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  1. Sounds like the auto-flight had "captured" 5,000' during which time the crew reselected 11,000'. On the 75/767, during this phase of flight, "alpha" protection is removed. The A/P would have tried to pitch up to obtain 11,000 with the sudden reduction in airspeed. Not a good system.

    A similar situation happened to me over the Rockies about 20 years ago. We were just acquiring FL390 when we encountered a strong decreasing-performance wind shear. The aircraft was in "acquire" mode when the nose pitched up to try to maintain FL390. I watched the airspeed roll back 30 knots almost instantly. I called "AIRSPEED, AIRSPEED" to the PF who immediately disconnected the A/P and adjusted the pitch to stop the roll back. During this 5 or 10 second interval, we dropped 1,000'. And all the while, perfectly smooth conditions.

    This crew was lucky and did exactly the right thing, by reading the AvHearald transcript.

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  2. On 11/12/2020 at 12:40 PM, Kip Powick said:

    Thanks.....You are correct .......Perhaps one leg of AEF could be items of interest for sale. I know Kijiji rules the roost in that area but there is a lot of Industry memorabilia out there that some want to sell.

    Still, I think to be a MEMBER and to BE ALLOWED to post is a privilege that is perhaps a ONE time donation of  a minimal amount would not be an imposition to those that like to have and "see"  their two cents "read".😄

    Anyhow, you will have expenses, of that I am sure......if you need assistance just PM me.




    I remember suggesting a For Sale addition about 5 years ago. It lasted about 6 months for lack of use. Regardless, WELCOME SEEKER! And best wishes to J & G from a member dating back to 1997.

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  3. On 10/5/2020 at 5:21 PM, seeker said:

    I don't think we have any real "trolls" here.  This quiet little corner of the interwebs is inhabited by people who actually believe what they post.

    We managed to get rid of most of them a few years ago. Still, not the AEF it used to be. My thoughts go out to all my aviation colleagues, those I know and those I don't know, for the pain and suffering caused by this vicious pandemic. Keep calm and carry on...


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  4. 17 hours ago, J.O. said:

    They're not at the end, where there is a teardrop for turnarounds (by the green star in the image). I know this because after the backup maneuver, they taxi straight ahead to the ramp. They landed on RWY 01 and they're at the second turnoff for the terminal (the red star in the image). The runway length is about 5300 ft, meaning it is a pretty impressive stopping distance. I landed on that runway once in a 320 and touched down at the first piano keys. With medium autobrake, we were not able to make that turnoff.


    I guess my memory fails me...again. I do recall the bigger issue we had was not landing distance but takeoff distance required for our weight (757). Still, good memories for the most part!

  5. On 6/9/2020 at 10:15 AM, J.O. said:

    I suspect the boys in the hangar would prefer they taxi to the end and turn around instead.

    That particular runway: Been There, Done That! They are AT the end!  If I recall, that island strip is about 5,600' long and not very wide. It's not difficult to back up the 757 using reverse but nearly impossible (and definitely not approved) on the 767.

  6. 4 hours ago, blues deville said:

    Was thinking the same. That pilot had a lot of decisions to make in just a few seconds and perhaps waited longer to see where he was over the ground. 

    Been my thoughts since the event. If true, it was an heroic action albeit at the cost of his and her lives. Fortunately, one is alive to tell us why the late ejection.


  7. Given all the educated (experienced) comments, I am still mystified why the ejection command was given so late instead of the time of loss of control (at its apogee). Hopefully, the pilot will be able to shed light on that decision.

  8. Not exactly "Airline" material but aviation at its heart. I watched the ISS tonight again, twice, overfly my abode. Gotta be 50+ times I've seen it. Many times by itself, a few times coupled to a shuttle, once after the shuttle detached for re-entry with two distinct targets. For anyone not witnessed such a magnificent event, go here to look for your times. They're accurate to the minute in whichever time zone you happen to be.

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  9. 4 hours ago, Marshall said:

    Lots of talk about that on other forums and it seems there a couple of major problems:

    1. the passenger compartment floors would have to be strengthened.

    2. no east access to either of the passenger compartments so the hull would need to be breached on each level to accommodate a Cargo Door capable of accepting ULDS and a unloading unit would have to be sized to reach both former passenger decks.

    3. I have yet to see any size numbers re the ULD size that would be accommodated on either of the two former passenger decks, here is what Emirates publishes for their A380 belly compartments. 

    4. image.png.b536ef04377716677dd69d43f6ffe332.png

    5.. And I guess the final problem would be the cost of any conversion and certifications. 


    Evidently though  Lufthansa Technik is working on a partial conversion:


    Another limited factor are the airports able to handle the machine. 15 years ago, operating out of Gatwick, a walkway was built near the south terminal (if I recall) where aircraft would go underneath. They neglected to built it high enough to accommodate the 380 which was close to its inaugural launch.


  10. 6 hours ago, Marshall said:

    Crash shows it's time to ground the Snowbirds' aging

    Rubbish. This Team is the spirit of Canada seen by Canadians from coast to coast to coast.( I ask for some to forgive my piggy-boarding about CBC Radio 1 being a similar, binding Canadianism from coast to coast to coast.) Captain Casey - my deepest condolences to your family, your team and your friends for your sacrifice; Captain MacDougall, godspeed to a full recovery and heartfelt thanks for steering your ailing bird away you best you could away from harm's way on the ground. Your latest ejection seems proof of that heroic deed.

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  11. 13 hours ago, Wolfhunter said:

    ...but I still think people should follow the law...

    This is the fundamental difference between how our two countries evolved. Canada developed law and order before the settlers moved in; the Americans had the wild, wild west where lawlessness, the hired and/or fastest gun, the cheat, the gambler made local law. Whenever local law was challenged, someone died in a gunfight. Americans THRIVE on this lore and this behaviour. Some of the biggest figures in American history are those who stood up to government ("The Law") and lost.

    America (at least continental America) seems to be reverting as the current administration's divide and incite campaign continues. Joe is going to have his hands full of numerous insurrections once elected even with a huge majority in the House, the Senate and the popular vote.

    One person with an AR-15 and a voice can control/manipulate thousands...

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