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  1. Coronavirus Makes America Seem Like a Civilization in Decline The Covid-19 crisis is another example of the nation’s inability to effectively respond to pressing challenges. By Noah Smith 29 March 2020, 05:00 GMT-7 Coming apart. Photographer: Ivan Abreu/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images Noah Smith is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. He was an assistant professor of finance at Stony Brook University, and he blogs at Noahpinion. Re
  2. Good to hear, no unscheduled landings!
  3. Boeing will cut production and jobs further, and may build 787 only in South Carolina July 29, 2020 at 6:55 am Updated July 29, 2020 at 8:37 am subscriber#comments Boeing said Wednesday that, due to the collapse in demand for airliners from the COVID-19 pandemic, it will cut widebod
  4. Good outcome. Denied boardings with no compensation and, where necessary, landings for deplanement followed by billing the passenger(s) responsible, should be the absolute minimum outcome for anyone disobeying travel mandates on aircraft in Canada. Canadians want the border to stay closed and they want the airlines and authorities to get tough with irresponsibility as we are seeing it in public places and on transportation systems.
  5. Are any passengers refusing to wear masks? If so, what then, in Canada? I know what the response would be in Australia.
  6. Great fun programming the FMGC & practising in the sim...
  7. Hm. Aircraft/manufacturer-specific, not engine-specific. Was it only the MAX that was using Kathon FP 1.5 biocide, one wonders? ========== Jetstar Boeing 787-8 VH-VKJ General Electric GEnx-1B Engine Biocide Serious Incident near Kansai On 29 March 2019 the No 1 General Electric GEnx-1B engine of Jetstar Airways Boeing 787-8 VH-VKJ, flying from Cairns, Australia to Osaka Kansai International, Japan, fell below idle during the descent at an altitude of about 16,000 ft for 8 seconds. The No 2 engine then fell
  8. Honestly said, and I suspected so but I think in differences there can be a meeting/changing of minds, at least "in the old days". Around 2015 here, I said to DEFCON, that I'm a "child of the Enlightenment". These days I am an anachronism (but not a fossil !), and so it is very difficult to have such discussions outside one's (new) "tribe" without their permission, risking their wrath, social isolation, etc. The reasons for why have their seeds in the early 70's when democracy was first seriously being questioned. It's partly to do then as now, with changing demographics too, & partly
  9. Hi Marshall - thank you good sir, absolutely true! Somebody had said that to me decades ago when we were having a terrible time getting an airline's FOQA/FDA Program off the ground - to me, keep on fiddlng meant keep going even if everyone is throwing logs in front of your horses. I kept the saying, but never thought of the original myth/story, ignored Milton and just kept pushing! . . .we still need a lot more Cronins around 'specially now.
  10. These days, sanity and smarts appear to come in strange packages while wild-eyed, stupid, monstrous insanity is almost invisible against the background chaos. The raised eybrow that used to signal that heresies have been spoken no longer exists; in its place, wrinkled foreheads, derisive attitudes and speaking moistly. The more trips around the sun one has, the sharper the distinction between 'em. Foreheads sporting a reversed "GE" symbol or "Frigidair" emblem belong to the oldest or most aware. Fiddle on, Nero (see meaning below). The world needs you.
  11. A new H1N1 swine flu with 'pandemic potential' has been found in China. Here's what we know The Conversation By Ian M Mackay Posted 4ddays ago, updated 4ddays ago Researchers have found a new strain of flu virus with "pandemic potential" in China that can jump from pigs to humans, triggering a suite of worrying headlines. It's excellent this virus has been found early, and raising the alarm quickly allows virologists to swing into action developing new specific tes
  12. Hi Turbofan - concur that testing is absolutely a basic for control of the virus. You'll recall however, that in the early days, when no one had access to masks, and even the early advice was "Masks don't work", and there was no such thing as "testing", that the only response was "sheltering in place", then self-isolation, then lock-down, all for very good reasons, the earlier the better. It's what we did in BC and it worked with minimal (compared to other provinces & countries), "inconvenience" to the population. The record speaks for itself and I suspect both BC & Alta would "qualify
  13. I don't disagree on the UK point and also wondered why NZ was left out. The broader story regarding fear is, we're faced with governments encumbered by the politics of blame and elections.
  14. Again, many thanks for responding and for the exchange, Turbofan. Yes, deeply proud of them and their colleagues everywhere - the adjustments for all of them have been herculian, particularly in the early weeks and months. We banged pots & pans at 7pm until just recently. Will let the thread return to the original topic! kind regards, Don
  15. Turbofan, thanks for your responses. I know and understand the "problems created by solutions" raised in the links you kindly researched and posted. In my view, the very seriousness of these pointed, unstable life-and-death examples and the terrible questions and their resulting "battle-field" decisions which impose on healthcare workers "left or right at Elm St." decisions for strangers, mandates great care and thought when choosing and then physically making exceptions for oneself to violate current basic hygiene rules set out by knowledgeable authorities for limiting spread of the viru
  16. Unless absolutely necessary, why would anyone travel anywhere that requires air transportation?
  17. Australians appear to get it:
  18. Re the article above, posted by Marshall entitled, "Coronavirus: US officials warn 'this is just the beginning", the key statement is: The virus pattern is now approaching negative stability in the United States. It is spreading faster than the U.S.'s internal systems of defence's capacity to alter growth regardless of response. It is past the "angle" at which avalanches is past the tipping point unless severe action such as nation-wide lock-down is taken now. But who can imagine the entire US under lockdown? It's not going to happen. In the midst of this, mask-wearing remai
  19. I hope for the sake of the industry and all involved who make their living in commercial aviation, that these tests are successful and that the B737M returns to service so the industry can start the long path to stabilization and some description of "recovery".
  20. I think it is quite reasonable to keep PIA out of ICAO member countries airspace until they sort their pilot-licencing problem. In this era of widespread de-regulation and the lowering or elimination of standards, there are still occasions when such things matter, particularly when it comes to the health and well-being of ordinary citizens.
  21. Vs, I HAD to think of something... ;p) GDR, none that the airplane admitted, anyway!
  22. The A320 reverse is only available after spoiler deployment, which in turn is triggered by compression, (WoW) of both (L & R) gear oleos. One of the outcomes of the early A320 overrun accident at Warsaw was a "two-stage" oleo. The early oleos were single stage so took a bit more weight/vertical 'g' to compress. In the Warsaw accident, (primary factors were tailwind & higher-than-normal airspeed over Vref+5), the smooth touchdown resulted in hydroplaning - no oleo compression = no spoilers = no reverse. The first stage of compression on present A320s provides the WoW signal, and wh
  23. An A320 tech note for those who don't fly the type, IIRC, reverse isn't available until the spoilers are up, and the spoilers won't deploy until the system receives signals from both oleos that they are compressed. They probably selected reverse out of habit, (notwithstanding the probable noise, vibration and pitching-forward). There was nothing wrong with the airplane and flying past the ToD point is embarrassing but is not an unmanageable issue at all. I think this was a manageable/avoidable medical issue and perhaps a training issue wrt CRM and not a competency problem.
  24. Preliminary Report released