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  1. “ Statistics Canada recently updated their report on average salaries across the country, and it seems we’re taking home a little more than we were in 2016. The average salary for Canadian employees has been steadily increasing since 2013. As of September 2017, the average wage for Canadian employees was $986 a week – or just over $51,000 a year. This represents a 3.1% increase over the same period last year. https://careers.workopolis.com/advice/how-much-money-are-we-earning-the-average-canadian-wages-right-now/ **************I*I*I*I***********I*I* Canadians Believe The Average Salary They Need For 'Comfort' Is $250,000 Canadian expectations verses reality.....I guess that “ average “ Canadian will have to raise their input level to their expectations level...oh yeah that’s right...that would encompass hard work so let’s just take it from the people who actually worked their ass off, took chances, started a company probably working 80 hours a week to be successful only to have the Lefties of the world want to take it away from them. Nice try...suggest you try a stint in Venezuela for a dose of reality to what Socialism brings. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2018/11/03/average-salary-canada-wealth_a_23579661/
  2. B.C. tricked Canadian politicians into believing its carbon tax policy works. It doesn't 'Revenue neutral' carbon tax is not an accounting exercise for B.C. families. It’s an expensive reality While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government gets set to force a federal carbon tax on all of Canada’s provinces and territories, taxpayers across the country deserve to know what happened in the country’s carbon-tax test case, British Columbia. The Trojan horse of the carbon tax was wheeled into the B.C. public square in 2008 with the government’s promise that it would somehow cost average people nothing and would be “revenue neutral.” But, that turned out to be a cautionary tale for the ages. For years, the carbon-tax cheerleaders continued to laud the fee that’s been tacked on to carbon-emitting goods and services, urging the rest of the country to follow suit. It was touted as a magical formula that would somehow protect the environment and lower taxes all at once. Visions of hydrogen-powered buses and solar cars danced in the heads of the green bean counters. “Revenue neutral” they all sang. The reality of government, however, is always duller and grift-ier than that. The current B.C. government has dropped the term “revenue neutral” altogether and now calls the carbon tax a “tool.” Before the charade was abandoned entirely, this is what “revenue neutral” meant for the B.C. carbon tax: In 2016–17 the provincial government raked in $1.2 billion in the carbon tax from taxpayers. The amount is listed on page 68 in the budget document as a frame entitled: “Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax Plan.” Then, the government scraped together 17 sundry tax credits and stuffed them into the carbon-tax frame, making the tax sum balance out to zero. Abracadabra: “revenue neutral.” That’s all it meant. It was a crass puppet show. Every provincial and federal budget includes tax credits for things like home renovations, children’s fitness programs, film incentives, and business training tax credits. In B.C., however, there is an uncommon carbon tax taken from people, so these very common credits were just repackaged to make the tax appear neutral on paper. As a senior B.C. government official admitted during last year’s budget lockup, “this was always just an accounting exercise.” The carbon tax is not an accounting exercise for B.C. families. It’s an expensive reality for any Canadian subjected to it. Under the federal formula at $35 per tonne, the carbon tax costs a lot of money at the gas station, approximately 8.55 cents per litre of gasoline with the GST tacked onto it, and 10.06 cents per litre for diesel with the GST. To fill up an average Toyota Camry with a 70-litre fuel tank costs $6 in carbon tax. A Dodge Ram pick-up truck costs more than $10 in carbon tax and a Ford Super Duty Diesel costs more than $17 per fill up. For tractor-trailer