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  1. Encouraging! “ Conservative Party has a clear lead over the Liberal Party just 8 months out from the election “ February 15, 2019 The latest National Campaign Research Poll conducted among 1,590 Canadians revealed that the Conservatives (CPC) held a clear lead (37%) over the Liberals (LPC, 32%), while the New Democratic Party of Canada’s (NDP) fortunes continue their decline with the party remaining a distant third (14%). Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada doesn’t appear to be having a noticeable impact on the CPC. https://www.campaignresearch.ca/single-post/2019/02/13/Conservative-Party-has-a-clear-lead-over-the-Liberal-Party-just-8-months-out-from-the-election
  2. This is not a negotiation’: Ontario tells Hydro One to cut CEO pay Province says $1.5 million; Hydro says $2.7 million TORONTO — Hydro One and the Ontario government are at loggerheads over executive compensation, with the partially privatized utility refusing repeated requests to slash proposed pay for its CEO. Energy Minister Greg Rickford asked Hydro One on Friday to come up with a revised executive compensation framework that sets its CEO’s salary and incentives no higher than $1.5 million after the company submitted a proposal last week with a maximum of nearly $2.8 million for the CEO. “We’re not going to take very long to take action if we come to an understanding that this is not the position that they’re going to take,” Rickford said. “This is not a negotiation process for us. Those are numbers that we intend to hold.” Rickford had already requested that Hydro One get back to the government by Thursday with a proposal that meets the government’s requirements, but the company released its proposed compensation framework to the public without the province’s requested cuts to executive pay. In response to Rickford’s renewed request Friday, Hydro One said it continues to seek approval for its plan. Hydro One’s framework is the result of a rigorous process and balances concerns around cost management with the need to attract, retain and motivate highly-qualified leadership to Ontario’s largest electricity transmission and distribution provider with over $25 billion in assets and annual revenues of nearly $6 billion,” it said in a statement. Under legislation the government passed last year, Ontario can issue a formal, legal directive to the utility on pay. The government is also asking that the compensation of other executives not exceed 75 per cent of the CEO’s pay and that board member compensation not exceed $80,000. https://business.financialpost.com/commodities/energy/ontario-energy-minister-on-hydro-one-ceo-pay-this-is-not-a-negotiation
  3. Latest email from Mr Ford ! Have you heard of March madness? It’s what happens all over government at the end of the fiscal year. Bureaucrats in every department start spending money on anything they can. Why? It’s a “use it or lose it” mentality. They figure if they don’t spend their entire budget, they get less money to spend the next year. Well, we’re putting measures in place. Any spending not already authorized isn’t getting approved. We’re not going to end up like the feds did, buying 31,000 smartphones at the end of the year. There’s a lot to fix with this government. The Liberals had 15 years to build up the red tape and mismanagement. We’re going to need to fight hard to fix it. That means we’re going to need to win the next election too. Doug Ford
  4. This comment from a Veteran. “ My personal opinion only from a Veterans point of view: They left our country to fight for our country’s enemy. They are defacto traitors to Canada. No government of Canada no matter what political stripe should be obligated to repatriate them citizens or not. They gave up their citizenship the minute they left Canada to commit barbarous treason They should should face the rough "Islamic" justice they meted out to so many innocents all over the region.” What to do with suspected Canadian ISIS fighters and their families detained in Syria? Security expert says Canada has put off the question for years, but circumstances now require an answer Diana Swain · CBC News · Posted: Feb 15, 2019 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: 4 hours ago A video was recently released of Toronto's Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, after he was captured by Kurdish forces battling ISIS in Syria. (CBC) The Canadian government should have seen this coming, says international security expert Christian Leuprecht. The Royal Military College professor says Canada could have planned for what to do when its own citizens — ISIS members, their wives and children — were captured or surrendered on the battlefield in Syria. "For years, governments of both political stripes had the opportunity to anticipate that we were going to find ourselves in this position and instead ... just kind of hoped the issue would go away," said Leuprecht, who also teaches at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont. Now, as a result of the U.S.'s planned withdrawal from Syria, there's some urgency to the question of what to do with Canadians detained in the war-torn country. As many as 5,000 alleged ISIS fighters and their families are being held in makeshift prisons in Syria. The number is swelling daily as ISIS loses its final strongholds in eastern Syria. CBC News has determined that as many as 32 Canadians are currently held by the U.S-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, a Kurdish-led group that's been fighting