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  1. The item is now removed. What was it?
  2. So I know you get better performance up there, BUT what else is there? Can you see the curvature of the earth or anything??
  3. Yikes - my computer phobic parents are never going to fly again on AC
  4. In most of SouthWest's planes that I have been on, they have all had rear facing seats at the Emergency exit rows. Yes they were used for TO & Landing.
  5. I wonder what will changes there will be in 2005. . . It is too bad that we still see air fares at a ridiculous level and going lower.
  6. WestJet's loss from operations in the fourth quarter of 2004 including the write-down was $65.8 million compared with earnings from operations of $27.9 million during the same period in 2003. The airline's loss from operations in 2004 including the write-down was $9.9 million compared with earnings from operations of $114.5 million in 2003. The profitability streak is over. http://biz.yahoo.com/ccn/050215/870792d84e...47c23690_1.html
  7. I loved his stories - would have really enjoyed meeting him in person.
  8. I have questions about AC employee travel and can't find the answers on the web site. I was given a number to call (800) 413-1113 to get more information, but it just directs me back to the website. I have called AC General Reservations (it is the number for Family Affair) and the only assistance they can offer for me to get my questions answered is by calling (800) 413-1113. Does anybody have a phone number to the AC employee travel department where I can find a live body? Thanks.
  9. I went to school with Henry! He graduated with a degree in Airport Adminsitration in about 85. If he has a pilot's license, it would only be a private license. He is an excellent aviation photographer, but I doubt if he has ever seen the inside of an airline cockpit. Oh yeah, he has a website devoted to his pictures. http://www.henrytenby.com/airtoair/photo.html http://www.henrytenby.com/background.html
  10. Thanks! Now I remember it. .. . . bring back memories
  11. The link works today Can't figure out the song - though - its driving me nuts. I know it is something by the rolling stones - gawd my memory is failing. Interesting video.
  12. I thought everybody knew about the EXIF info on digital pics - CanadaEH, one of the best websites for digitial photography is www.dpreview.com Lots of great info on cameras and tips and tricks. My second favorite website
  13. According to the EXIF info on the file: Make : SONY Model : DSC-P73 DateTime : 2005:01:05 17:13:01 ExposureTime : 8.00Sec FNumber : F5.6 ExposureProgram : Manual ISOSpeedRatings : 100 CompressedBitsPerPixel : 8/1 (bit/pixel) ExposureBiasValue : EV0.0 MaxApertureValue : F2.8 MeteringMode : Division Flash : Not fired(Compulsory) FocalLength : 6.00(mm) MakerNote : SONY Format : 1566Bytes (Offset:722) FlashPixVersion : 0100 ColorSpace : sRGB ExifImageWidth : 2304 ExifImageHeight : 1728 ExifInteroperabilityOffset : 2276 FileSource : DSC SceneType : A directly photographed image
  14. I wonder though if there is any "real" chance of the guy staying terminated OR if the Union will be able to find some wiggle room to get his job back. Sure is a black mark against other employees,
  15. Wow it is hard not to feel bad for the daughter - knowing her dad is a thief, plus helping him loose his job What was the guy thinking, he will obviously be loosing his job, benefits, etc.
  16. And this is my gotcha Thanks Kip
  17. I know that either the employee or the spouse has to escort the person on the buddy pass, but do you have to escort them both ways? I am under the impression you only have to escort 1 way, but I can't find the wording. Anybody know for sure?
  18. No problem using Firefox on either the travel.aircanada.ca OR aircanada.ca webset. Make sure you have the current version of firefox. You can check in the top right hand corner for a red arrow (if memory serves) and click on it.
  19. Hmmm I wonder what Jacques Kavafian is thinking these days
  20. 5 and 6 day pairings - YIKES! That would be brutal, especially if everybody tries to avoid them.
  21. Interesting - I would have thought that an eastern base would help the quality of people's lives, less time on the road, etc. For the company it would also mean less expenses, especially with the YYZ being the number 2 departure city.
  22. With all of the growth at WJ, are there plans to open a base out east? Wouldn't an eastern base help with crew costs, quality of life etc.?
  23. The lesson in life is simple - "Try to win the Oprah Lottery" To bad the kids didn't have to give some of their presents to the less fortunate - oh well it's her money.