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  1. Canadian Warplane Heritage had/has one in the collection. Cessna Crane Mk 1. C-FFGF
  2. Applies to ATC too ... we are all human ... on air for me! with U/S headset on constant PTT (and nobody following instructions)... worked it out later with the maligned peelot over a wobbly pop
  3. Feel'n old this evening. Lawn darts, flufs, et al. Add in PanAm, Chq WorldWays.... Austin ... too many to think about. "Bring me my wine"
  4. Nope. Just a redefinition of the term "aisle seat"
  5. Not impressed! A waste of time! and tax dollars. Don't care how "they" categorize me. Got to that part and had to terminate the exercise and send a missive to my MP (brand new Liberal). Any evident useful purpose to the survey?
  6. Just back from Spain. Do not expect foreign exchange service (or any service involving $$'s) in a bank unless you have a local account. Count on the ATM. Best rate (for me) and easiest. It spits out euros. Take as much euro as you are comfortable with in your pocket. Credit cards are not often accepted when away from tourist areas. Enjoy the Food and wine.
  7. Seems to be the status quo. ROU1890 TPA-YYZ, full baby-bus Feb 4th, early ask to check, not many takers. Had already paid via credit card to check one small bag (US $) and got challenged by the "ROUGE HATTED CREW" as I stowed SWMBO's small handbag in the overhead (no other carry on). No challenges for the taped box tied with twine traveller with so many "bags" she was asking for assistance. Time to enforce, It fits in the frame, or check it! And you only get ONE! To add insult to injury it took 1+45 to get my bag back in YYZ. A bag smaller than others "carried on". So guess how that made me feel ...
  8. and never permit cell phone use, don't sing along to your iPod, muzzle chatty pointed elbow row mates, ban "church" meetings and "social time" mid-Atlantic for those booked beyond LHR that use bulkhead row space to congregate in the footroom I paid for, if you requested a special meal be in the seat assigned so that all can have stellar service, the aisle is not a playground, sit down strap in and ... sorry for that but the white 73 don't look bad.
  9. Huh! Speaking from experience or just speculation?
  10. We did in 2008. Don't delay. Buy early and the best seats that you can within your budget (end "zone" by the Royal Box is terrific). Goes rain or shine! Don't take a brolly - take a Mac. Hey, should be able to do it on Rouge this year.
  11. Guaranteed our 2 their 1st undergrad degree without student debt if they helped themselves. That meant no reading week beach vacations or summers finding themselves in Nepal. Post-Grad degrees were on their hook. Lived by it, one went on to an MA and the other an MD. Both gainfully employed outside of aviation, student debt paid and making Dad & Mum smile. A realistic student has debt to manage as a fact of life. Prepare them to succeed, not for failure by always giving. What are they going to do when you are gone?
  12. Up all night trying to do what you used to be up all night doing?
  13. Same here. Mine has called the hospital home since December and with a stroke thrown in for good measure is now waiting for a placement in long term care ... today is a "relatively good" day. Being a big person just SUCKS.
  14. Nope! Yup! And why did the people's airline website try to charge me HST YYZ - BCN for travel in August booked prior to May 1st? By the way the phone agent corrected same. Shrug
  15. If I understand it correctly, the per day food allowance for Mr. Olson, and other Fed'l Inmates, is greater than the food allowance of Our Seniors in Ontario Long Term Care (Nursing Home). THAT JUST ISN'T RIGHT. If you can't live by society's norms ... maybe(?) removal from society should be the rule .... Live drop to any remote area seems fine by me ... NO supplies, NO support ... Buh Bye! All Worship the Mighty Malbec
  16. You can go to Mecca and play with the toys if you sign up for one of Lee Valley's in-store Seminars. Seriously good ... just resist the temptation ... only bring home the authorized purchases
  17. Specs, Perhaps you meant Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Red Hook/Rhinebeck, NY
  18. It is my understanding that the mortgage interest deduction does not apply to a principal residence in Ontario -- nor are we required to declare or pay Capital Gains on the sale. From QuickTax 2008. It seems that there is a provision for a self-employed individual maintaining a home office as their principal place of business to claim some mortgage interest as a Deductible Home Expense. Another possibility is under the Farming Income Guide -- "You can deduct interest you paid on any real estate mortgage you incurred to earn farming income"
  19. They already did. "All jet aircraft (except MEDEVAC flights) and certain type of propeller aircraft are prohibited from utilizing the airport. Pilots should check with airport operations prior to arrival." Pilot info
  20. Just close yer eyes and listen!!!
  21. Blonde? Western it is! Travel ... give her the car (G35 or better) ... far more "cred" and she can use the train when the WX is bad! Been in the same bind. Our girls did Western, Guelph, UofT & Waterloo (under and post grad) ... comfortable is VERY important and the price is the same no matter where they are. Just be thankful that she is able and wants to.
  22. Did ... You ... find this all by yourself?
  23. ROTFLMAO ... cause it hits so close to home and is truer than most would believe ... My nephew went missing one summer afternoon and it was not until the "troops" arrived in response to the "IXII" call that he emerged from hours of hiding in the house to see the police car. I still find it funny ... ... even if my Sister didn't.