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  1. dagger, I haven't had a detailed look at the aircraft or read all threads covering the A220 so perhaps the question is covered in earlier posts about the C-series and the A220 post-Airbus' takeover. The question regards the additional value of CCQ & reduced training footprints for those carriers that have other Airbus types. Does CCQ apply to the A220 for those crews trained on the A320/A321, (either active or had been 320-trained at one time), or does the aircraft require a new type-rating/training etc.?
  2. Apparently VA declared a profit only twice in ten years, accumulating AUS$5b in debt. No wonder the Aussie gov't wouldn't touch it, & the banks are ahead of the shareholders in the cents-on-the-dollar calculation. This is before and beyond the current terrible forces unleashed by this virus, so the notions laissez-faire vs. bail-outs are less academic and instead are particularly stark against the world's political economies, reeling.
  3. Virgin Australia confirms collapse, appoints administrators Virgin Australia has confirmed it has gone into voluntary administration, handing the airline over the insolvency experts at Deloitte to restructure the business and find new owners to keep it flying. 1 hour ago by Patrick Hatch and Sarah Danckert
  4. Virgin Australia set for voluntary administration By Patrick Hatch, Sarah Danckert, David Crowe and Kylar Loussikian Updated April 20, 2020 — 8.09pmfirst published at 4.46pm Virgin Australia is preparing to go into voluntary administration, unable to survive under the weight of enormous debts and starved of cash by the coronavirus travel shutdown. The Morrison government's refusal of financial support sealed Virgin's fate and the government now plans to
  5. Great history/story moeman...tx.
  6. New MAX Autopilot Requirement Addresses Emergency-Checklist Conflict AW&ST Sean Broderick April 14, 2020 The latest version of the Boeing 737 MAX master minimum equipment list (MMEL) corrects a conflict between the original MMEL’s allowances and pilot troubleshooting steps that allowed flights with no functioning autopilot, even as a checklist calls for autopilot engagement to correct flight-control issue. Changes proposed in a draft version, posted in December 2019 for public comment, targeted issues related to updated flight control computer (FCC) software in
  7. ! My wife is a very generous person, even moreso when she saw the "solution".
  8. Certainly re-affirms the boundless human imagination for creative, ad-hoc solutions to unanticipated problems...since there's material for two, they're shareable I suppose?
  9. With all the important jobs taken, there's no room for a Reality-TV host...
  10. Bob was on board 604's retirement flight, and Jean-Marc, recently retired himself, was the captain.
  11. Hi Specs, there certainly is - Glen Pearce, a captain in VR, (recently retired), arranged to have this aircraft barged over to Victoria from YVR where it had been stored for years, (not too far from the Flying Beaver). I believe the aircraft is now restored - Glen is a huge supporter (and collector) of old aircraft.
  12. Insert other media Fin 604, heading for the desert.
  13. Soooo cool, Jeff, great timing, great post.
  14. Fido...we had hail & snow here in White Rock last week...not enough to roll an Easter snowman but a reminder that it was still March! I remember snow in April/May in Toronto! Kasey - good one! Actually, we're done with caring for these beautiful kids, (aren't they all?!!) in 3 days, as they're all "babies" - 1, 3 & 5 yrs. It's very hard, joyful work. Our daughter, an Emerg Nurse at a hospital nearby sent us a What'sApp note the other day saying she was exhausted from looking after her mom & dads' grandkids... Hi Vs, everyone's remaining healthy & well, thanks!
  15. "much of the technology from the L-1011 made its way to the Bus in one form or another." Agree, boestar - just some really good thinking had gone into the aircraft. I wonder what the "cross-pollination" was between the Lockheed design and Airbus's eventual decisions - I have a friend I can ask. It's not as though the L1011 was entirely problem free but I flew it for about three years, mostly YVR > LHR > BOM > SIN and back without abnormality or diversion. It was CATIII to zero vis, (that was informally called CAT "IIIc" I think - we used "IIIb" which required a bit of vis...). I
  16. Hi Vs - remember the approach-plate-holder some very clever 320 pilot had made? It was fitted with a 5x7in rubber "tab" which was nicely riveted onto the holder, and was placed in between the two folded top & bottom of the table when it was stowed. There were other clever modifications to the blue AC chart binders that fit between the spring clip and the window-opening handle. It was a fine design and fine aircraft. Only one design topped it in my view and that was the L1011-500. The most difficut aspect of flying the A320 was explaining & defending it against the "if it ain'
  17. Maybe its data on how many have read Adams' fine work!
  18. Hi vrefplus5, perhaps did you mean "NAT Tracks"? Either way; I thought it is interesting that the FlightRadar24 screen encompasses only 69 aircraft on the NAT Tracks at 0500Z, (top left blue-outlined box), which would be about 2hrs out for the earliest arrivals and perhaps 5hrs out for those further west. Normally such an image would show five times or more aircraft on the Tracks at that time.
  19. The other side of "grounded"...North Atlantic traffic, March 26, 2020, 0501Z...
  20. From AW&ST Nearly 50 Years Apart, Lockheed Bailout Resonates During Boeing Crisis SHARE Steve Trimble March 24, 2020 C-5A Credit: U.S. Air Force An unexpected problem plunges a promising new airliner program into crisis mode, potentially dragging the world’s largest aerospace company down along with it. Billions of losses, meanwhile, pile up on another new aircraft created for the U.S. Air Force’s mobility fleet, thanks to th