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  1. If Airlines are losing so much money and Why not fly more point to point from some of the medium and even smaller airports in Canada ?but they just keep feeding more and more traffic into Toronto. were are the passenger bill of rights on GTAA and NAv Canada ? Make them accountable.and not put the burden on the airlines.
  2. Sky Regional not at YTZ it's Jazz providing the service for Air Canada. I'm not 100% sure but I think Jazz also got all all Q400's from Sky Regional but they are still flying the E-175 out of YYZ.
  3. So what rules will the transport minister put in place to protect the passanger who losses his/her seat due to down gage and less seats will the airlines still have to pony up cash due to shortage of crews or maintenance issues like this one we just witnessed with Westjet and they try to weasel out saying it was due to weather.
  4. First off the media is just pouring fuel on the fire with the onslaught of non worthy media. The claim by Westjet to change to a smaller aircraft due to weather is an outright lie and tells you they have no integrity and can't be trusted. It must have been no crew for the larger aircraft or a maintenance issue. If they told the truth and placed the blam on themselves it would have cost them more $ and the we don't oversell add which I understand this is an equipment down gauge which most customers or guest don't understand but the advertizment of we don't oversell will confuse mislead and piss them off because they still feel Westjet is advertising you bought a seat so you will always have a seat.
  5. Jets go could start up again with cheap leasing on these aircraft
  6. Just wanted to know what the reason was for the ground delays in Yyz this afternoon? Weather was good and it wasn't really windy ? Anyone working at Yyz this afternoon know what happened as I heard it was a gong show this afternoon with delays and cancellations.
  7. This weekend the Hamilton to Montreal flights start. Who thinks it will last longer then 7 months ?
  8. Nobody can answer this question then. WestJet doesn't provide vouchers for controllable delays. Sounds like piss poor customer service to leave your guest sitting for hrs on the airplane and not providing food.
  9. So WestJet doesn't provide food vouchers for controlble delays which are 3 hrs or longer ? Also had these Guest sitting on the aircraft for 2 hrs before making a decision to deplane.
  10. No tracking available on flight aware ? Last I saw on Twiter was one person said my 7 HR flight has just turned into 11 hrs and no food vouchers or food had been provided for this delay. Sounds like a few unhappy Guest.
  11. Ya the reason YXU Jazz heavy MTCE was shut down was the loss of the CRJ 100-200 Aircraft. Hope they have enough engineers to work structures? This aircraft is a sheet metal pig with a lot of corrosion issues.
  12. http://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/jazz-aviation-lp-begins-transition-of-heavy-maintenance-operation-to-a-standalone-business-and-wins-new-third-party-heavy-maintenance-contract-577927041.html
  13. Will the 900 be the same as the 705 or is the 900 have no J class ? What is the diffrence
  14. United will stop ORD YXU service June 30th. Which started back in 2009 with success. This is 17 Canadian markets in 18 months they have pulled service due to Low Canadian $ (Not) crew shortages and a 50% reduction of regional aircraft seem to be the reasons . American Eagle still providing service just north of London doing 2 flights a day Kitchener Waterloo Airport to ORD using E145 aircraft. Seems United is getting out of all 50 seat markets.
  15. So three weeks ago you talk about cannibalize YYZ and YHM should be a no go for WestJet but now it should be OK? The YXU service is a head shaker for sure. WestJet has not even started service to YYZ until March with Encore and what do you think the loads to YYZ will be like When they have a direct YVR a direct to YYC and a direct to YWG and Air Canada Express has 10 flights to YYZ against 2 Encore flights per day. Would it be fair to say WestJet is looking to feed transborder and eastern Canada from Yxu with Encore?
