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  1. All of us have an important role in this industry. pilots have the glory job my bowels, after a 5 day pairing would disagree sore back or badass...pick your pain
  2. Memories are short and $hit gets buried I guess. Move on, nothing to see here.
  3. Factual rumor from un-named Transport official who was a close friend of my buddy's cousins x wife.
  4. I believe had it not been for 9-11 Transat the airline would have been shutdown or their ops significantly curtailed, due to the number of violations/incidents on record, and Canada 3000 would still be here, maybe, considering the negitive effect Royal had on C3.9-11 is the best thing that ever happened to Transat. Transport Canada and the public seemed to forget about their history and it gave them some breathing room to get their act together.
  5. ...and the walk back to the hotel through the 800 year old graveyard
  6. No doubt its both entertaining and sad for Don see this. It would be interesting to see where WJ would be if the original group were still at the helm. Maybe you guys could do an Eagles like reunion takeover, and see where it goes from there.
  7. I agree that Robin is one of the nicest guys you'll meet and he could be a philanthropist for all I know. I over-reacted a bit, just getting tired of the company endorsed rhetoric regarding certification, age old divide and conquer is not helping this situation. I am supporter of the present system the WJPA! $183k eh, A fine salary, a great company and I'm very happy. Took me 30 years to get to this point. Others in the company don't feel as fortunate and are unhappy for their own reasons, all in your perspective I guess. I've had, like many of us, lived near or under the poverty line for many years so its nice to finally be able to breath a little.
  8. Robin Murray should be ashamed of himself. His family is independently wealthy and this job is hobby for him. He did not make this kind of money only working 16 days per month. Top scale for WJ Capt is around 160 k if you must know, and anything above that cannot be counted on. No pension either, so you better have the balls to play the market. Ask a junior captain how he's doing financially while commuting to YYZ .
  9. That often happens everywhere, more so in the US. I would expect/hope tower would know the condition of the runway.
  10. WJA's SOP's are very conservative, sometimes painfully so. Adherence to SOP is one of the best I've experienced. Plus there's big brother? not because of.? A long landing would not be an approved technique. However if one stows the speedbrake to disarm the auto brake, the reduced deceleration on a slippery surface can catch one off guard. That is pure speculation based on the location of the aircraft.
  11. In my experience the 737ng is no different than any other airplane in these conditions. Odd statement to make.
  12. thinair


    I viewed the link and it renewed my passion for airplanes. Thankyou
  13. It would be a nice change to see some homegrown talent again. I hope a guy like Bruce Flodstedt would be interested.
  14. Mitch, you are a classic case of " never judge a book by its cover"! I'm looking forward to looking like that too with my daughter who is about 10 years younger, any words of wisdom that you can pass on would be appreciated. Congrats! T
  15. Beautiful machine! I'm teal with envy. Enjoy
  16. WD and CP were sort of failed airlines but melded in at the end of the day by AC. ( no new info there)As difficult as that was for the employees, and certainly many ended up in the un-employment line, but just talking pilots here, you guys did pretty well. In retrospect when C3 shutdown I would have been wiser to go to AC but I don't think there was much hiring then with the merger and all. So here we are in 2014 and the race to the bottom is still on, and as has been stated in much more detail and eloquence by others on this forum, it's pretty much all on the backs of the employees and their families. I think a wise man on here said something like "the airline industry is now raising a generation of paupers in their retirement." In spite of my negativism on the forum I go to work happy ( like I know you did) enjoy my time there, enjoy my time at home with family and stay positive. It is a bit of a facade at work but I don't want to be the crusty angry guy that no one wants to work with, "life is beautiful" Retirement? I'm on the fly til you die program and that's what industry/gov wants, so I'll be the 68 year old f/o saying speak up sonny! I'm kind of ok with that as long as the medical holds out. I have very good health and take care and appreciate it but I know others aren't so lucky so I am thankful! Sorry for the thread drift but I feel better now. Thanks!
  17. I must be getting old cause those ole buggars didnt seem that old to me. Thanks for the link Mitch.
  18. He should move to Alberta, Its hard to get good help here, if you're willing to work you will get properly paid for it, for now at least.
  19. dr1 said "Nobody wants to work over Christmas but it is the nature of our business and we all knew that coming in. The beauty of our system is if you don't want to next year, you won't have to. But don't worry, just because I won't be doing a five day pairing I will still be dealing with the day to day stuff that happens 365 days a year and when crew sked are done cold calling to cover sick calls and they strike out, they will call me and I will go flying." dr1 Please accept my apologies , I was out of line to make this personal, I realize you guys put in a lot of hours, and I would not want your job, or the traffic problems, or calls at home. You guys are doing a fantastic job and yes this is still one of the best jobs in the country. We would like to keep it that way as well, I would be hard pressed to find any pilot say otherwise. As far as the other stuff goes I guess it depends on who's calculator you use. I think the perception out there is that we are being nickled and dimed, and that contractual language is open to interpretation, I really don't know, but I do know that everyone that I work with want a longterm successful company. Take care thinair
  20. Gee Dave of all the people I have respect for on the 2d floor I thought you'd see a little clearer than " basically giving the pilots everything they want" . Just to start, min hrs down to 75, ot trigger moved up to 85 16 days in 30, vague crewsked rules, not to mention all the extra things we do for no credit that others don't, but that's ok its what I signed up for, one of the things that make us unique. As you know the big money has already been made at WJ unless you're an exec, so the rest of us will have to fight over the scraps. It's a 3Billion + corporate machine now, controlled by people who will profit by paying you and I less. And for the record I voted yes, because I too am a company man but this TA was/is showing a trend of race to the bottom. Perhaps you'd join some of us on a 5 day pairing over Christmas for less than 20 hrs credit. Wonder why we dont want to work an extra day/ month for free . Please from Len on down prove me wrong and let me see you guys working multi day pairings through Christmas for low credit! Here we are now airing our dirty laundry on a public forum just like we used to mock AC for, weird . I hope Daggers happy.
  21. Can anyone recall when the 1/40 rule came into effect? I suspect it was before 1970 when a/c doors were not as easily opened and emergency drills were not as intuitive as they are today. Perhaps the more seasoned can elaborate on this. I cannot state that 1/50 is as safe as 1/40, however, 1/40 is not as safe 1/30 or 1/20. The line has to drawn somewhere. If safety was the real concern the ratio would depend the physical ability of the people on board. I wouldn't want to see the day when we have to evacuate an airplane with 20 plus wheelchairs manifested out of FLL( I think the record is 28) not to mention infants in car seats etc. The ratio was/is set by people in office chairs to give a warm fuzzy sense of security, not unlike those PR frost sprays that we do and having flight crew take off their shoes and pull out their laptops to go to work., but I digress, .....sigh
  22. Maybe Billy was right...kill all the lawyers......but then you'd have the uneducated, but streetwise thugs in charge.
  23. If thats the case here and you contend that the crew was 'making a point', then we are talking about two entirely different things.
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