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  1. oh And yes Cuba was great - I will send you a note about it!
  2. Do the Boeing cockpits have the same options?
  3. Thanks Gumbi I was asking about the Club seats because when I have flown Air Trans they regularly discount their front cabin just before departure as I guess they want to try to make some incremental revenue. As we all know an airline seat is worthless after take off.
  4. So they would rather leave the seat empty. Other question is, can I use my AC dual prong head set on the flight or does Air Transat use a single prong head seat instead? Thanks
  5. Does Air Transat sell their big seat service for a discount at the airport on the day of departure? Just booked a vacation to Cuba and didn't want to splurge for the big seat service, but am now wondering if they can be had for a discount
  6. On darn it was a non event Those pilots got the gear down and CNN wasted a couple of hours of trying to make an issue out of nothing at all.
  7. I can't believe that CNN is now broadcasting images that the Nike Corporate Jet has a landing gear problem and is circling the Portland airport. Must be a slow news day
  8. WOW Nothing like grouping all the pilots together!
  9. Just got a reply from the hotel I was to stay at: What an ordeal............ A normal 3 1-2 hour car ride took us almost 7 hours due to all the flooodings and the lootings that are starting making us take the long way through all the local villages. Finally hot water...........a good coffee and I am starting to feel normal again. The damage that we experienced was horrific........we lost windows in approx. 50 rooms and my apartment on the 11th floor, glass terrace windows on three quarters of my apartment, also has major damage. The important thing is that we are all fine and
  10. I booked a family vacation from Jan 3 - 10 in CUN & CZM a couple of weeks ago. My hotel is now closed until Jan 1 due to the damage from Wilma and I am wondering if we should try to cancel the vacation. Anybody fly there in the last few days and can share some first hand info on the area? Thanks
  11. From the Free Press The pilot's last words FOLLOWING is an excerpt from the recording made by air-traffic controllers of their communication with pilot Nancy Chase-Allan: PILOT: "It's Morningstar 8060 (the plane's call letters). I need immediate back to the field." TOWER: "60, say again." PILOT: "I need an immediate back to the field. I'm icing up to the point where, uh, I need to come back." TOWER: "Morningstar 8060, turn right, heading 250 (WSW) and if you're able, maintain 2,500 feet (altitude)." PILOT: "2-5-0, and 2,500 feet, but I don't think I'm..." (Chase-Allan's voice trail
  12. What about the world's worst pilots? www.ebjw/xbox_1.wmv
  13. I don't anybody could have predicted the direction of fossil fuels! Great deal for them!
  14. http://forum.aeforum.net/index.php?showtopic=265580 Posted earlier.
  15. So after thinking about fish I have decided to take the plunge and get an aquarium, but not knowing much about fish I went to the internet. It is amazing what you can find out there! http://www.aquariumadvice.com/
  16. Is there an outcome on whether or not this bird is getting fixed yet?
  17. I have been unable to navigate in AC's Employee Travel with my Black Berry. Has anybody been successful with it?
  18. Ads are still there http://www.westjet.com/flash/westjetiquette.html YIKES they are cheeeezzy!
  19. I don't know how many of you are concerned about Lou being okay with his departure from YYZ, but it looks like he will be able to keep a roof over his head after all. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/Art...siness/Canadian
  20. And I hope you you didn't think I was serious either
  21. It is interesting to see the lenghts some airlines go to to become enviromently friendly. http://www.onyourhorizon.com/News/Leading_...05/ME4-1-05.pdf BTW - is it only me that thinks the idea of the hide a key program on page 4 is a wacky idea? Why wouldn't they just key all the locks on the airplane to one master key?
  22. Interesting read here http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/mt/archives/004220.php
  23. I think this is a better link https://secure.globeadvisor.com/servlet/Art...50331/RJETSGO31
  24. This is so sad I learnt how to fly there - taught flying there in 82. Always thought it would be cool if my kids learnt how to fly there.