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  1. I wonder what will happen to Train to Standard??
  2. Rookie, That is exactly what they wanted. They want Air Canada employees to be worried and they hope that Air Canada fails. Very sad.
  3. Air Canada's Bombardier order to be cut: analyst Airline will order 30 Bombardier planes through 2007 instead of 45 BOMBARDIER Inc, the world's third-biggest aircraft maker, may have an order from Air Canada that is one-third smaller than initially agreed upon, Credit Suisse First Boston analyst Cameron Jeffreys said in a report. Air Canada will order 30 Bombardier planes through 2007 rather than 45, the amount in a December memorandum of understanding, Mr Jeffreys said, citing the airline's fleet schedule. The schedule was disclosed in Air Canada's business plan filed last Wednesday to emerge from bankruptcy. It lowers the order's value to about US$755 million from US$1.16 billion based on list prices, which don't include discounts buyers often get. The cut would make Bombardier chief executive officer Paul Tellier's recovery plan more difficult as the company's backlog of plane orders shrinks, Mr Jeffreys said. Mr Tellier, 65, surprised investors on May 27 with a US$23 million loss in Bombardier's aircraft business even as sales rose 9.4 per cent to US$1.76 billion for the quarter ended April 30. 'The backlog simply does not support the current production rate, even if a sizeable order, which we do not envision, develops,' Mr Jeffreys wrote in his report. 'More significant restructuring is likely.' Mr Tellier, who in January of last year replaced Robert Brown as CEO, is working on a three-year plan that began in April 2003 to keep the company's credit rating from falling to junk status and return it to profitability after two years of net losses. In 2003, Mr Tellier led the sale of 370 million shares to raise C$1.2 billion ($906.7 million) and sold the company's snowmobile business for C$960 million. He also decided last year to eliminate 3,000 of 33,000 jobs in the aircraft business. In March he announced plans to lay off 6,600 of 35,600 workers and close seven plants in the train business over two years. Bombardier didn't return a call for comment. Under the original memorandum, Air Canada was to buy 15 CRJ200 aircraft and 30 CRJ700 models, Mr Jeffreys said. It now plans to buy 15 CRJ700s, he said. 'The order is currently in the process of being finalised and the final number will depend on a number of factors,' said Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah, who declined to be more specific. Air Canada filed for protection from creditors on April 1, 2003, weighed down by more than C$12 billion in leases and long- term debt. A similar agreement with the airline for 45 planes from Bombardier's Brazilian competitor Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA, or Embraer, was only cut by one, Mr Jeffreys said. The company's aircraft backlog as of April 30 fell to US$11 billion, including 264 commercial jets, from C$17.1 billion, including 334 commercial jets, a year earlier. The backlog's value includes unfilled orders for business jets and propeller planes. Bombardier started reporting financial results in US dollars in May. Bombardier said in May that it would reduce planned production of its commercial jets by 20 this year because of lower demand and lay off 500 workers. It delivered 223 commercial jets last year, which range from 50 seats for the CRJ200 model to 90 seats for the CRJ900. The company's future deliveries also may be in jeopardy because 40 per cent of its backlog for commercial aircraft consists of orders from Delta Air Lines Inc and US Airways Group Inc, which are trying to reduce labour costs because of three straight quarters of losses. Another 34 unfilled orders are for Atlantic Coast Airlines Holdings Inc, which severed its contract as a commuter airline with UAL Corp's United Airlines in April. Atlantic Coast last month started its low-fare carrier, Independence Air, and has ordered larger planes from Airbus SAS, the biggest maker of commercial aircraft. 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  4. Yes they are supposed to be up and running by Dec./04 with 2- 757's
  5. Hey New girl, By reading your post it sounds as if you are very unhappy with your job. You seem to blame everyone else in the company when its been a bad day. I'm sorry but it is your job to deal with unruly passengers, delayed flights, ontime flight, lost baggage etc...if you do not like your job description then why don't you go back to school and do something else. Please do not put down RJ FO's who have worked there tails off to get where they are today. Just becasue in the future they will get to a higher wage and you won't does not make what you think of them as right. What a joke....but this is Canada and everyone feels that they should be equal as everyone else. "If you make this much, I should make this much" Welcome to Canada
  6. To Mr. Boestar, I suggest you keep you cocky smart A.. comments to yourself. Do you not realize that there are a lot of families that rely on Air Canada to succeed. Many children who need to be fed. This is my livelihood your snoughty comments are about so I ask you once again to seize and desist!!
  7. yes because if you think that they company does not have more in store for AC employees regarding pension, I think you have another thing coming! Isn't it convenient that the company is waiting until the very end to do anything about pension. You can bet that the pension issue will be down to the 11th hour and it is not going to be pretty!!! Milton says that they pensions will not be touched, I don't trust this management! and I think all the union groups better stick together or we will get screwed once again!
  8. Yah, and next will be the Jazz collextive agreement!
  9. yah but read the post. 83.5 billion of it are lawsuits. but i guess it sells newspapers.
  10. what a great post skirt!!! they all think this is ACPAs fault, when they made the decisions they did. Aren't the Jazz pilots the highest paid Dash 8 pilots in the world? You sure don't make that kind of coin in the USA flying around Dash-8's. What a crock!
  11. excuse me, but wasn't that your decision to stay at the regional levels???? Give your head a shake.
  12. yah, amd I guess you are happy just to stay at Jazz and never fly the big Jets??? Has this always been your dream just to make it to Jazz?
  13. duckedy


    it was for a mere $15.00 less per hour. Please, if there was enogh work lined up by AC they would not have worried about this. RG says its too late now to get these airplanes for the summer and ya know what, who says AC had plans to even get these airplanes. Just like these new airplanes that are on order. All it takes is a phone call to cancel these orders. this is a typical ubion busting by the company!!! and don't think that it can't happen to your union next. You should all be backing each other because who is to say that theres not more concessions to come. you cannot trust this management!! but only time will tell
  14. thank you for your reply. I sure hope you are bang on, because I think Air Canada employees need any hope of seeing a brighter future ahead. cheers
  15. dagger, can you really honestly tell me that you have seen a difference in the way AC does business? Let me tell you it really scares me, when we don;t even know a business plan yet. We have given huge concessions and I for one am not happy with the way things around here still have not changed. I really honestly think that there needs to be management change big time. I have never seen the employee morale so low around here.
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