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  1. More cuts to come, or are they including some previous cuts? Don't believe this is close to 150/day.
  2. Sad times, normally you'd be ecstatic for an event like F1 in your hub, but operational (staffing) constraints are making it a nightmare. And companies are in a tough spot - if they give a much needed increase in compensation to deal with the issues and we go into a recession, like many think we are, it's going to make it that much more painful down the road. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/jeremy-roenick-angry-montreal-airport-yul
  3. Obviously I realize it was an official public release, hence my question. Why would they press release something only pertinent to Air Canada employees, and really just a subset of people working remotely?
  4. Curious why you would press release an internal workplace policy.
  5. Can you really say you turned 15 if you abandon operations for more than a year?
  6. Why this wasn't done from the get go is mind boggling. Way too much YUL capacity which I'm sure was losing money especially with the exorbitant fees at YTZ.
  7. Burbank announced last week already dropped, delayed?
  8. And I'd guess the inflation adjusted cost of that ticket would get you a much nicer experience today.
  9. Yeah, not like there has been constant changes in regional demand or government rules and regulations. Quite easy to determine demand for the last year and a half.
  10. 1x per week non-stop to both. 1 stop through YVR the other days of the week.
  11. Just because you didn't see it doesn't mean there wasn't opposition. And let's not kid ourselves, if the tables were turned you know AC would have issues as well. Every carrier has issues with things their competitors do.
  12. YYC-LGW is paused again. OGG/HNL from YYC both on the 787 start in a little over a week.
  13. Nope, the number I've seen is north of 7%, and the first piece of backup I found online was pretty much the same. https://www.iata.org/contentassets/3b5a413027704ce08976fe1890fb43e2/acmg_highlights.pdf
  14. Much higher than 1¢, more like 7¢ - absolutely not an insignificant number.
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