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  1. 5000 ft? and they are claiming the island to LAX? gfl! I remember flying in and out of Deer Lake with a 319 at 6000' (now 8000) That was non stop to yyz_ they want non stop to LAX???
  2. Point being though, if you weren't planning on selling anyway, where's the loss?
  3. The dynamic between AC's situation and Qantas's is different to be sure...but the intent from the head shed appears to be the same.
  4. Yes, she gave notice of intent. The legislation was never tabled . Air Canada has not been labled as an essential service...yet anyway.
  5. The choice never came down to the individual union members to vote on.-ACPA anyway. The 'head shed' nixed Li's proposal without grass roots interaction. Personally, I was open to the idea of a DC pension-even though the DB was to be grandfathered for existing employees at the time.
  6. Even if your assertion is correct. Why the hell wouldn't a union use the only clout it has. The corporation sure does. You certainly have a monocular viewpoint. Do you really believe the BS you spew forth I wonder?
  7. Acpa has not "called for a strike" We will vote for a strike mandate for the reasons Homerun alluded to.
  8. It's really pretty cool. Over,
  9. A letter written to the Times Columnist> I have no right to post, so here is the link. Time to get tough with U.A.E.'s royal thugs Check the credentials!
  10. Geez, I wonder how many Air France F/A's were over 60 in YYZ in '05? Knowing the company, how many were over 45? Knowing the answer in advance, what I really wonder is, if AF had F/A's over 60..how many people would have escaped with their lives? It isn't really a discrimination question-rather it is a blunt question regarding safety.
  11. I fail to see why it is necessary to close the forum,...If a poster doesn't follow the guidelines, punt him off...why should the rest of us not be able to 'discourse' in a civil manner?
  12. Hear hear Dagger! I was wondering who is paying Coccorans' wage this month?
  13. Be curious to learn when the Government bailed out Air Canada?
  14. Scarier still was GWB's use of cochlear implants. Wonder who's ideas he was spewing...you could certainly tell when he answered on his own!
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