trucks, it costs $45 in carbon taxes to fill up just one of those cylinder tanks with diesel. Canadians bought more than 40 billion litres of gasoline and more than 16 billion litres of diesel fuel in 2016. Multiply that volume by the carbon tax per litre and the government haul is crystal clear. It gets worse, though, because even with the carbon tax costing Canadians billions of dollars, it’s still not reducing emissions, according to environmentalists leading the carbon-tax charge. In January, the Sierra Club reported on the B.C. experiment: “emissions were higher in 2015 than in 2010 and have risen in four of the last five years. B.C.’s latest emissions data mark years of failure to reduce emissions by more than a token amount.” If taking billions of dollars away from Canadians doesn’t reduce emissions, then, what is the point of this forced carbon tax? When the forced federal carbon tax is set at $50 per tonne in 2022, that means that gasoline will have a carbon tax of 11.63 cents per litre. Will that be enough? Not according to the Environment Canada bureaucrats who told Environment Minister Catherine McKenna that the country needs a carbon tax of $100 per tonne by 2020 and a tax of $300 per tonne by 2050 to meet the government’s promises under the Paris climate agreement. That would be 23 cents per litre on gas in 2020 and then 70 cents per litre by 2050 — about $50 extra in today’s money to fill up the family sedan. People need to use oil and gas. The carbon tax doesn’t make people “reduce their use” of this modern lifeblood, it just costs them a lot of money while not stopping the emissions. Our economy and our modern way of life depend on oil and gas. We use them to run our power stations, till our soil, plant our food, mine our minerals, mill our wood, heat our greenhouses, manufacture all of our goods and haul those goods and food to market. We use oil and gas products to travel to school, work and the beach. Planes, automobiles and transit buses all use oil and gas, and they were manufactured and shipped to us using oil and gas. All of these actions of everyday life depend upon the miracle of hydrocarbons, so, the carbon tax is a tax on everything. Carbon taxes don’t just make gasoline more expensive, they make life much more expensive. https://business.financialpost.com/opinion/b-c-tricked-canadian-politicians-into-believing-its-carbon-tax-policy-works-it-doesnt
  3. Arrogant Elitists At Toronto Star Run Horribly Condescending Attack On Alberta Workers Without Alberta workers, and without the oil industry in particular, Canada would be a much poorer and much worse country. Working People and our energy sector keeps our country alive and functioning. Look at it this way: Canada couldn’t survive without the energy industry. But we sure could survive without the corrupt establishment media. But the arrogant elitists in the establishment media don’t realize how redundent they are. Instead, they have an inflated sense of their own importance, and look down with contempt on every else. “When Conservatives talk about the elites, this is what we mean. The condescension, talking down to and mocking of people they see as yokels. The pearl-clutching over a high-school dropout actually making a good wage for doing an honest day’s work.” While there may be some good reporters at the Toronto Star, the overall organization and attitude of the establishment media elites is absolutely dripping with contempt towards Canadian Workers and towards the energy industry. And that obvious contempt is why more and more people are rejecting the establishment media and turning towards websites like SpencerFernando.com, where the truth and the viewpoint of common-sense Canada is actually represented, instead of constantly denigrated. https://www.spencerfernando.com/2019/04/18/arrogant-elitists-at-toronto-star-run-horribly-condescending-attack-on-alberta-workers/
  4. No amount of logic will change the minds of the twisted demented hateful Left. They act like out of control trained seals clapping for fish with but one focus...Revenge at any cost ! It’s a bitch when you finally discover that this “ Noose “ you have been tightening for 3 years is around your own neck.
