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  1. Should put a few of them outside the parliament buildings. The amount of hot air coming out of that place should be able to power them.
  2. I can remember the storm back in 1996 very well. I was out shovelling my driveway long before it had finished snowing and kept it clear for the duration. Since I lived right across from a fire hall the road was plowed by the city so i didn't have any problems getting out. All my neighbors (born and bred islanders, I come from the prairies) thought I was crazy out shovelling the snow and keeping my driveway clear. A day or so later I had about 3 of them knocking at my door asking me to take them to the store because they couldn't get their cars out from under the pile of snow. Go figure.
  3. Essential to retain and motivate them?? I have to wonder where these people would go if they left the company. It seems to me that the whole industry is in the same situation and they would have a hard time finding another company to pay the same bonuses and "motivation" pay. Personally I'm motivated by the fact that if I don't go to work I ain't gonna have money to buy groceries.
  4. I wasn't. Sometimes I think my fish had more smarts and common sense.
  5. I'm just wondering how far behind schedule this one will end up.
  6. I saw a couple of comments up there about the "stupid" people and trolls who wrote the comments. One thing to remember is that no matter what you think of those people, them and people like them are the ones that pay for the tickets and put the money in AC pockets. Every time you go out to buy a car and try to swing a deal you are doing the same thing they are in a different arena.
  7. I love being single sometimes.........
  8. That is just painful even to look at. I can't imagine trying it.
  9. This is gonna be interesting. I had better get a beer before the fun starts.
  10. People who are into child porn are not in their right minds to start with.
  11. Considering how easy it is to obtain false id in many places I don't see how flashing a piece of id with a picture on it will absolutely prove your identity.
  12. I've seen an F-5 come back to base, in one piece, with leaf stains on the underside of the wings and traces of leaves in various cracks and joints underneath. The pilot didn't think anything of it but I just shuddered at the thought of what he must have been doing.
  13. No kidding. It seems there are more and more people turning up every day who have nothing better to do than look for violations of policy. I always thought that the rulebook was a guideline that was to be combined with common sense in the interpretation.
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