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  1. Found the link and added to my first post on this topic.
  2. Not if they do new routes to go out West or go south.
  3. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/air-canada-cancels-hamilton-montreal-route-amid-sluggish-sales-1.4197996 Air Canada is pulling service out of Hamilton in January as loads are bad. Anybody know if they will put Rouge in Hamilton or No Air Canada service going forward out of YHM?
  4. It looks like all beech 1900's will be moved out of the Toronto base and most likely moved out west. Only CRJ's for Georgian out of the Toronto base. Jazz will fly D8's to Sarnia again. What happens to Sarnia when the Jazz D8-100's are gone? I'm thinking no more Air Canada service from Sarnia ?
  5. https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/281035/air-canada-air-georgian-ends-beechcraft-1900-service-in-late-oct-2018/
  6. The Max would be a good fit for Rouge to work domestic markets. How much life left in the A320’s ? The cycles must be very high on those birds.
  7. Really I must be out of the loop. I will go back read. Thanks
  8. While we’re on the subject of legends on the forum. What about Dagger ? Just asking because I have not been on this forum and just noticed a few poster Who added a lot of info no longer posting. Thanks
  9. Do you have a link to that forum?
  10. Thanks for the update everyone.
  11. Would anyone know if he’s still around our did he retire from this forum ? Always like his post.
  12. WestJet sounds all messed up. Will they push ahead with Swoop now our back away and end up offering Swoop fares on select flights. I can’t see them making money with Swoop. Canadian public want cheep but don’t like paying for extras like a carry on bag or if they charge to print a boarding pass
  13. This story is funny as the reporter is just another typical passenger who complans about anything most likely not just Air Canada. The Air Canada free ticket on Twitter was a fun feel good thing to do in a time were we don’t get that much fun from the media every day. This was taken right out of the 20 year old Westjet playbook, which they don’t use as much. Must be the pressure of labour issues and trying to be everything to everyone is catching up with the not so little airline that could.
  14. good move for Air Canada to feed the east coast connections into YUL from southern Ontario. This will effect encore feeding Westjet at the Toronto hub to the east connections out of Windsor and London airports.
  15. Starting July 2nd new service from Windsor and London to Montreal. YQG will have 50 seat RJ and YXU will be 78 seat Q400. https://aircanada.mediaroom.com/2018-04-25-Air-Canada-to-Launch-Daily-non-stop-Montreal-London-Ontario-and-Montreal-Windsor-Ontario-flights#.WuDMFRggacI.twitter
  16. wizard


    Why Not ? Is the nav aids not set up for runway 33 ? Just wondering is it a work to rule by YYZ ATC or do they have understaffing issues ?
  17. wizard


    YYZ has an 33 for ARR with ground stops due to they can't keep up with deicing GTAA needs another deicing bay as its a joke in YYZ.flights at out stations are getting hammered with cancelations and delays due this GTAA joke of an operation.
  18. wizard


    Who wants to bet GTAA runs out of deicing fluid.
  19. wizard


    Looks like tomorrow's forcast is not good. Calling for 15 cm in the GTA. YYZ will come to stand still and I will predict cancelations will be huge starting in the afternoon and will continue into Christmas Day. Looks like a lot of people will be stuck for Christmas.
  20. wizard


    Good to see I'm not the only one that thinks YYZ and GTAA amd Nav Canada are all a bunch of thieves and the ones being ripped off are the flying public and all the tenets that are trying to provide aviation services.
  21. Why is YYZ such a **bleep** show that basically comes to a stand still on a day with no real weather issues like today they have a 2 hour ground stop ?? Is it staff shortages in ATC ? Like somebody needs to be held accountable for this. YYZ has become top 3 worst airports in The North America for moving traffic it's just a laughing stock. Shocked nobody talks about how bad YYZ has become in the last 18 months.
  22. Who provides lime maintenance ? I think the heavy maintenance is contracted out to Jazz for the RJ's
  23. This conversation went sideways. Was about Encore pilots that have unionized into using bunks. You guys are too much LOL.
  24. 500 Encore pilots have unionized. Sorry did not attach a link for the story.