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  1. 'That's the kind of teammate I want'
  2. Disincentive Oxford dictionary definition: dis·in·cen·tive /ˌdisənˈsen(t)iv/ noun: disincentive; plural noun: disincentives 'a factor, especially a financial disadvantage, that tends to discourage people from doing something' Trudeau government policy definition: dis·in·cen·tive /ˌdisənˈsen(t)iv/ noun: disincentive; plural noun: disincentives 'And asylum claimants, including those who have crossed the Canada-U.S. border irregularly, who have found work and established ties to their communities, may be eligible to apply.' Immigrants? Yes; Queue Jumpe
  3. Are we ready? “We have to prepare for difficult decisions”
  4. Liberals’ plan to replace fossil fuel with wind and solar is technically impossible and economically disastrous Trying to solve any problem with a fix that defies the laws of physics is bound to fail Tue Oct 27, 2020 - Financial Post by Gwyn Morgan The combination of wildfires along the U.S. Pacific Coast, two simultaneous hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, melting glaciers and peat bog fires in Canada and an unusually hot summer in Europe has raised global warming fears to frenzied proportions. Environmentalists are urging political leaders to legislate the rapid phase-out of
  5. And the evangelicals return fire with a boycott of Oreo Cookies for their ad promoting 'homosexual lifestyle'.
  6. Covid Travel Curbs Could Cost Canada Half a Million Jobs in 2020 Fri Oct 23, 2020. - Bloomberg News By Erik Hertzberg Limited travel to and throughout Canada is holding back the country’s economic recovery. Restrictions imposed to slow the spread of coronavirus are expected to cost the country between 400,000 and 500,000 jobs in 2020, according to a study, The Economic Impact of Travel Restrictions on the Canadian Economy due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, released Friday by Statistics Canada. The reduction in travel will shave off as much as C$37.1 billion ($28.2 billion) or 1.7
  7. Federal cabinet readies airline bailout package Fri Oct 23, 2020 - The Globe and Mail Robert Fife - Ottawa Bureau Chief Andrew Willis Eric Atkins - Transportation Reporter OTTAWA - The federal cabinet is deliberating a targeted bailout package for Canada’s airline industry that includes offers of low interest loans and rollbacks of airport fee increases to help it cope with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The package of options that cabinet is reviewing recognizes that air travel is essential to the Canadian economy, and could come in the November economic state
  8. Hundreds of protesting airline workers aim anger at transport minister
  9. And I will predict in four years time we will be on the eve of yet another routine US election as proscribed by the current US Constitution. In the intervening four years there will likely be isolated places and periods of civil unrest as there has been in virtually every decade since the civil war but the current system and form of government will prevail. The pendulum swings.
  10. And the refund will be applied to the form of payment used for the refundable fare, IOW the value of the travel credit will just be reinstated. Problem not so solved.
  11. I can hear it now, the full throated roar of public support for an industry that's remained so demonstrably principled throughout the crisis.
  12. Trudeau Targets More Immigration Even With Borders All But Shut Fri Oct 16, 2020. - Bloomberg News By Shelly Hagan The Canadian government is sticking to its ambitious plans for bringing newcomers into the country, even as its borders remain essentially closed. Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino is leaning against scaling back the government’s immigration targets for the coming years, according to two people familiar with the matter. That includes bringing in 351,000 new permanent residents in 2021 -- the most in a century. The government will update its three-year projectio
  13. WestJet's retreat from Atlantic Canada pushes the federal government into a corner The industry is asking for loans — but a sector-specific boost could lead to broader demands for help Fri Oct 16, 2020 - CBC News by Aaron Wherry Two hours after WestJet announced on Wednesday that it was curtailing its flights to and from Atlantic Canada, an email went out to all MPs and senators from Liberal MP Chris Bittle, parliamentary secretary to Transport Minister Marc Garneau. "The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on all aspects of the Canadian economy, but few industr
  14. How Air Canada’s CEO is using a common-sense hardball strategy to land the Transat deal at a bargain price Tue Oct 13, 2020 - The Globe and Mail by Andrew Willis Calin Rovinescu is doing everything he can to steer clear of catastrophe as the lawyer-turned-chief-executive leads the airline through the COVID-19 crisis. Saturday’s announcement of Air Canada’s reworked takeover of Transat AT Inc. – an offer cut to $190-million from a prepandemic $720-million – is the latest example of Mr. Rovinescu’s deal-making skills, and willingness to use hardball tactics. Air Canada is poised
  15. Hmm, maybe but don't think so. Same leanings, different sentence structure.
  16. gonna be 'basket of deplorables' vs 'string bag of insufferables' Greta Thunberg endorses Joe Biden
  17. The area within Onex where WestJet assets are held (Onex Partners V) was written down $111M in Q1/20 and primarily attributed to reduced value of WestJet. There was further reduction of asset value in Partners Fund V of $60M in Q2/20 but no comment as to the components contributing to the loss.
  18. Drivers wearing earbuds even if cellphone is dead still considered distracted driving: B.C. Supreme Court Earbuds plugged into cellphone by their wire become part of device, judge says Thu: Oct 08, 2020 - CBC News The B.C. Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that says wearing earbuds in both ears while driving — even if they're connected to a dead iPhone — constitutes distracted driving. Justice Heather Holmes said a provincial court judge did not make an error when ruling last year that earbuds plugged into a cellphone by their wire become part of the electronic device.
  19. and he thought 'weirdo' and ran your plate...