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  1. So I guess I was half right?? The LOU is in effect but nobody qualifies. All the best!!
  2. What is that makes you say it is dead and gone? The contract is in effect so doesn't that make the LOU valid?? I've never received a retraction or cancelation notice. FWIW..... Best wishes to my future colleagues and to those who will take their "current" places!! Rgds Par88
  3. Well Mitch, for what it's worth......... I grew up in S. Ontario, moved to Vancouver in the early 90's, returned back to Toronto in 2000 to care for a sick mom. When we got back to Toronto I said "I'm never moving back". Not just once but I said it to anybody who would listen. Four years later, now with 2 kids in tow (we left Vancouver as DINKS), neither myself nor my wife could "take it any more", packed up our stuff and now live back in "sunny" Vancouver. It has cost a "medium sized fortune" to do it and I am now a commuter but we are incredibly happy to be back. I would never say that it's for everybody but those who "love it", really love it. Paul
  4. Thank you Acsidestick, this string was killin' me. Like you I thought the question was more obvious.
  5. Probability suggests that we couldn't possibly be alone......at least one of those grains of sand contains water. I remember a physics teacher once explaining that the spaces between molocules were so huge that if you combined all known mass (molocules without spaces) the universe as we know it would equal about the size of a walnut. Imagine how life on "our" molocules perceives the universe they look out into?
  6. Ah dude......I thought my brain hurt from the MT mediation, now it just gone-n-blowed up!!
  7. On second thought......I think you are right CDFA....that WAS the point. Sorry. OK MJ, I have 14 years in as employee but just over 5 as pilot.....where do I fit in?? Don't answer that!! (It was rhetorical) I'm sure you get the point however. Best regards P88
  8. I don't think the "corporate time" quote meant that. That would not only be unreasonable it would be a nightmare to administer. Please don't add to this line.....I beg you.
  9. 3 times a week I play. Good for me, I know. Yes, I have seen the video and my opinion is not the same as yours. If he was trying to do what he did, why not just punch him square in the back of the head and pounce on him? Didn't happen that way. I'm still not defending his actions but Tie Domi said it best today, "...people who have never played professional sports wouldn't understand". I've never played pro and will therefore decide that it is an unfortunate by-product of a very physical and emotional game. I wish them both speedy recoveries, physical and emotional.
  10. This thread is not mine but it sure sounds like it......still working on my side.
  11. PS........as it turned out it wasn't the best way to draw a guy into a fight (grabbing from behind and swinging forward). Too bad they will throw the book at Bertuzzi when the league still ahs things like "touch icing" doing more damage everyday.
  12. This should have been resolved in Colorado when it happened. Moore should have faced the music the night he hit Nasland but somehow the league like these things simmering and carrying over to the next meeting. Ask the players how they feel about the instigator rule. I don't think Bert's intention was to leave him in a "pool of blood" rather make him answer for the hit and subsequent concussion on Nasland. During any fight on any night, if one player looses his balance and injures themselves during the fall to the ice, the other player will always appear to be a "goon".
  13. Could you please contact me via e-mail paulnmichelle1@rogers.com
  14. Terrible post. You would fit in great with those that have built this "whip-saw" over many years. Remember, Jazz is 100% owned by AC and the fleet is governed by agreements with those flying "big iron". If you prepare for the "big iron" by working elsewhere, where you might in fact be making more money than you would at Jazz, that is up to you. If those at mainline choose to recognize the contribution workers at Jazz make to the corporation and give them prefered status at least you still get to make your own decisions.
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