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  1. Preliminary Report released
  2. Similar to related "behavioural / standards / ethics and most important, morality issues", with which many here and around the global village are concerned, the issues raised are also familiar and the testimony is not "news". Chuck Perrow was a pioneer in the eighties, opening up the discussion about "normal" accidents - well worth reading even now years after his passing. To me and I believe many, if we pull hard and long enough on the thread, many issues seemingly unrelated would unravel together. That means there is also a common solution, but the fortitude to "abandon all irrationalit
  3. Now these ducks seem to have developed a technique for minimizing the landing roll...
  4. Post to mention this Webinar of possible interest, by AW&ST Complimentary Webinar: 5G: A Threat to Aviation or the Future? June 12, 2020 10:00 EDT | 15:00 BST | 22:00 SGT The U.S. has found itself in bind after bind over the issue of 5G networks. An FCC decision to allow Ligado Network to build an L-band ground-based 5G cellular networks is under fire from industry groups, airline pilots and even the Pentagon over the potential for its signals to disrupt GPS devices.
  5. And it appears as thought it was "unbelievable" to the crew as well. The Mangalore Air India Express B738 and the Garuda Yogjakarta B734 overrun accidents were both higher than 200kts across the fence. So, the "belief" that solidifies into "we can make it" when everything the airplane is "saying" is that it can't/won't work, is a human factors / cognitive state that needs investigation all on its own, beginning with strategies for "breaking through" the tunnel - vision. I have heard that calling the other crew member's name first, then stating the concern loudly, works.
  6. Hope they find the CVR, and get the FDR to the BEA...
  7. Thanks Mitch. It's been a while but I recall there was an oil breather or some such protrusion out the bottom of the CFM56 installation. I
  8. Everyone's well and healthy Vs, thank you...and you & family? This accident is so very sad, even knowing what little we do already. The keys are still busy makin' noise! so far the neighbours say it's improving...
  9. Hi Turbofan - okay, that answers the question, and is also the way one would expect the system to work. Thanks! Hi Vs - could be, yes. the temp was in the mid-30's, westerly wind. The marks on the runway from the pods seem though to indicate a "gentle" touchdown, (low rate of descent...a "skimming" rather than a hard (high rate) hit on the runway. Could just be that lucky point in the high descent path at which the descent was arrested - but again, there are two distinct pod-strikes about a few thousand feet apart. The FDR & CVR will help with the go-around questions. Stay well,
  10. Re "gear up", there is a comment that bears examination re the A320...if the gear is selected down but the airspeed is > Vle, the gear stays up even as the handle (switch, really), is DN. The key point is, once below the Vle speed, will the gear then go down, or must the handle be recycled? No current FCOM...anyone? I think we have to consider "tunnel vision/tunnel hearing" in terms of human factors, stress and recency (don't know if this was this crews' first flight back after Covid-19 isolation), so aural/visual warnings may not have been "seen/heard".
  11. Also, for IOS users there is "Sky Guide", an app that uses the iPhone's gps & acceleration capabilities to "map" the sky above one in real time, (just like apps that can tell one what an aircraft going overhead is, where it's heading and so on, like FR24).
  12. So far, there doesn't appear to be video of the first approach/go-around yet so we don't know the position of the gear at the moment, for the initial approach. The appearance of the bottom of both nacelles show a blackened area, spreading out towards the rear of both engines. Recent images, (JetPhotos, January 2020) show clean nacelles on the bottoms of both. Those familiar with the CFM56 engine know that the Accessory Gear Box is on the bottom of the engine and IIRC, there was a drain or a breather at the bottom of the engine, something we were reminded of in training when consideri
  13. RAT appears deployed, poss. engine damage on both lower nacelles...?
  14. For the old and/or retired guys in this old is this guy?!
  15. Dr. Fauci has unblemished integrity and remains the only trustworthy source for information regarding this virus and its behaviour. He states that testing and contact-tracing are the only ways to open any economy safely. Being a flight-data specialist I would fully agree with such a statement - you can't conduct as safe an operation as possible if you don't know what your aircraft are doing on a flight-by-flight basis, period. Where/when the rubber meets the road, it is data, not opinions that keep people safe in high-risk enterprises. Given strict adherence to CDC guidelines, if the
  16. I'm just hoping Trudeau keeps our southern border closed, essential traffic excepted.
  17. From the CBC story linked above: In terms of an objective, evidence-based investigation standard, I thought the question in this article was being kept open regarding this accident and the Cyclone design, until I read the above statement. The statement invites any reader who is just trying to understand things and who likely will not know details of the AF447 accident, to draw a "conclusion of equivalence" between "FBW" technology and this tragic Cyclone accident, inappropriately using an accident, AF447, that had nothing to do with FBW technology. The bracketed statement, "
  18. Opening this interesting topic a bit to see more than Boeing/Airbus/Embraer/Bombardier etc., etc. - I'm wondering what a future looks like when aluminum & fuel weigh & cost more than pixels and sound bytes. Most here probably have had by now a similar experience within families, but we just finished an AGM meeting with a company that was conducted entirely online in which ALL employees are now working from home. Our adult children may have asked Mom and Dad what a typewriter was; will our grandchildren ask their M&D what an "office" is? Covid has jammed economic mode
  19. Hi Mr. F. - nice note, some very kind thoughts...check PMs! Don
  20. Tx Rich - that explains it aerodynamically as well. Heard from ELAC lately ?
  21. Understand that the B52 can't be taken past a certain bank-angle as it has no ailerons, just "lift-dumpers", to use the Brit term.
  22. Agree, blues...and I think ">65" isn't permitted in the left seat in the U.S. (or in U.S. airspace). I missed the opportunity to stay by a few months. I suppose since I'd signed up in '73 for "60" that that was kinda that - off the conveyor belt for those behind, still on it!
  23. The Airbus advantages here would have begun in the late-70's/early 80's with the A300 series but it was the A320 technology that took them on a completely different design path than Boeing had chosen, especially after Boeing's 1997 decision to sell itself to McDonnell-Douglas.
  24. The re-engined DC-8-71 was a treat to fly - reverse was more effective - pretty airplane as well, but not quite as pretty as the -63.