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  1. I would suggest the reason "most" carriers don't allow the Lithium Batteries on their PAX flights are the possible hundreds of lawsuits should it cause an accident. Cargo flights have 4 or less company employees who can't sue their own company. I think they should be banned from ALL FLIGHTS!
  2. Absolutely disgusting that a bunch of hooligans can destroy the reputation of a fine city and the end of a fantastic series...shame! At the same time, we can only blame ourselves as society has on several occasions been very critical of any Police force which may result in injury. The way I see it, we either empower the Police or these idiots! Which is it?
  3. Sad really, 20 years ago this would have simply been an incident for the airlines mechanics and internal safety department. These days pilots have lost, or never learned, the basic skills of partial panel flying and that (power +attitude = performance). Too often we just follow the magenta highway without having a clear understanding of the situation and location outside. I recently walked into a cockpit only to find the two seat warmers deep into a discussion oblivious to the outside world with checks long overdue. What will make things change? Hopefully not more examples of AF447 or other similar and probably avoidable accidents. I'm not holding my breath. I fear since the career is truly diminishing the only relieve we will see is improvements in technology where pilots can select manually or have the system automatically recover the aircraft to a "safe mode" (straight and level) until the pilots can sort things out. Who knows, maybe they will eventually hire monitors and have the entire flight from gate to gate automated? Lastly, the young pilots today are mostly trained on glass so converting to round dials is far from natural. When I was young I remember a crusty old tester who made us fly an NDB approach using oral null techniques. The guys I fly with haven't even heard of this. In a few years they will be asking what is an ADF? Progression, sometimes it's not worth it. Comment removed as it was taken out of context and understanding of how and when it was said.
  4. Hmmm, when will Canadian employees realise DB's are a thing of the past and a primary contributor to the demise of carriers south. You can have your pension now but you won't be able to have it when you need it most...when you retire!
  5. A spectacular game, physical, fast but clean. One more win to go!
  6. Hi Chock, Fair enough...moving on. I don't think the Rome hit was necessarily "dirty" but I agree it's that kind of hit which needs to be banned. The replays shows it wasn't a direct "head shot" but the head was struck after the shoulder area. No question it was a penalty for being late! I believe the league and ultimately the owners/players need to ban this kind of hit from the game. I would suggest, "any hit which results in direct contact with the head of an opponent is subject to a 5 minute major, game misconduct and a minimum of a further two game suspension following a review". This would eliminate the majority of these head shots and keep the good players in the game for years to come. Cheers. handyman (quote name='chockalicious' timestamp='1307548285' post='1568346'] Who says I am "anti-anything"? Everything posted was consistent with the city or team involved? I would say that the story I posted about the Vancouver fans was very positive and even more entertaining than your emoticons. So seeing as there is no discusiion on this thread and seeming only whining about hurt feelings I will ask this, specifically for the Vancouver fans. Do you consider the Rome hit dirty and the suspension fair? Personally I think it is however I also think head shots like that are an NHL problem and not only a Canucks problem.
  7. Chock, you can be pro-Bruins or pro-Canucks during this great series but why do you have to be anti-anything on this thread? Enjoy the series or go play golf, either way...it's a happy moment!
  8. A loss is a loss no matter how many goals (or touchdowns) it was! Canucks have done this before and will jump out of the gates on Wed.
  9. I agree with everything you said and it is very unfortunate when fans behave like that anywhere. Over the years I have been in several rinks where traveling Canucks fans are watching their team. I must say I have never seen anything like what you experienced and hope I don't either. The only thing I have seen is a little fun being had by saying the other team sucks when the opposing team chants for their team. I hope Hockey fans never get as bad as soccer fans where they need to be separated! If they do, then I guess I will finally be old enough to pick up golf.
  10. I feel sorry that your so hell bent on ruining a golden moment for them. They must be good friends!
  11. Boston will lose any chance for the cup in Boston!
  12. Was a little disappointed seeing the big rest period either Boston or TB would have with Game 1 not starting until Wednesday. Would have been nice to start Sunday or Monday instead. Just for the record, if we see the Bruins I think it will be a sweep for the Canucks as they can't skate with the Canucks. If we see TB, I say Canucks in 6. This would be a better series and yes it would be nice to see Ohlund back in his old arena! Go Canucks! PS I love pickles!
  13. Just go away if you're not interested in this thread for Hockey! Anything else is just being a TROLL!
  14. Chockalicious you can strut around like you have a pickle stuck you know where but Hockey is a core fabric of Canadian society and YVR is a wonderful hockey city. That said, if you are not interested in Hockey, why are you trolling? :097:
  15. Will it be the Bruin or Lightning? Bruins...Canucks sweep in 4! Lightning...Canucks in 6.
  16. I see most analysts are changing their SJS in 6 to Vancouver in 6!
  17. Canucks lead 2-0. I'll give SJS a game and call it Canucks in 5 now.
  18. I know it's only the first Game but most sport writers had the SJS in 6. I think the Canucks played Game 1 well other than the fumble Luongo had with pretending to be Hextall.
  19. Minutes from the start of Game 1... CANUCKS IN 6!
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