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  1. Appears no one is immune - some just have a little more bench strength. CHARLESTON, W.Va. July 4, 2004 — The Associated Press Engine trouble on Air Force One delayed the president's departure from Hagerstown Regional Airport in Maryland, near Camp David, where Bush spent the weekend. Reporters traveling with Bush were told there was a problem with the left engine starter valve on the Boeing 757 being used as the presidential plane Sunday. A second plane was brought from Andrews Air Force Base to take Bush to West Virginia.
  2. hmm... 243,630 times. That's a lot of reps, no wonder he got a brain cramp.
  3. Amount claimed in suit: $5,000,000 Airing WJ's dirty tricks in public: Priceless!
  4. Hmm, guess there's always acting. Perhaps a guest star appearance playing Pfc Lynndie England in the inevitable TV movie - 'The Abu Ghraib Affair'
  5. "It would cause a lot of disruption to WestJet's business model, which is based in part on lower labour costs than Air Canada." http://www.stockhouse.com/news/news.asp?newsid=2339737
  6. "You guys should just get out of the short-haul business," Beddoe shouts over the ruckus. "We'll feed you short-haul and you can focus on long-haul, which is where you make the money." "In your dreams," retorts Peterson. http://www.globeinvestor.com/servlet/WireF...&slug=RO2WESTJE
  7. Hell ya, last thing you want to see is a Travel Agent hung up on detail.
  8. http://faultgame.com/images/twilzone.wav
  9. Old URL <http://www.aeforum.net/> still seems to provide news updates and also a link to the 'new' Flt Attendant forum.
  10. >It's only a matter of time, again, in my opinion.< Suspect unmanned freighters might be an interim step. Large, relatively simple (no creature comfort systems required) transports running trans oceanic cargo shuttles to/from dedicated/isolated coastal facilities (minimum overfly of nimby populated areas). After x million hrs of incident free operation, progression to fully automated personnel transport would be deemed an acceptable risk - perhaps initially as a military function.
  11. Lacked the requisite computer skills.
  12. >....are you gonna tell me the mechanic who can send you one your merry way is no good because he once wore a different uniform?< dunno about that.... http://frankmagazine.ca/passim/view.php?id=407
  13. "The passengers slid down the plane's emergency-exit shoots..." A rapid growth variety apparently. Nice job, 110 is a lot to get off in a hurry.
  14. >What is "O & D" business?< Orgin and Destination - i.e. point to point traffic only, would not include pax to/from a connecting flt.
  15. 'Typo Downs Jet' Apr 14/2012 - A faulty spellchecker is thought to be the cause of a catastrophic.........
  16. >he may be at odds, being a lawyer, with Milton on the lawsuit against WJA and past employee..< Damn! Cat's outta the bag.
  17. >Or it might be a few too many "pops" as well.< Naw, some of the old guys are pretty good.
  18. Be interesting to see if there is a smoking IP address.
  19. Air Canada sues WestJet over alleged misuse of confidential information 4/6/04 TORONTO, Apr 06, 2004 (The Canadian Press via COMTEX) -- Air Canada sued WestJet Airlines and two of its employees on Tuesday, alleging the discount carrier used information on a private Air Canada website to plan its expansion. The Montreal-based airline alleged WestJet used the personal identification number of Jeffrey Lafond, a former Canadian Airlines employee hired by WestJet, to access the website and find out detailed information about Air Canada's routes and market conditions. The private website used by Air Canada employees to book personal travel. In its statement of claim filed in Ontario Superior Court, Air Canada alleged WestJet used the information to identify Air Canada's most profitable flights and times. Using that confidential information, WestJet adjusted its schedule, planned its expansion into new routes and adopted pricing strategies to force its larger competitor out of certain markets, Air Canada alleges. 'Its abuse of the plaintiffs'confidential information has enabled WestJet to expand its service, its revenue and its profitability at a more rapid pace than it would without the plaintiffs'confidential information,'Air Canada said. Air Canada (TSX:AC) is seeking $5 million in punitive damages, as well as damages for lost revenues and profits. The airline also asked that any WestJet profits earned from use of the information be held in trust and that all the data be returned to Air Canada. Officials at Calgary-based WestJet (TSX:WJA) were not immediately available for comment. The lawsuit comes as WestJet prepares to move its eastern hub from Hamilton to Toronto and increase flights out of Canada's largest city. WestJet, which has been eating up domestic market share at Air Canada's expense, is stepping up the pressure, with plans to more than double its flights in and out of Toronto to 365 per week, up from 146, beginning April 18. The online source for news sports entertainment finance and business news in Canada Copyright © 2004 The Canadian Press (CP), All rights reserved
  20. "I, must now exit this forum as I have given far too much of my analysis away for free on this forum." Lancaster - Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004, at 1:54:59 PM Ah Lanc, you promised!
  21. Thought you would never ask! Believe you are referring to CWR - 'Continuous Weld Rail' process. http://www.klk.es/home/ing/soldar_hierro/principio.htm Rgds, D. Collenette
  22. Thought you would never ask! Believe you are referring to CRW - 'Continuous Weld Rail' process. http://www.klk.es/home/ing/soldar_hierro/principio.htm Rgds, D. Collenette
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