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  1. Very poorly executed insurance job? Well... I guess well executed but certainly not subtle.
  2. I doubt it... this is exactly why it was created. To have a pre-existing threat to anyone looking to bring new $$$ to the ULCC-ish market in Canada (and to chase Flair around). The result of a lesson learned in the mid 2000s when JetsGo wasn’t heeded until they were big enough that it took multiple years of over capacity (and everything that comes with that) before they ceased operations. Proactive vs Reactive
  3. 260 16G21 Mag on final and TWR Confirms “14 still is acceptable?”
  4. ATC tried to raise the red flag with a subtle wind update on final. Been on that approach many times with a strong tailwind on approach that doesn’t want to give up, never ever seems to transition to the surface winds until you’re very low. The surface wind in this case was a slight quartering tail wind. I’m not saying this overrun is due to the wind, could’ve been an equipment failure, could have been anything. ILS 23 U/S & now ILS 14 as well, leaving Halifax with its only useable approach with any wind that doesn’t favour 05 a NPA with raised minimums to a displaced threshold for the moment
  5. Standby for WJ Link YYZ...
  6. Econo Lowest = Swoop Class more or less
  7. Ridiculous to release so much personal information, which with an eye to trying to mitigate future risk is truly irrelevant. My question would be, would the personal data be released in a similar manner had it been United or Delta?
  8. Canoehead, At WestJet, the address on your "aviation stickers" is 22 Aerial Pl...WJA HQ. The sticker is sent to pilot training, opened, photocopied and then the original is put in your mailslot. Thats why WJA would/could have had his aviation docs. Cheers, SMP
  9. Specifically, no. Generally speaking, the overhaul & reconfiguration in The Bayou is taking much longer than the original overly aggressive timeline and is now moving toward being late on a more reasonable one. One interesting aspect of the Sept start is that to receive ETOPS approval for a new type normally requires a 90-day operation prior to. Considering WJA is planning on flying AB-Hawaii in early December, they better hope there are no more hiccups if they hope to fly that first couple of weeks on their own metal.
  10. If you are head on, the TCAS RA function would be based on closure rate, not distance.
  11. Moeman, I believe that after May 14, 2014 and onward the same policy applies. The fee to the US is in effect immediately, no grace period. SMP
  12. Hi Kip, I was the CA on your return flight YLW-YYZ, thanks for the report. Glad you enjoyed the experience overall, feel free to identify yourself next time and we could get them to wave at you as well. Cheers, SMP
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