ISIS. Canada needs to 'have eyes' on returned ISIS fighter, says de-radicalization expert VIDEO Detention video shows another purported ISIS fighter saying he's from Canada Some of the Canadians in custody were captured in battle, including Toronto's Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed, who was taken by the SDF in a firefight last month. Others include two women believed to be from Ontario and Alberta, who surrendered to the SDF along with their children last week after fleeing one of the last ISIS-controlled villages in Syria. But the U.S. says it's pulling out of Syria soon, leaving the SDF to fight on its own. The militia says it can't protect the thousands of prisoners while also protecting itself. The U.S. has tried to soften the impact of its departure by supporting the SDF's call on other countries to repatriate their prisoners. France is the first Western country to respond. It's believed to have moved 80 of 130 citizens back to France, all to be prosecuted for joining ISIS. Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale says the government hasn't decided what it will do about Canadian citizens detained in Syria. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press) "We've heard the request," Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said last week, while insisting Canada won't be rushed into a decision. "The fact of the matter remains that is a dangerous and dysfunctional part of the world, and we do not intend to endanger the lives of our consular or diplomatic officials," he said. Gathering battlefield evidence And if suspected militants are returned to Canada, prosecuting them for their actions overseas presents significant challenges. It is illegal to leave or attempt to leave Canada to help a group to commit terrorism. But prosecutors will still need to prove their case. Canada has been working with its Five Eyes intelligence partners — the U.S., Britain, New Zealand and Australia — to share available evidence. Goodale acknowledges that obtaining evidence from the battlefield is difficult. "We all have the same set of problems in terms of the collection of usable evidence," he said. "How can we collaborate with each other to make sure that our laws are enforceable and that charges will stick?" Reintegration or prosecution? Leuprecht says Canada could have acted sooner, toughening its laws to make it easier to prosecute returning fighters. Australia, for example, made it illegal simply to travel to some places without prior permission from the government. He also says many of the Canadian mothers and children in custody could be candidates for reintegration, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke of in the House of Commons back in 2017. "We also have methods of de-emphasizing or deprogramming people who want to harm our society, and those are some of the things we have to move forward on," Trudeau said at the time. Prof. Christian Leuprecht of the Royal Military College of Canada says the federal government has put off addressing the question of what to do with Canadians captured on the battlefields of Syria for years. (CBC) But getting them back to Canada wouldn't be easy. Syria, after all, is still a war zone. Leuprecht suspects Canadian Forces are already gaming out how to escort the Canadians out of Syria. If the government were to go ahead with such a mission, it would face some hard questions from Canadians, he said. "They might have even harder questions if the government funds and takes the risk of a mission to extract these folks and the mission goes pear-shaped and Canadian members are wounded or killed." A right to a passport In an email to CBC, Global Affairs Canada spokesperson Richard Walker said Canadian diplomats have established a communication channel with local Kurdish authorities to try to verify the "whereabouts and well-being of Canadian citizens." "While every Canadian citizen — no matter how reprehensible — has the legal right to 're-enter' Canada, the Government of Canada has no legal obligation to facilitate their return," Goodale said in a speech last month. Government not expecting many more foreign fighters to return to Canada CBC INVESTIGATES Young Canadian ISIS recruit says he saw violence on scale he could never have imagined Immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman believes Canada has a duty to provide any citizen a passport, if they request one. "But that doesn't necessarily mean they have to pay for their ticket and all these other steps that might be necessary to get the people out," he said. Unless, he says, a detainee can prove they are in danger if left in a prison camp. The federal government insists it has reached no decision yet on bringing anyone back. Either way, a question that's been quietly building for years seems to now require an answer. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/isis-canadians-syria-prosecutions-1.5019971
  5. Interesting. Trudeau is caught with his pants down in possibly the biggest scandal this government has seen. YET...for some reason, Conservative support drops for exposing the truth? Canadians obviously love lies, pain and suffering. The more I read about the present day mentality in Canadian society, the more I like my dog. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/poll-tracker-federal-poll-averages-and-seat-projections-1.4171977
  6. “ Trudeau supports women, so long as they remain quiet and do exactly what he says.” https://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/malcolm-trudeaus-fake-feminism-has-now-been-exposed