMG Canada needs a new fiscal anchor if its borrowing spree is to continue The finance minister said Wednesday that 'We, the collective we, will have to face up to our borrowing' https://business.financialpost.com/news/economy/canada-needs-a-new-fiscal-anchor-if-its-borrowing-spree-is-to-continue?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1594247167
  2. DEFICIT FORECAST TO BE... 343,200,000,000.00
  3. Massive deficit to be revealed today begins new era of debt for Canada No other major advanced economy tracked by the IMF is expected to record a larger one-year fiscal swing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set release his first estimate of the full cost of the multiphase effort to buffer Canada from its deepest recession since the 1930s. Trudeau’s finance minister, Bill Morneau, will provide a fiscal update Wednesday that’s expected to show a current-year deficit of at least $250 billion, or 12 per cent of economic output. The gap last year was about 1 per cent of gross domestic product. The Globe and Mail newspaper reported late Tuesday the figure will exceed $300 billion. No other major advanced economy tracked by the International Monetary Fund is expected to record a larger one-year fiscal swing in 2020. While the massive shortfall has broad political support, it’s dramatic departure for a country with a longstanding aversion to debt and leaves Canada with the prospect of running large deficits for years to come. Morneau, the first finance minister to oversee a credit rating downgrade in 25 years, is under pressure to provide at least cursory assurances the government will return to a more fiscally prudent path once the coronavirus crisis has passed. https://business.financialpost.com/news/economy/justin-trudeaus-gaping-deficit-begins-new-era-of-debt-for-canada?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1594205304
  4. Trudeau gets flak from RCMP vets for 'taking a knee' at BLM protest Turns out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “taking a knee” at a Black Lives Matter protest on Parliament Hill on June 5 didn’t sit well with some RCMP vets. The RCMP Veterans’ Association accused Trudeau of “humiliating us” with the move in a letter written by Gilles Favreau, retired deputy commissioner, addressed to the PM, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. “The Prime Minister and all members of Parliament who try to gain political points on the back of RCMP members should show some discomfort and embarrassment,” Favreau wrote. “In fact, they should have asked for explanations and valid and dependable statistics before identifying our members as racist and, by doing so, humiliating us by kneeling down as if demanding pardon for our renowned organization that has served our country with honour, integrity and devotion for the last 147 years.” When the PM knelt amongst the crowd of protestors, he was surrounded by plainclothes officers who were all RCMP members. Favreau was outraged over cabinet complaints of “systemic racism” in the RCMP and said the mounties should separate from any “political motives.” He said RCMP incidents involving minorities were “misdemeanors” and that politicians shouldn’t paint all mounties as the same after the actions of a few. “Of course on some occasions members under pressure over-react,” wrote Favreau. “However these misdemeanors are never ordered, supported or tolerated by any level of management.” Favreau said RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki “lost some credibility within the RCMP and more seriously by the Canadian population” after talking about complaints of systemic bigotry within her ranks. “She is now perceived as head of an organization submissive to the public power rather than being independent from political motives,” he wrote. https://torontosun.com/news/national/trudeau-gets-flak-from-rcmp-vets-for-taking-a-knee-at-blm-protest
  5. The budget will balance itself........
  6. Florida cases are up, but death rate remains low.. https://www.foxnews.com/media/desantis-florida-coronavirus-case-spread-younger-people
  7. Kind of goes with the territory......and who would have thought that Trump and Justin were related......?
  8. Amid a global pandemic, economic collapse and mass protest, Toronto has a new top concern: Your beer Let it never be said that Toronto, under pressure, in a time of great tumult and strain, was ever anything less than 100 per cent pure Toronto. A pandemic is reshaping the world. The economy is in tatters. Protests over racism and police brutality have spread everywhere. But in Toronto, the real Toronto problems have come back to the fore. In the middle of a heat wave, at a time when it is infinitely safer to be outdoors than in, the City of Toronto is worried about your beer. Over the weekend, the City sent out a message on its official Twitter account reminding residents that it is against the law to have a drink on the beach or in a park. Get caught with an open can or a Solo cup full of wine and you could get hit with a $300 fine. Since March 17, bylaw officers alone have handed out 46 citations for alcohol consumption or possession according to a city spokesperson. That doesn’t include any charges laid by the Toronto Police. For a minute, while enduring an unprecedented shutdown, we thought we could have nice things,” the journalist Sarah Boesveld wrote in response to the tweet. “Or, y’know, maybe just this one thing.” But, of course, Toronto isn’t really a place for nice things, or different things, or change. No matter what else is happening in the world, Toronto will keep on being Toronto. New ideas, simple ideas even, will get talked about and ignored. The same old will always endure. There is a serious issue here. This isn’t just about having your gin and soda in High Park without worrying about the police. There are legitimate public health reasons why the city and the province should work together to let those rules slide. The evidence at this point is overwhelming that it is far safer to gather outdoors during the pandemic than it is inside. Pushing drinkers off the beaches could mean pushing them into living rooms and kitchen parties, where the risk of super-spreader situations could spike. https://nationalpost.com/news/toronto/amid-a-global-pandemic-economic-collapse-and-mass-protest-toronto-has-a-new-top-concern-your-beer
