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  1. Wow. That is some serious misinformation. One could easily counter each and every point in this write up from Craig Kelly. But most folks can't be bothered. "The entire rationale for wind turbines is to stop global warming"? Seriously? Immense wealth and resources needlessly sacrificed? So the world is for us to consume, the hell with the future. Scary that he is an MP. But then again most MP's can't see beyond their brief term in office. We shouldn't be surprised. I know that "in decades to come" our children will look back at our era of stupidity being the waste of our non renewables, not by how much money we could have made burning them. Back to the topic.... The wind turbines that operate in freezing precipitation obviously need a way of deicing the blades. I would suspect that the lack of deicing capability has been an economical/probability equation, not unlike the CAT III capability needed for every major Canadian airport.
  2. No. 2 reverser is open. No. 1 not. That might help it do a 180?
  3. I'd like to know how this is different than what KFC did with Greyhound Air?
  4. So how long do I have to wait?
  5. Like this? http://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca
  6. Unfortunately you don't see the question that Robin was answering for the reporter. I'm not going to judge anything that was written until we see that. I'm sure she already knew what she wanted to write about and just added the quotes that made good copy. I can only imagine that it was something like "So you really must be over worked and under paid?".
  7. If they are departing 24L then there will be aircraft taxiing up Alpha so landing aircraft do not have a choice to clear earlier than the end.
  8. When you see the damage a "soft and mushy" bird can do I can't imagine what a four pound LiPo battery would do. (The larger DSLR camera drones can carry that much power.) Hope we never find out.
  9. Don't see the 600 anywhere on that Av Herald report you linked to.
  10. Flight tracker says it landed around 2:57pm (18:57z). CYUL 051906Z 31008G18KT 2SM SHRA BR FEW011 OVC025TCU 19/18 A2993 RMK SF2TCU6 PRESRR SLP135 DENSITY ALT 500FT CYUL 051900Z 31012G23KT 1 1/2SM +SHRA SCT011 OVC022TCU 19/18 A2993 RMK SF3TCU5 PRESRR SLP134 DENSITY ALT 600FT CYUL 051851Z 33018KT 250V340 15SM SHRA FEW012 BKN025TCU OVC075 20/18 A2992 RMK SF2TCU5AC1 VIS SW-N 21/2 PRESRR SLP131 DENSITY ALT 700FT
  11. The news video clip looks more like it slid off the taxiway than the runway. 24L is grooved concrete. The taxiway isn't.
  12. So we are all getting the same calls over and over again. They must be dialling millions of numbers daily. One not so nice side effect is that they spoof using local numbers. So I often get calls now from folks saying "Hi, why did you phone me?" I didn't! So I suspect their random spoof number generator is coming up with my phone number every now and then. Agggg.
  13. Unfortunately I could not view the video. "Video no longer available"? Message on youtube.
  14. From another perspective... I live under the localizer for 11 in YYC. I don't see planes anymore.
  15. Thanks Don. Looks like full aileron deflection in that picture. Lucky they were able to keep it level.
  16. This is the only photo I can find of the cut power lines: https://twitter.com/KSundahlCTV/status/582074965815611393/photo/1
  17. This is a good picture of how tall the localizer array was. All but two have been sheered off at their base. Most of the top pieces fell almost straight down after the wing cut through them. I think the only reason the left two are standing is because the wing was to the right of them. If you watch crosswind landings you will notice that the main gear normally track on the downwind side of the runway centre (crab). You can also see both main gear in the snow off to the right of centre. I guess the pieces of the localizer array that flew over the wing could have hit the horizontal stab. But I doubt they make them heavy enough to do that kind of damage. The one that is embedded in the nose looks like it is fibreglass? https://twitter.com/CTVNews/status/582303739320623104
  18. I'm leaning toward the main landing gear after it was taken off and perhaps bounced upwards. The localizer array should have already been taken out by the wings.
  19. Would they have had to do a temperature corrected SCDA type of approach?
  20. I agree. The next METAR was "CYHZ 290400Z 34019G54KT". A 35 knot gust would be very hard to deal with in any aircraft. Will there be any data of what the actual tower wind was at the landing time?
  21. From the picture, would that red piece that punctured the Captain's side of the nose be part of the localizer transmitter?
  22. 54 kt of wind at 4:00Z! Wow. If it happened at 03:35Z the wind chill would have been around -19 for everyone standing outside. Hope the passengers were dressed for winter. CYHZ 290400Z 34019G54KT 3/4SM R14/5000VP6000FT/D -SN DRSN BKN007 OVC010 M06/M07 A2964 RMK SF7SC1 SLP045 CYHZ 290313Z 35020G26KT 1/2SM R14/3500V4500FT/N SN DRSN VV003 M06/M07 A2963 RMK SN8 SLP040 CYHZ 290300Z CCA 34019G25KT 1/4SM R14/P6000VM0300FT/N +SN DRSN VV003 M06/M07 A2962 RMK SN8 /S09/ SLP038
  23. http://news.yahoo.com/jetblue-pilot-yelled-during-flight-sues-airline-16m-230731819.html If he wins? I think I could yell for 16M.
  24. Keurig K-Cup recycling program that turns coffee pods into cement looks to expandhttp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/keurig-k-cup-recycling-program-that-turns-coffee-pods-into-cement-looks-to-expand-1.3000249
  25. If you Google "Lipo Charging bag" you will see lots of cool LiPo bags and boxes... and what can happen with a LiPo fire.
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