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  1. First the competition rulings are a bunch of S... and is in place because the transport minister hates Robert Milton and Clive is a crybaby and it's ok for Westjet Jetsgo and canjet to have a seat sale and compete with AC but AC has a seat sale and it's called predatory to the market.Ya right b52er it's called low cost airlines way to get the market with help from the government.
  2. b52er give it up your comment's are full of &%$@!.
  3. Yes proview i think it's merley going to be like WJ point to point and it will be a central hub like hamilton if you don't like the word hub than we can call it something else like dah i don't know what do you call it?
  4. Yes proview i tkink it's merley going to be based like WJ hub in Hamilton's hub if you want to call that a hub or not thats up to you.
  5. I can see the A319 doing a lot of east and west and south out of YXU and more beech-1900 flying yxu-yyz as JAZZ downsizes from small to medium size markets because JAZZ will dump a lot of Dash8's and move to RJ'S and bigger markets that AC dumps in it's downsizing just a me thinking out loud.
  6. Hey Dash eight citi bank cibc and onex are going to get into a biding war over the aeroplan.
  7. b52er Head office would remain in Calgary just like Westjet and Zip would expand to a central hub in London just like Westjet has a central hub in Hamilton.
  8. Steve Smith bought a new house in London and has been looking at the empty Head office space of Air Ontario.Makes good sense to me for Zip to build a hub in London as there is no space in Hamilton and toronto cost too much to operate out of.London will have a new terminal mid summer.
  9. I think it makes good sense to have a central hub in London.Toronto cost too much $ and is to busy and not much room.London has old air ontario office space not used at this time and would put Zip in a good position aginst Westjet's Hamlton hub.
  10. Are we talking about a Jetsgo review or TC requirements here.Because a few very experienced F/A'S at ZIP and Jetsgo does not make up for the 95% inexperienced F/A'S.Did you see experienced F/A'S on ZIP ? Because I have not seen any .
  11. Hey CJ i'm not a FA and i'm not saying the Jetsgo FAs did not have the right training.What i said was the low cost airlines trade experience for $$$$$$ But when the inexperience turns to experience the FAs are going to want more $$$$$.
  13. Altech give your head a shake the fa is just out of high school and is just happy to be working as a fa and the csa at the frount counter telling jokes on the airport pa system is this yuk yuks or is it disneyland.
  14. You get what you pay for lowcost is low service or is that no service that is what the pax want but some times they forget that.That means in order for the low coast airline to be low cost it hires inexperience staff that get paid low wages and in the long run service suffers
  15. Leftbase your part right about the equipment but the time slot should fit yyz-yxu-yyz 1710-1730 is wrong it's oversold inbound and everybody wants to bump up to the 1620 dep.and the 1730 dep is oversold the 1900 has it place but it should be early in the day like 930-1230 and if there is irops it's a nightmare with a 1900 at 1710-1730 time slot.
  16. You know Joe leader of the pc party.dash8 is right i saw him get on that same ugly 1900 too.