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  1. Looking back to 2008 and it's been at least daily year round that whole time. WS has less than daily service in the winter, so maybe it's more WS service you'd like to offset the AC 'outrageous return airfares'?
  2. Am I missing something? AC has flown YYZ-YYG year round forever.
  3. Picking up connections after the morning bank in YYC, then bringing them back in before the YYC bank in the morning.
  4. It's to pick up connections on both sides. From another forum: "The OGG schedule is pretty typical for longer mainland-OGG flights, actually. DFW/PHX/ORD-OGG all run on similar schedules as do lots of inland-HNL flights."
  5. Saw some route cancels today I'm assuming are associated - YQQYYC, SEAYYC, YEGYYJ, YWGYQT, and YWGYXE. https://globalnews.ca/news/4998235/air-canada-cuts-direct-flights-from-winnipeg-to-thunder-bay-saskatoon/