  16. WestJet adds Summer service from YHM to YVR and WestJet adds Summer service from YXU to YVR I find it strange because both will pull service away from YYZ hub and WestJet is just starting Encore feed to YYZ from YXU in March. Westjet also doing direct Winnipeg in summer and they also do direct to Calgary. I would think this will produce very low loads on Encore feed to YYZ for WEST ? News Releases WestJet adds limited-addition summer routes Brandon, London and Hamilton to benefit from greater choice CALGARY, Feb. 22, 2016 /CNW/ - Today, WestJet announced three non-stop seasonal routes offering Canadian travellers even greater choices for connectivity and convenience this summer. In June, WestJet will start service between Brandon, Manitoba and Toronto Pearson International Airport. In addition, the airline will start service between Vancouver and both Hamilton, and London, ON. WestJet's limited-addition flights will be offered only during the peak summer travel season. "These new flights provide our guests in Brandon, London and Hamilton even more access to the WestJet network with non-stop service, greater convenience and more connectivity this summer," said John Weatherill, Director, Network and Schedule Planning. "After a long wait, Brandon travellers will be able to fly non-stop to Toronto and access WestJet's growing list of domestic and international destinations beyond Toronto Pearson. In addition, we have opened up the West Coast to our guests in Hamilton and London, ON who will now have the opportunity to fly non-stop to Vancouver and beyond." From June 28 to September 5, 2016, WestJet will offer four weekly, non-stop flights between Brandon, Manitoba and Toronto. Flights arrive in Brandon in the evening and depart in the morning. The new service opens up 13 new WestJet destinations and 20 new codeshare destinations via Toronto Pearson to Eastern Canada, the United States, Caribbean, Mexico and Europe. From June 29 to September 5, 2016, WestJet will offer four weekly, non-stop flights between London, Ontario and Vancouver. From June 30 to September 4, 2016, WestJet will offer three-time weekly, non-stop service between Hamilton, Ontario and Vancouver. "We are keeping our capacity plans fluid for 2016 and will continue to adjust our schedules and stimulate demand to optimize our results," said Weatherill. "Based on guests' response during this summer, we will determine if these three routes are viable options for the future." Details of new service: Route Frequency Departs Arrives Effective/End Date Toronto – Brandon, MB 4x weekly 9:25 p.m. 11:18 p.m. June 28 / September 4, 2016 Brandon, MB – Toronto 4x weekly 5:15 a.m. 8:39 a.m. June 29 / September 5, 2016 Vancouver – London, ON 4x weekly 9:15 a.m. 4:27 p.m. June 29 / September 5, 2016 London, ON – Vancouver 4x weekly 5:30 p.m. 7:18 p.m. June 29 / September 5, 2016 Vancouver – Hamilton, ON 3x weekly 10:15 a.m. 5:35 p.m. June 30 / September 4, 2016 Hamilton, ON – Vancouver 3x weekly 6:40 p.m. 8:38 p.m. June 30 / September 4, 2016 One-way fares are available starting from: Departing Arriving Air transportation charges (ATC) Taxes, fees and charges Total one-way price from Base fare from Other ATC Toronto Brandon, MB $136 $23.00 $56.96 $215.97 Vancouver London, ON $200 $23.00 $44.15 $267.15 Vancouver Hamilton, ON $204 $23.00 $39.83 $266.83 *Some restrictions apply. Please see westjet.com/new-summer-routes for details.
  17. Well thank you Seeker. Just trying to make sense of the question on fare pricing.
  18. I think WestJet is concerned about economic climate in Alberta and don't fool us with the high cost statement because Air Canada has trimmed the fat off and is a lean machine with higher load factors then WestJet. I have been around this industry for over 20 years so I know a bit of what is going on Canada Eh.
  19. To answer you question. If Air Canda is charging $389 for a ticket why would WestJet be charging $139 is not strange as it would indicate that Air Canda has no cheap Tango seats avilable because they sold them all but WestJet still has a lot of cheap seats and if they don't sell soon the aircraft will be leaving with a lot of open seats which is bad news for WestJet.
  20. Just like you obviously have no idea either on fare setting. If both airlines are flying the same route they will set the same price but if you see a cheaper price on Westjet it just means WestJet has more seats avilable because the AirCanada flight has sold more seats at the time you are checking the price or vice versa. Not rocket science. So if your seeing lower fares on Westjet that just means WestJet flights are flying with less customers or guest whatever you want to call the passengers then AirCanada. I think Dagger explained this one a few times so it must be true
  21. Hey James I think I remember that news about Hamilton lacking the facility's and jet bridges.