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  1. Ralph Nader loses grandniece in Ethiopian MAX crash
  2. Not sure what you mean by 'specifics'. If you're talking about specific, itemized evidence underlying the charges I think it's pretty standard for that to be withheld from the public until presentation at trial.
  3. “let’s just do it and be legends, man”
  4. Yeah, kinda - 23:35 mark on following link
  5. 'Why we should start taxing the robots that are taking human jobs'
  6. Gabor weighs in.... “She’s just not in the mood to get on that plane going home,”
  7. 'It’s time to take John Wayne’s name off the Orange County airport
  8. Yeah, she can be Pocohantas' running mate - there's a dream team.
  9. The Dem's great, green gift to Donald for 2020..... It is the Trojan Horse of the progressive social-justice warrior left. It doesn’t quite swing like “Lock her up” but it might sell just as well.
  10. Ottawa quickly rejects Quebec’s bill to impose language, residency conditions on immigrants 'another “slap in the face” for the Quebec government'
  11. Gang bankers - I'll have to ask decier about them...
  12. 'It's just gouging': WestJet charges $30 checked bag fee in US dollars, sparking complaints
  13. Alternate access (for now) to leaked documents
  14. 'Donald Trump is the best president the left has ever had'
  15. So it appears...... 'Article about testimony of Trump's former lawyer 'not accurate,' says spokesperson'
  16. "He didn't set out that day to do this,"
  17. Right - here today, gone tomorrow. Gotta be the dividends.
  18. Hell, close enough - hang 'em. “I think they’re just dying to pin it on somebody. I can’t believe for one minute it’s true. It’s just mad."
  19. Hmm, wonder if he said before or after he cancelled the Avro Arrow with the loss 25K Canadian jobs and subsequent purchase of 60+ used US fighters.
  20. 'the Global Express later departed to Hartford, Connecticut, which is home to a Bombardier service center'
  21. and not to forget the 'Perennials', of which we have a few....
  22. Hmm, 10 million square feet of heated, covered space with heavy duty electrical infrastructure located adjacent to virtually unlimited source of water for irrigation and a large pool of potential employees to be trained at government expense
  23. He's a year late - there'll be too much 'Trump Fatigue' by the time the election rolls around. 'Maxime Bernier goes to a dark place'