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  1. AC is limited by slots at YTZ. With previous demand level it made sense to use 100% for YUL as there would not be adequate slots for a decent timetable to YOW (pre-COVID). Now with COVID affected reduced demand for business travel in the eastern triangle, AC can allocate some YUL slots to YOW. AC would probably also like to increase slots. Will be interesting to see where that goes if Porter is not using all of their allocated slots.
  2. My guess is that Jazz will be a significant source of experienced E-jet pilots.
  3. More often is the case of correct V speeds set but incorrect flap setting for take-off.
  4. That method of OAL J/S registration is currently suspended. You have to call to list for a flight.
  5. YYZ. Also known as GTAA… Go To Another Airport Canada just seems too worried about offending anyone. Don’t have your shots? Stand here. That simple.
  6. https://aircanada.mediaroom.com/2021-07-19-Air-Canada-Ready-to-Reconnect-Canada-and-U-S-Travel-With-Up-to-220-Daily-Flights-Between-the-Two-Countries
  7. According to MD, Porter sourced equity from existing shareholders and will make the EMB purchase transaction a sale leaseback.
  8. WestJet announcements no longer move the needle in the CDN airline industry. Nor do Flair announcements. Nor Porter announcements.
  9. https://www.flyporter.com/en-ca/about-us/news-details?title=Porter+Airlines+expanding+service+across+North+America+by+acquiring+up+to+80+Embraer+E195-E2s+2021+07
  10. Can’t wait to hear what realitychex has to say about this…..
  11. Unless Delta or United or American swoop in with an order for 100+ CRJ airframes, I cannot see how Mitsubishi would justify the expense of setting up production. The analysis seems to be driven by the fact that Mitsubishi cannot afford further development costs for the MRJ leaving the 76 seat regional jet space to the exclusive purview of EMB.
  12. https://leehamnews.com/2021/07/06/exclusive-mitsubishi-ponders-restarting-crj-production/
  13. https://stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2021/06/25/government-announces-agreement-with-sunwing-on-traveller-refunds https://www.ceefc-cfuec.ca/leeff-factsheet/ https://www.ceefc-cfuec.ca/approved-loans/
  14. Seems that TRZ is taking a different strategic direction than the one espoused under JME (pre-COVID). Smaller company. Smaller fleet. Smaller profile. Based on an airline rather than a tour operator. Will be interesting to see how this turns out. TRZ still needs to recapitalize the balance sheet. If not PKP then who?
  15. TS and SWG are in the same boat. There will be no summer operation. Aim for the fall. Warmer climates. Europe summer 2022.
  16. Nope. Raglan/Xstrata.
  17. US operating very close to a semblance of normal as far as passenger ops are concerned. Crowds are there. Masks are worn (mostly). Actually somewhat disconcerting to see since the virus is still there.
  18. And to qualify for a shot in the US you have to provide a credible US address (seasonal/second property/etc).
  19. By the time that many Canadians are getting either their second or first shot, some Americans will be lining up for their third shot (booster). Current efficacy endurance post second shot is just 6 months.
  20. The Liberal government and PHAC have no intention of making it easier to travel out of country this summer. And the CAN-US border will remain closed. Even some provinces are making inter-provincial travel difficult to impossible.
  21. The PKP offer is to take up shares, not to recapitalize. Yes, TRZ is in trouble unless government steps in either selectively (QC) or collectively (the Feds with industry targeted aid). A trip through the CCAA car wash remains a distinct possibility. There is no reason to bail out current TRZ shareholders. They bought a lottery ticket.
  22. My guess is that the current Federal government and PHAC want to keep everything buttoned up until Labour Day. No summer 2021 international travel, including US (especially the US). We will be lucky if someone from BC (with shots) will be allowed to puncture the Atlantic bubble. The pain for airlines will continue. Did anybody hear a rumour about sector specific aid for the airlines......?
  23. Yup. AC and Transat will be ramping up that schedule to Europe any day now..... not. Summer 2021 international travel remains a great big question mark. Only hope is vaccination passport. And that will have to be an approved protocol in both directions.
  24. Yes. And options are typically time limited. Expiry dates usually form part of the original purchase agreement.
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