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  1. Never made the news. Homer Chapman was CFI. ~1980.


  2. Jack was a senior WJ captain until his massive stroke about 15 years ago. His mind is still 100% but his motor skills have suffered greatly, including his typing. Please give him a break as he is still highly respected.


    Moon The Loon

  3. Jack is a senior retired WestJet captain who suffered a massive stroke about 5 years ago. He is highly respected and loved amongst his community. His typing skills are a direct result. Thought you might want to know, as do many on this forum.


  4. When you "tightened captain's knob," was that at Air Atlantic?

  5. Dave: This is a sad embarrassment. The Gittel's of the world are all around us. Deal with it openly, as did we years ago. Let Them accuse us of harassment. It'll go away fast!


  6. Dave: How is retirement treating you? Things are as screwed up here as they've ever been!

    Bill Cody in Ottawa

  7. Hey Mitch: Didn't the subject of Arguing With An Idiot come up once before with that clown?

    Bill in Resolute

  8. Now the idiot accuses me of posting while drunk. That's nearly slanderous. I remember making the post and I was stone, cold sober. As I am most of the time, believe it or not. Sober or drunk, he's not only an idiot but...oh well, never mind. I made the mistake of replying to him. Woe is me!!!

    Back in Iqaluit, looking after our sovereignty in the east!

  9. , just a working stiff