  5. Censorship happens in the blink of an eye. Two weeks ago, I tweeted a triptych that read: “How censorship happens: a story in three parts.” The first image was of a recent Vice headline stating that Facebook was moving to ban white nationalism and white separatism. The second was a tweet by left-wing activist Anthony Watson referring to Quillette as a “right-wing, white-nationalist website.” The third was a tweet thread in which two Canadian academics speak about monitoring and making a list of Canadians who dared to publish with Quillette. Censorship happens as quickly as one can construct a false syllogism. And right now would be a very good time for us to start paying attention to where and how it’s happening. Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg penned a recent op-ed in the Washington Post in which he advocated for a laws against what he refers to as “harmful content” as well as international laws to monitor and regulate the internet. “It’s time to update these rules [of the internet] to define clear responsibilities for people,” Zuckerberg said. Of course, big tech is not waiting for the laws they crave to take action. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube have all deplatformed controversial figures such as Alex Jones, Faith Goldy, and Milo Yiannopoulos. These precedents have then been used to ban perfectly mainstream and reasonable figures like Meghan Murphy, a feminist who committed the high crime of “misgendering” on Twitter. She’s not the only one. Gender critical voices are routinely banned on Twitter, while their opposition is free to libel and level threats of violence with no administrative consequences. It seems that the rush to censor coincides with major tragedies in the world. Or, perhaps the censors among us exploit tragedies in order to achieve their goals of making our culture antiseptic. The desires of speech-denying ideologues line up perfectly with big tech companies, who are primarily interested in manifesting their dominance in marketplaces worldwide, not adhering to ethical standards. As the regressive censors continue to dance with their corporate partners, it’s never been clearer that we need more speech and more platforms. Take, for instance, the rush to smear conservative commentator Ben Shapiro in the wake of the Notre Dame Cathedral tragedy. Shapiro tweeted: “Absolutely heartbreaking. A magnificent monument to Western civilization collapsing” He added a few follow-up tweets stressing the importance of God and Judeo-Christian tradition. As a result, Washington Post contributor Talia Levin spat out an incoherent hot takeclaiming that Shapiro was stoking racial tensions: “Given the already-raging rumors about potential Muslim involvement, these tweets evoked the specter of a war between Islam and the West that is already part of numerous far-right narratives,” she wrote. Levin also unfairly slimed conservative writer and filmmaker Mike Cernovich, whose “wordcrime” was to tweet “The West has fallen.” In Levin’s depraved mind, these simply phrased, mournful tweets are enough to liken these conservatives to actual Nazis like Richard Spencer. It’s disgusting. When Shapiro punched back on Twitter, Media Matters got involved. For those who aren’t aware, Media Matters is the powerful woke-scold organization that regularly boycotts and slimes prominent conservatives in the name of progress. **bleep** you and the burro you rode on.” There it is. These are the words of the “prestigious” organization that wants to keep us safe from dangerous language. The tweet was properly ratioed, and the Washington Post smear backfired this time, but if Levin had her way, the “trust and safety” teams of big tech would be holding meetings to figure out how to get Shapiro off of their platforms. After the New Zealand mosque shooting, a major bookstore banned Jordan Peterson’s self-help book, 12 Rules for Life, in a completely ill-advised attempt to to keep their culture safe. Of course, the irony was that Peterson’s work is specifically effective in helping young men sort out their lives and avoid the pitfalls of radicalization. Thanks to the voices of reasonable people, Peterson’s book was reinstated. The censors among us start out by targeting Alex Jones or Faith Goldy or whoever they feel they can safely say is a conspiracy theorist or a white supremacist. But they don’t stop there. If they had their way, they would never stop. They simply need those people for precedent. Did you develop an appreciation of Western civilization by listening to Ben Shapiro? You’re a white supremacist. Did you clean your room and straighten out your life thanks to Dr. Peterson’s book? You’re a white supremacist. Did you publish an essay with Quillette? You’re a white supremacist. We can all clearly see the game that they’re playing, and we can’t let them win. We need to speak out while we still can. https://www.thepostmillennial.com/censorship-happens-in-the-blink-of-an-eye/
  6. “ The CBC’s Neil Macdonald is an ignorant bigot. “ “ This airtight worldview is precisely the reason that the arrogance of the elites has left them so unprepared for what is happening across the Western world. When you silence your opponents with condescension and name-calling, you ensure that the only response can be political.” https://thebridgehead.ca/2017/06/01/the-cbcs-neil-mcdonald-is-an-ignorant-bigot/
  7. NEW STUDY: Prime Minister Trudeau has broken the record for debt growth outside world wars and recessions. Visit fraserinstitute.org to learn more..
  8. Canadians traditionally pick the best of the worst...Shows you how bad the “worst” ( aka Liberals ) are when the entire country are delegating them to a status of a nightmare the country is waking up from.
  9. I guess we travel in different crowds. The only complaining I hear is from Liberals finding any and all possible excuses to bash Fords efforts. It’s almost identical to the Democrats antics in the States. I stand by what I said. The map tells all. PS. Wynne lost !