  9. Balancing the hate...another opinion piece. Victory is close for Trump, despite the noise Four months ago, buoyed by a record-setting economy, a long-overdue challenge to China and scenes of American soldiers returning home from wasteful wars, Donald Trump was cruising toward re-election. Since then, much has changed, including what voters care about. A pandemic not yet ready to surrender has forced us indoors, away from work and distanced from each other. Gatherings are no longer completely safe. Jobs are no longer completely secure. Major league sports are having major league challenges re-opening to fans. Zoom is no longer an adjective for speed but a product refracting our inertia. In the wake of this tectonic disturbance, our nation's political landscape has also shifted in ways we’ve yet to fully grasp. That helps explain why a smartphone-captured act of brutality on a Minnesota street not only shocked our conscience but ignited such anger that protests quickly succumbed to looting and violence amid calls to defund the police, destroy history, and silence any dissent. Four years ago, when Trump was predicted to lose — and lose badly — in polls taken during the election’s final week, he was written off by the same nattering nabobs who have never understood him or the people who stand with him. Trump is on the verge of winning again — of defying the establishment and all the prognosticators again — because the chattering class never accepted his ability to command a message that cuts through the normal din of drivel. The difference today is he has a bully pulpit to deliver the message and the popular allure of being the “comeback kid” to drive it. The path to that comeback is historically validated, clearly marked and easy to follow. It is a path that requires him to be who he is and what he stands for — the tell-it-like-it-is outsider whose appeal is fueled by taking on issues others fear and barely touch, a leader willing to fight like hell to make things work, and make things right. Specifically, Trump needs to re-declare all-out war against the pandemic. COVID-19 is THE issue of our times. He should return to near-daily briefings to keep the public informed, regardless of the evidence of the day. He should establish a “vaccine watch” where the efforts of all those working on a cure can be tracked and followed, day by day. It will provide a therapeutic shot-in-the-arm to everyone who remains hopeful yet fearful. All such efforts would show how determined he is to tackle COVID-19 head-on. Churchill was right when he said, “success is not final, and failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” Short of this, every other legitimate achievement — from China and immigration to taxes and regulations — will pale in comparison. Americans are looking for a modern-day General Patton, who — while acknowledging fear — gave us the mettle to fight, not politicians like Joe Biden who feign courage while cowering at home. Trump should return to the battlefield. This is war. Second, to give the economy both lift and mission, He should return to his roots as a master builder. He should go beyond his $1-trillion opener and call for the biggest infrastructure project in the history of the planet. In FDR fashion, go big to rebuild America’s roads, schools, ports, airports, and cyber-highway. It would create millions of jobs short-term, millions more downstream, and stop us from constantly looking over our shoulder at China catching up. Put them in our rearview mirror — and keep them there. Third, instead of fearing a full-bore discussion on race relations, Trump should embrace it. His record of support for historically black colleges and school choice, for economic empowerment in black communities, and for judicial reform, contrasts with Biden’s support for the ’94 Crime Bill calling for massive incarceration and no school choice. Trump should welcome the discussion George Floyd’s death inspired. Commit to everyone’s constitutional right to protest, then draw the line when lives are endangered, businesses are burned, and police are threatened. Speak out and know that America’s silent majority will grow less silent. Finally, he should take square aim at what he’s for — jobs, safety, peace, a fair trade, a square deal — versus what he’s against. The nation is hurting, and while the media piles on with doom and gloom to boost their ratings, Trump can inspire the people to boost their spirits. If he does, everything else goes his way. One debate, much less the three agreed to, will bring the currently ascendant Biden back to earth: 55 percent of Americans — one in three Democrats —already feel Biden is falling into mental disrepair. His concessions to the left mean he must defend programs we can’t afford, protests he’ll be asked to fully embrace, and economic changes that would cripple the pillars of our economy. So let the natterers natter, and the critics cry, let the pundits pontificate and the liberals lecture. They’re not the audience, America is. Trump can be that force for change, that General Patton, who sagely surmised while heading into battle that it’s “better to fight for something than live for nothing.” Do that, and Trump will not only win an election, but a better, safer, more predictable future for all of us. Adam Goodman_ is a national Republican media strategist and columnist. He is a partner at Ballard Partners in Washington D.C. He is also the first Edward R. Murrow Senior Fellow at Tufts University's Fletcher School. Follow him on Twitter
  10. Some things just don’t age well......
  11. I see that the $300 blood money from Trudeau was deposited in my account this morning. We can all do what we want with it, but personally I can’t be bought for $300. It’s tax free money that becomes tax deductible..win / win in my books I donated it to my candidate of choice for the Conservative leadership race. I fully intend to use this money in the fight against the true virus in this country..
  12. My Advice Is Build a Fallout Shelter’ if Biden Wins “ Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) warned Fox News host Sean Hannity and his viewers Monday night that they would need to take drastic measures if former Vice President Joe Biden beats President Donald Trump in November. “Well, the vice president says he will transform America. He will. And the American people will pay a fearsome price. His foreign policy is hugs and hot cocoa for America’s enemies. If he’s elected, my advice to you is to build a fallout shelter,” the Louisiana senator exclaimed, prompting Hannity to do a double take. “Build a fallout shelter,” Kennedy reiterated. “You’ll need it. Weakness invites the wolves. His domestic policy, he wants you—he wants all of us to surrender our money and our freedom, every bit of it, to Washington “ https://www.thedailybeast.com/gop-senator-john-kennedy-says-my-advice-is-build-a-fallout-shelter-if-biden-wins