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  1. Canoehead, At WestJet, the address on your "aviation stickers" is 22 Aerial Pl...WJA HQ. The sticker is sent to pilot training, opened, photocopied and then the original is put in your mailslot. Thats why WJA would/could have had his aviation docs. Cheers, SMP
  2. Westjet 767 Operation

    Specifically, no. Generally speaking, the overhaul & reconfiguration in The Bayou is taking much longer than the original overly aggressive timeline and is now moving toward being late on a more reasonable one. One interesting aspect of the Sept start is that to receive ETOPS approval for a new type normally requires a 90-day operation prior to. Considering WJA is planning on flying AB-Hawaii in early December, they better hope there are no more hiccups if they hope to fly that first couple of weeks on their own metal.
  3. Near Head On

    If you are head on, the TCAS RA function would be based on closure rate, not distance.
  4. Moeman, I believe that after May 14, 2014 and onward the same policy applies. The fee to the US is in effect immediately, no grace period. SMP
  5. Ye Ole Flight Report...Westjet

    Hi Kip, I was the CA on your return flight YLW-YYZ, thanks for the report. Glad you enjoyed the experience overall, feel free to identify yourself next time and we could get them to wave at you as well. Cheers, SMP